CSK Northwest Division Basketball Team

Jacob put this vid together to show off the CSK basketball jerseys. There is some awesome riding in the beginning by the Chris, Tyler and Jacob and then basketball bro-down at the end.

Collared Shirt Krew

I too am a Selfish Sonics Fan

I had to give a shout to this post over at Vice about the current happenings with the Seattle Sonics. As everyone should know, our team was taken in 2008 and now we want some good ol’ fashioned revenge. We have land for a stadium, and the person with deep pockets to build it (without taxpayer money), but now all we need is the team. Actually we need two teams if we want this whole plan to work. Apparently, the deal is that we need to round up a hockey team and a basketball team to make the stadium relevant year round, and that means we have to take, not one, but two cities’ home teams away from them. Love it or hate it, we’re coming for your team!

Go read Harry Cheadle’s genius rantings at Vice

Keep on reading to check out the Sonicsgate movie for the entire tragic story of how we were robbed of the Sonics.