The Chrome Van in Seatown

Ever since I got a whiff of fixed gear bikes I have been reading zlogblog and today is the proud day where I share my own first post with the world.

Some of you might know me already from various events and of course Cal Anderson.

I’m Nelson for all of you that don’t know, and Zach recently asked me (and two other lazy butts that haven’t done anything about it yet) to help add more content to the site.

I’ll do my best to keep y’all entertained.

For now I have some pictures I took while the crew from cali was in town filming for Can’t Fool the Youth II

Click more for the whole photo set.

COVEN Magazine

COVEN is a free action, art, and adventure magazine highlighting talented women in all walks of life. This issue features Christina Panteliodis, one of the best women of Fixed Gear Freestyle. There are plenty more awesome ladies doing really rad stuff in the pages of COVEN so check it; it’s free!

CYKELN Magazine

A brand new fixed gear magazine has been released out of Italy called CYKELN. The overall design and layout is done really well, and will soon be available in English as well as Italian. We’ve got a ZLOG ad in this 00 issue featuring Chris Clappé. Go ahead and download the magazine here and utilize google translate to read the articles until issue 01, which should be fully translated.

(click image to download)

go like their facebook page while you’re at it.

ZLOG Apparel in LOOP

A couple ZLOG snapbacks and a Hell on Wheels tee made it into the recent issue of LOOP magazine!

You can snag some gear for yourself at the

Thanks for the photo Sal!

Photoshoot Jornal Pedal #01

Here we have a nice little video for Portugese bicycle publication Jornal Pedal. Hopefully we will see more from them soon.

Fixed Mag 10

This issue delivers a bunch awesome articles and photos. Bike checks from Tyler Johnson and myself are in there squeezed between a Tom Lamarche/Tom Briggs article and a shop review of Pristine of Amsterdam. I couldn’t be more jazzed on this issue. Also there is an extensive article on Simon Andraca the freestyle king of France (France has kings right?). Get yourself a subscription over at Fixed Mag and you might get a limited edition shirt with the next issue.

The above photos came from my account where I upload a lot of behind-the-scene photos of my life. If that interests you in the slightest bit you can follow me @zlog.

Fixed Mag 10 is bigger

With the 10th issue, the Fixed Mag crew wanted to do things big, so they literally made the magazine bigger. It is of course filled with the great fixed content that we have all come to love and enjoy. And if you haven’t yet become a subscriber to this fine mag then you are missing out!

This issue covers Tom LaMarche and his Montreal Trip, as well as bike checks by Tyler Johnson and myself. Check it.


Fixed Mag 09

The newest issue of Fixed Mag arrived at my door with Oscar gracing the cover. This issue is full of photos, including some of our friends (see Tyler on page 93), and some by our friends (whores & thieves, pages 11 & 15). Seattle is definitely getting some love from the London-based publication. Subscribe now, I hear the 10th issue is going to be really good and you don’t want to miss out.




Ben Watts for Treats! magazine

Ben Watts recently did an amazing shoot for Treats! Magazine which involved many lovely girls prancing around with only cycling caps, bikes and a smile. The following videos are not safe for work, unless your place of work encourages looking at naked models on bikes (which mine does!). Enjoy!

Thanks CMBTMGZ for sharing!

GOMOK for Steel Magazine

We got a sneak peek of the new Steel Magazine cover featuring Simon Gomok on his Bombtrack.

Tyler at Colonnade MTB park

These photos were part of a shoot for Fixed Mag that didn’t get ran. There are a couple more like this that did make it, so go get your copy.

all photos by Zach Hoffner

Fixed & 2 & Zlog

The latest issue of Fixed & What is out and it is packed full of zlog goodies. Our man Steven Jensen is on the cover and the Zlog Crew happens to be the team feature as well. We are happy to be a part of it. Also, our buddy Christian Coomer of PedalRoom and Fourteen Teeth has a nice little write-up in there. Be sure to give it a gander. I will try to get some copies sent over to Seattle.

Read it Here

Fixed Mag 8

I cannot wait for the new fixed mag to come out. Tyler Johnson has an interview which takes up a big chunk of the zine. Be sure to get your hands on a copy (or a subscription) of FIxed Magazine.

Stoked on Fixed Bikes #3

The 3rd edition of SOFB is out and it does not dissapoint. There are a couple photos of Tyler from this trip to London in there as well. Check it out

Fixed & What Tees

If you head over the Fixed & What store and purchase a tee they will send along the an issue of Fixed, And One. Sounds like a good deal to me!

Fixed and Two

With the success of the first issue’s release still fresh in memory, Fixed & What are already getting the ball rolling on the second. The theme is Make-it, so contributors better start making stuff and email it over to Fixedandwhat. I myself will continue to contribute because I sure do love seeing my name in print.

View the press release here

Designers, Writers, Illustrators, Photographers, Craftsmen, Riders, ANYONE!

Get in touch if you want to make shit happen, and please feel free to put this image about like a hooker spreads syphilis. We plan for the periodical to be free for everyone, so we’re trying to shift that ad space like a truck load of dodgy iPods, so again, just send us an e-mail regarding that and we can sort you out with our media pack.

Support independent publishing! Support print! Support fixed gear!

more info at fixedandwhat

Stoked on Fixed Bikes 2

There are a number of great articles in this new issue of SOFB including and interview with Wonka and West Jam photos.

Fixed & One

This publication is absolutely amazing. The layout and design blew me away when I first flipped open the digital pages of Fixed & One. I need to know how to get a printed copy! Subscription details?

Don’t forget to check out the music section, there are tons of great album suggestions.

Fixed & What?

This cover popped up on Fixed Gear Leeds.

I am stoked to be a part of this project.

New York Bike Dreams Zine

We have often featured photos by Tak on this site, now he is putting out a zine to benefit Japan. To get this Zine, send your redcross donation information to Tak and he will send you one.

Japanese native Takuya Sakamoto  or by many “Tak” has been photographing the New York City bicycle messenger and street culture for more than 10 years. Being a bicycle messenger himself, his images take you right into the culture and captures his subjects with a personal touch and an original eye.

New York BIke Dreams is Tak’s blog, which has been a resource for the bike messenger scene for many years.  Tak has produced a simple zerox copied zine of his photography, which is produced in limited runs and perfectly suites the gritty and uncanny imagery he captures on a daily basis.

In an effort to aid the Japan earthquake and tsunami relief, Tak will be donating his zine to anyone who donates $10.00 to the American Red Cross. Just simply go to and click on dontate funds. Once you donate, forward the confirmation email to Tak at and Tak will send you a copy of his zine (US only!!).

Help make a difference, and get an original piece of NYC bike culture!

via Affinity

Dash 001 – Chinese Fixed Gear Magazine

Check it out to see what is happening in the China fixed gear scene. Via Threemin

Loop Magazine – Vol. 9



Steven Jensen in Landscape Magazine

photos by James Conley

Steven was telling me about the photo shoot for this magazine. Go over to Landscape to read the interview and check out the rest of the online publication. Zlog reppin!

Picked up at Volume.

John Cardiel Cover of Huck Magazine

London based Huck Magazine features skate legend/fixed gear ambassador John Cardiel on the cover.

Seen at the Footdown