Hey, Check Me Out – Video Contest

Chrome is throwing down a ton of contests and here is another judged by the one and only Ed Wonka. Submit your video here.

Well, kiddo, here’s your chance. Submit a link to your best Fixed Freestyle footage up to 1 minute long for a chance to win a major prize package from Chrome! All submissions must be in by November 23rd. Chrome’s own, Ed Wonka, will spend his Thanksgiving weekend reviewing the videos and announce a winner on Monday, November 28th. Prize packages for 1st-3rd places are as follows:

3rd Place:
1 Pair of Riverton Shoes
Krakow Backpack
Chrome T-shirt

2nd Place:
1 Pair of Riverton All-City Shoes
1 Pair of Soutside All-City Shoes
Borris Backpack
Anza Packable Windbreaker
Chrome T-shirt

1st Place:
Chrome Shoes For 1 Year (12 pair)
Yalta Rolltop Backpack
Cobra Zip Hoodie
Chrome & GRIME T-shirts

FTC x Chrome Giveaway

All you gotta do is fill out the entry form here and you could win a FTC/WBASE 56cm complete track bike, a Yalta Rolltop Backpack, a skate deck and more swag from Chrome. The winner will be selected at random on Monday, November 14th.

Grime Street Circuit

In summer 2012, Grime Bikes is hosting a series of Fixed Freestyle events across the globe in cooperation with the VELO-CITY tour, which has been in effect since 2006. Cities included are: BERLIN, NAGOYA, LISBON and NEW YORK.  This is the biggest fixed freestyle event to date, and the first worldwide championship circuit for the sport. The energy will be huge and the impact will be felt throughout the bike industry. We hope to see you there!

iMiNUSD 2 Year Anniversary

Such a dope edit of the iMiNUSD 2 year celebration, which took place earlier this month.

Future Tense 9.9.11

Get on your bike and pursue some good ol’ American happiness with us at Future Tense! It is free to attend, free to compete, and there is free stuff to be given away. If you ride a bike in Seattle and have been waiting for a good time to show up, the time is now! The weather isn’t going to get any sweeter than this September.

‘Like’ Future Tense on Facebook.

Resist Best Trick Photo Contest on Facebook

Calling all photographers! Head over to the resist facebook page and submit your best photo of someone busting a trick. Rules and links are below. Only one week left so get on it!

We’ve been meaning to do a contest for you guys on our Facebook page for awhile now and finally came up with a cool one.  Best trick/ picture wins a free Congoloid bar and a set of Nomad tires.  Click HERE to view above pic bigger. Check after the jump for the rules.

CONTEST: Best picture of their best trick wins the contest.  We take picture quality (has to be a quality image) and style (doesn’t have to be an insane trick) into consideration.  Could be just an awesome pic of you doing a wheelie in front of a building or whatever.  The actual picture quality could really  help you win this contest.
We’ll be judging/ commenting on the pics via the Resist Parts Facebook page.  Contest will be done and over with by Sept. 1st

RULES: Contest is only for Continental US Residents only.
 All pictures will be asked to be submitted on the RESIST PARTS FACEBOOK page only.

Core Whore 9.9.11.

mash hard on 9.9.11 at mobius. the core whore is a messenger emulation race. roll the die until we call time. on your own with lady luck. 6pm registration $10

Matt Montoya at Summer Fix

Repping that Zlog tank! Photo credit goes to Marcus of Leader Bikes.

Sorry, Baltimore

Awesome video of the recent trick competition in Baltimore. I really dug Mike Schmitt’s uprail to barspin.

City Grounds Photo Contest

City Grounds is having its first ever Photo Contest! Entering the contest is simple; Go out and take a photograph that is cycling related and upload it to our Facebook Photo Contest page. The photograph with the most “likes” wins $500 in City Grounds Gift Cards. We also will be giving out $100 in City Grounds Gift Cards to second and third place!

more details at City Grounds

Summer Fix 2011 photos by Matt Lingo

Matt Lingo is one of the most accomplished fixed-freestyle photographers out there and I love seeing the event photos he takes because they always embody the spirit of the time.  He gave Prolly is Not Probably the exclusive look so go over and view the whole set.

That smile lasted one second (exclusive smile for Matt Lingo only) and then it was back to business.

Josh Boothby took first place and this one one of his best tricks of the day.

Steven Jensen’s tailwhip was the highlight of the competition. The crowd erupted when he came out the gate with the whip.

Rory McDermott is Redline bicycles newest rider and here he is busting a long slider.

Joe McKeag took 3rd place and was a really great rider to watch. He even brought his own obstacles.

Matt Montoya has the biggest boosts in the game. He got mad air on his Leader Pharaoh prototype.

London’s own, Oscar Kahn showed up and threw down a massive toboggan. It was great to finally meet him.

Redbull Ride + Style – Fixed Gear Trick Competition

Third Street Works put together this really awesome edit of the trick competition. I still think Tyler’s rail ride to barspin was the sickest trick of the event. Matt’s tweaked airs and monstrous x-ups were definitely super styleé though. Great video so watch!

Thanks Hiro for giving me the scoop.

Rebel Without a Cog Trailer

Here is a promo trailer for the upcoming Rebel Without a Cog alleycat that will take place here in Seattle on June 24th and 25th. It looks like it will be a fun weekend!

Check more at

FixedFest2011 Teaser 1: Man vs Machine

Indonesia is poppin’ off!

Check out RocketFixedFest

Redbull Ride + Style – Dual Track Bike Race

Hiro sent this one along. This is the best video of the race portion that I’ve seen so far. I love the wheelie finishes.

Slummys look at Midwest Mayhem 2

Slumworm doing a good job of capturing the vibe of the event as well as getting some flossy banger lines in there.

Nucult Tricks Contest

Here is a wild promo video for the upcoming Nucult trick comp.

12th of june 2011: Nucult tricks contest at Lille, North of France.
more info and registrations at

Midwest Mayhem 2 Draws Nigh

Jacob Ruff and Chris Clappe will be there holding it down for the Zlog crew! I am filling their suitcases with piles of Zlog stickers, so be sure to grab some from them.

Redbull Ride+Style Video

The official Ride+Style video is out. I saw a rough cut of this one and another version, hopefully we will get to see more videos of this event from Redbull.

Doomtrack is getting close

And look at all that prize swag!

This one is in Italy. Check out Doomtrack for more.

SF Sprints!

Check the SFS blog for more.

BHSK photos from Ride+Style

I snagged some of our dudes ripping it up over at Bomb Hills Speed Kills and I gotta say the Zlog homies looked great! I still have yet to see any photos of Jacob Ruff riding the course. Pics or it didn’t happen…

US VERSUS THEM: Red Bull Ride & Style Contest

Zane Meyer sent over his UVT edit of the Ride+Style comp.

The Us Versus Them guys put it down big. Great riding by the lot of them. I love Gus too, for the record.

More Steven and Tyler at Redbull Ride+Style

Photos by Justin Kosman, Red Bull Photofiles

I requested some more photos from Redbull and these photos showed up in my email. That pedal slide is no joke!