Art Dash 4 Ca$h

Yes! New Mystics happenings are so legit!

Art Dash 4 Ca$h: Part public art tour, part alley cat style bike race, part party. New Mystics, working with City Arts Festival, is producing a city and county wide bike tour/race of public art, street art, and graffiti. The 12 hour race to find and photograph public art and graffiti throughout Seattle features freak bikes, bands, unexpected locations, clever strategies and cash prizes. The race finishes at the City Arts Festival closing party. Come put in some miles, see the city, and win big!
Bring a bike, a camera, a friend.

Check the City Arts site for more.


Until the Quiet Comes

FlyLo has been one of my favorite artists for years. this is a little short film he just came out with to go along with his new album(which will be released Oct. 1st)

Click through for the album preview


DROP BARS NOT BOMBS Goods Available for Pre-Order

For those who have missed out on these tees in the past, I have started taking orders for Drop Bars Not Bombs tees, tanks and crewneck sweatshirts at ZLOG Boutique. The first 20 orders will receive a Drop Bars Not Bombs pin as well as a ZLOG stash bag. The tentative ship date on these is November 1st, but the more people that pre-order early, the faster the production process will be. Don’t sleep on these!

visit ZLOGBTQ.COM and subscribe to the newsletter for ZLOG apparel news delivered straight to your email adress.

Solid Gray Backpacks

At first glance the Solid Gray backpacks look like some jetpack from a science fiction movie. Unfortunately, they can’t make you fly, but what they lack in jet-propulsion, they make up for in style & ingenuity. Solid Gray packs are made from a single sheet of highly durable polypropene, which has never before been used for consumer products. This high tech material gives the bag a unique geometric shaped hardshell that protects it’s contents. Inside you will find two compartments; one large one with elastic bands for a laptop or tablet and another smaller compartment for all of the little stuff. These bags are proudly made in the Netherlands and retail for about €139 (roughly $180). You can purchase one at

New Mystics Bike Squid Takeover!

I got a message from the New Mystics, a Seattle artist collective, telling us about the planned bike pile domination at the freshly placed “Bike Squid” near Seattle Center tomorrow. The tentacled bike rack is located by the EMP parking lot. Read below for details.

New Mystics calls for a collective takeover of the newly installed Parking Squid. This public artwork was created by artist Susan Robb, and commissioned by WSDOT. NM calls cyclists and scumbags, debutants and ner-do-wells alike to celebrate the city’s celebration of art and cycling culture. Participate in a public bike action for the inauguration of the sculpture on Thursday May 31 at 5 PM.

NM says “Stack ‘em up.”
Collective action now! Lock 1000 bikes!

WHERE: Skatepark in Seattle Center on Thomas St.
WHEN: Thursday, May 31 5 pm
WHO: Anyone on 2 wheels.
OBJECTIVE: Total domination.

We’ll roll from the skatepark to the Squid at 5:15 and lock up, then break out by 5:30 and ride to Funhouse. If you can’t get to the skatepark, meet us at the Squid, at the Harrison Street entrance off 5th Ave. Yeah!


NECRONOMICOG First Awakening Pack

Prolly is Not Probably has been leading the charge in the bike blog world for some time and when he puts out rad products like this Necronomicog pack people jump quick. Head over to his site and swoop on this deal because for $55 you get a hand-numbered, two color 12″ x 18″ poster, printed on archival paper, a 2″ x 4″ iron on patch, a 1″ button and tee shirt, all designed by Lamour Supreme. That’s a deal!

visit the Shop

Exclusive Look: Bombtrack Hubs

Bombtrack gave me the go-ahead to reveal their newly patented hub system. They have been in the works for quite a long time with Simon Andraca testing them. Now that they are patented, they will be put into production which should be finished and ready for distribution in late August or early September. Note that similar systems from other brands will be paying royalties to use this technology.

Hubs come as 9t or 10t option and in 3 to 4 colours – and fitting hubguards will be available of course. The release and shipment of the Bombtrack hub will be late august / early September 2012.

Rear Female 10t: 515g
Rear Regular Axle 10t: 501g
Rear Hubguard: 109g

Front Female: 318g
Front Regular Axle: 254g
Front Hubguard: 72g

Check the Radio Bikes Fixed Blog for future info!

