But It Was Only A 2 Stair

So after a year of beating, my charmer snapped right in half.
Now I need to decide on a new frame, I was thinking either BB17 “Serpent” or Hold Fast “Converter29″. Does anyone know any other 29er frame(s) out there that has a mid or negative bb?

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  1. jmikbhsk

    Unfortunately those are your only two choices unless you get a custom frame built (which I opted for personally). The bb17 lacks gussets, the hold fast forces you to use a tall fork.

    It sucks that there’s really no other option.

    Hope that helps.

  2. RyCon/Spoon

    All-City ‘Defwish’, comes to mind.

  3. Kyle

    LDG Hammer…I have one, really dig the feel of it and as far as I’ve dropped it the thing is still strong.

  4. Zach Bossington

    Not a bad lifespan for a FGFS in my opinion, especially with the kind of abuse Nelson dishes out.

  5. jakob santos


  6. Peter

    I’m quite glad this question came up. I’ve been looking at 29er frames for what feels like ages now. Thanks Nelson. Why don’t you just get a new Charmer?

    Another two questions by the way:
    1. Why does it look like Mike Chacon was the only one riding (his signature frame..) the Leader Hurricane? Anything wrong with that frame but the BB drop?
    I mean he does pretty much everything on that frame but still everyone else seems to prefer breakbrake17’s or Hold Fast’s frames..

    2. Is there any frame with a mid bb?

  7. Zach Bossington

    I am sure a bunch of cali kids rock Mike Chacon’s frame, but I think everyone doing pro-level FGFS stuff wants that higher bb. Mike definitely has The Hurricane dialed in for his style of riding though.

  8. Nelson

    Definitely good considerations there, I appreciate all the input! I’ll let you know what I end up with

  9. ALEX

    What about the unknown 24 7 frame joe mckeags killin it on that thing

  10. ALEX

    I mean Antonyo!!!

  11. sol

    BB17 Serpent forsure so fucking strong and super comfy best frame ive rode! I wanna see some footage of you maineeeee

  12. Finn

    serpent has served me well, the hold fast frame rides super nice to.

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