Red Bull Mini Drome Edinburgh 2012

Another Red Bull Mini Drome event took place in Scotland recently. Here are some photos from the event. Hopefully this thing will make it to Seattle one day. Looks fun!

Red Bull Mini Drome took the high road this weekend and headed to Scotland for its second outing of 2012 at Edinburgh’s College of Art. Scotland welcomed the return of the world’s smallest velodrome this weekend as 32 of the world’s top fixed gear riders competed to become the Red Bull Mini Drome Champion at Edinburgh’s College of Art. The event also introduced a female final, a first in Red Bull Mini Drome’s history!

More photos and results here


Portugal’s very own fixed freestyle competition kicked off not too long ago. Check the edit.


This flier is so good! If you can make it to Italy on July 6th you should definitely check out this alleycat! More info here

Dash For Cash!

Here is a chance to win some cash every Thursday. Some Seattle messengers have organized a weekly crit that takes place at the Monorail Espresso stand at 7:30. The winner takes home half of the entry purse and the other half goes towards a good cause.

Starting this Thursday Marshall (monkey boy) is throwing small races downtown as a fundraiser to help Tom Chapel save his front teeth that got knocked out. There will be different kinds of small “dashes” such as crits, timetrials, and other types of races. It’s five dollars to enter. The winner will get half of the entry, second place gets free entry to the next weeks race and the other half goes directly towards Tom’s new grill. It should be fun.


Saturday the 30th ZLOG will be hosting an alleycat race and party in celebration of our 4 year anniversary. It seems like I started this blog just yesterday, but so much has changed in the bike word within those past 4 years. I am proud to be a part of such a supportive bike community. Thanks to everyone who has contributed and followed us along the way!

The race will start at 2:00 at Cal Anderson. $15 gets you race entry, a tee shirt, and a delicious Pabst Blue Ribbon beer. The after party will be held at PIRANHA SHOP promptly after all racers finish, where there will be an awards ceremony, a raffle, a screening of some bike videos. Prizes for first fixed & first road. Also, be sure to wear your ZLOG gear because there will be a special prize for the person who reps the most!

Find the Facebook Event page here

Seattle Happenings

Here are a couple things that are coming up in the next few weeks. Be sure to catch at least one!
More info about the Nine to Five at

Midwest Mayhem is this weekend!

One of the first and most legendary fixed gear competitions, Midwest Mayhem, is in its third year. It always brings a lot of the East and West coast riders together to ride. #MWM3

Midwest Mayhem 3

Here’s the second flier for #MWM3. JRUFF will be there spreading the good word of CSK & ZLOG.

Kubota Cup

This epic bike polo tournament was held in Cracow, Poland and looked like a whole lot of fun. The video is a lengthy one at 10+ minutes, but definitely one of the more entertaining bike polo videos I have seen.

Kubota Cup – a tournament honoring the legendary Kubota flip-flops organized by Bike Polo Club Cracow. Each team went through a group stage on the first day, which seeded them into a double-elimination championship bracket on the second day. The cap was set at 16 teams.

Can’t Fool the Youth World Premiere

The world premiere of the video magazine is on May 26th in Huntington Beach at the LDG Headquarters, and will also have screenings at Midwest Mayhem 3, as well as at iMiNUSD in San Jose. If you are in the Northwest don’t fret, we are working on a 4th showing here in Seattle. If you haven’t seen the teasers, check them out here and here.

Mike Chacon takes 1st place at Shiokaze comp

Congrats buddy! That is a lot of zeroes!

Future Tense 5.11.2012

That’s today folks. This month will be pretty laid back since we went all out for last month’s event, but we will still be shredding as usual. Come hang!

Fixie Competition – Red Bull Ride & Style 2012 San Francisco

Good clean video, but it’s not a ‘fixie’ bro. Watch!

Ride & Style 2012 – Joe McKeag

Joe “My Name Isn’t Couch” Mckeag showed up prepared for the Ride & Style with an arsenal of huge tricks. His truckdriver was the first one I’ve seen landed in a fixed gear competition, and his 540 was a real showstopper. He is easily one of the best young riders out there, and will surely be a favorite to watch in future competitions.

SF Sprints 3!

We are hyped to sponsor this event 3 years running! Check out the SF Sprints site for more.

Ride & Style 2012 – Josh Boothby

You gotta hand it to Josh Boothby, he sure is a showman. He got the crowd hyped and fed off their energy the whole day through. His backflips were dialed and they solidified his win despite loads of stiff competition. Congrats Boothby!

City Grounds // Ride + Style // 4.28.12

Our pals at City Grounds put together an edit of last weekend’s Ride & Style event. They had a pretty good view of the course from where they were. Check it!

Ride & Style 2012 – Tyler Johnson

Tyler took second at the Red Bull Ride & Style event and I am super stoked for him considering the intense level of competition that he faced. Tyler’s pedal feeble to 180 bar was, without a doubt, one of the most exciting tricks of the day. It is especially awesome if you know that it was the very first time that he had attempted the trick, let alone land it first try! Great work Tyler!

Dead Bike Drag

Two bikes one chain. What an awesome concept for a race! More details below. See you this weekend.

A team bike race with a twist. Two racers per team. One racers bike will be “dead”, I will remove the chain. Racers can employ a variety of techniques to get their partner and the “dead” bike through the race. Ride em on your handle bars, Ride em on your pegs. Madison slings, or just drag em from a rope. No tandems or cargo bikes please. Prizes from Mobius, Back Alley Bike Repair, Recycled Cycles, Dank Bags, and Monorail Espresso. All proceeds help fund the North American Cycle Courier Championships in Seattle in the summer of 2013.


Red Bull Ride n Style 2012 San Francisco Full Event Edit

Another from #FIXIEFAMOUS! This one covers the race portion and includes all of the bangers from the trick comp as well. Tyler’s feeble to 180 bar down an 8 foot drop was nuts!

Red Bull Ride + Style 2012

Ramon put together a really sick edit of Saturday’s Red Bull Ride and Style weekend. Be prepared to get flooded with event coverage throughout the week. So much great shit went down.

Ronnie Garcia also dropped a highlight reel of the event.

I am so stoked I was there to witness it all. I’ll be posting photos and a video as soon as I sift through all of it. Shout out to all the people I saw/met. It was a blast.

Fixie Famous – Red Bull Ride N Style Edit

Man the dudes at Fixie Famous put this edit out with the quickness. So many rad things went down at the competition and the guys at FF were there to capture it all. I am positive this is only the first of many killer edits to surface of the Red Bull event. Rad meeting you Dante!

BRAIN DUMP: A selection of customized Pryme bicycle helmets

Pryme & Design Commission present:

BRAIN DUMP: A selection of customized Pryme bicycle helmets
Show Opening: First Thursday Pioneer Square Art Walk
May 3rd @ Design Commission

310 S Washington St.
Seattle, WA 98104
More info at Pryme

Midwest Mayhem 3 – Fixies Up Your Ass

Gus did a sick job on the flier! I know Clappé will definitely be out there holding it down. Check out the Midwest Mayhem site for future updates.

It will be held in Milwaukee, WI on June 9th. The trick jam will be held after hours at 4 Seasons skate park with the pre-jam hangout/beers/root beers/awesome new video premiere(s) at the Hi-Hat Garage (the bar that held the first MWM).