Bloggingmiles T’s

I just got my first run of bloggingmiles t shirts done. I am so happy how they came out. These are two designs that I made a while ago, they are discharge printed on American Apparel T-shirts. Made and Printed in the U.S.A. CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE ONE

BRAIN DUMP: A selection of customized Pryme bicycle helmets

Pryme & Design Commission present:

BRAIN DUMP: A selection of customized Pryme bicycle helmets
Show Opening: First Thursday Pioneer Square Art Walk
May 3rd @ Design Commission

310 S Washington St.
Seattle, WA 98104
More info at Pryme


Analog visuals put me in a trance. Great video showcasing the Affinity x Kenzo Minami collaboration bike.

Check more of Minami’s work here.

Car Vs. Pedestrian Infographic

Here is a really great informational graphic showing how dangerous it can be out there on the streets. Remember: Stop… Look… and Listen.

graphic courtesy of California Car Accident Law.


The new site looks really slick! It looks like John put a lot of hard work into his new site. Head over and check it out for yourself.


Maximum Air by Raid 71

I saw this piece at Puerto Rico fixed and decided to look up the artist Raid 71. He definitely has a BMX influence in a lot of his work. Available for $35 here.

ZLOG BOUTIQUE – New Arrivals

Over the last 10 months I have been extremely busy transitioning into a new workspace in the heart of the Belltown district of Seattle. Not only have I transferred into a new space, but we’ve teamed up with IMPRNT to produce our line of tees and hats in-house for a more hands-on production process.

ZLOG Lines with teal to magenta fade and ZLOG CROP logo snapback.

The Illuminati tee is back in action with metallic gold ink.

The X-Up Redux tank is a slightly altered version of the X-up design. Printed with metallic bronze ink.

We now have the ability to screen print onto blank hats. The Illuminati snapback is something I’ve been wanting to do on a hat, but with embroidery, the design wouldn’t have worked.

Check out the whole lineup of goods over at

Snakebite Bike Gang Soft Goods

The folks at Snakebite are releasing a special edition Valentines day tee. The whole line drops in spring so keep your eyes on their facebook for more info.

Karl Addison and James Bullough – JBAK

Glad to see our buddy Karl Addison is doing big things in the art community. I met him through the bike scene when he lived in Seattle. Now, he is living and working in Berlin.

Typo Bike Rack

Tarmo Luisk created this typography inspired bike rack system to convey a message about a place or company while adding a useful feature to the environment. I wouldn’t mind seeing some of these around town.


Temporary Tattoos by Lydia Leith

Faux ink has never looked so good!

Available here.

Lydia Leith

Kashimax rain tail

This is a great idea! best looking fender i’ve seen for sure. pick one up at Chari & Co.

Bicycle Accident Report Card

Here is a handy little piece of paper that might serve very useful if you ever get into a collision with a car. Often enough cyclists will be disoriented when they get into an accident and fail to obtain crucial information about the driver that may help them legally. Boston based lawyer Josh Zisson saw this as a problem and took action by teaming up with graphic designer Tim Jaques to create the handy Bicycle Accident Report Card. It clearly shows the bike laws on one side, and has information for the driver to fill out on the other. This could spark a new revolution in bicycle advocacy and promote safer cohabitation between cars and bikes in our streets.

Head over to Bike Safe Boston for more

Cavendish Ad for Nike

@markcavendish #makeitcount

Don’t you love how social media has worked its way into modern day advertising?

Caught this (and the rest of the campaign) at Creative Review.

Happy New Year from Zlog

Quick thanks to all of the supporters and friends out there. I am really stoked to see what 2012 brings. Get ready for some shit and welcome to the bropocalypse!

35mm Photos from 2011

I have added a new bunch of photos up on my Flickr site. Here are just a few.

Fixie whip locked up in Venice, Beach.

Summer Fix 2011 hosted by L.A. Brakeless. I was amazed by the amount of youngsters eager to display their freestyle moves. I will post the photo up at the ZLOG facebook page, go tag your friends.

This is what my work space looks like with freshly hung art.

Product Review – Element ion3 iphone Case

As someone who loves the look of a good carbon weave, I have to show some love to the guys at Element Case. Their composite line of cases brings a carbon fiber touch to the iPhone.

This particular case is for the iPhone 3 (also available for iphone 4), and has saved my phone from harm on a few different occasions. The rubber sides offer up a nice ergonomic shape and the carbon backing helps the phone slide into the pocket. One thing I normally dislike about all-rubber iPhone cases is they tend to be a pain to get in and out of my pants pockets. Overall, I am happy with the case for its aesthetics as well as functionality, but I need to get the 4G version since I upgraded my phone. There are a wide range of cases to choose from in the $20-$50 range.

click through for more photos