FIXIE RAP | BlocBoi Fame – Disrespectful

Not bad! It kind of reminds me of the early days of cruising around the streets with friends and being reckless. Are there any more videos like this that I’ve missed? I always appreciate bike-centric cuts.


Gotta show some love for my dudes Trash Talk. This new-ish video was produced by Tyler the Creator of Odd Future. The OFWGKTA crew has their hands in every cookie jar it seems, and with good reason. This is a nice display of like-minded musicians of different genres intermingling and making something that is entertaining on levels beyond the normal realm of music video production.

Until the Quiet Comes

FlyLo has been one of my favorite artists for years. this is a little short film he just came out with to go along with his new album(which will be released Oct. 1st)

Click through for the album preview


Two Fresh Sea Town Cuts

Macklemore just dropped a new video. It is pretty on point with the thrift store shopping theme (my favorite pastime). The locations in the video are places I frequently shop at so it’s pretty rad to see them immortalized in this video. A lot of familiar people are extras in the vid as well. Check it out.

Blue Scholars have been holding down the Seattle rap game for a minute. The song name is a tribute to the Seattle basketball legend Slick Watts and the whole vid shouts-out to a lot of great Sea Town locations. Directed by our friend Jordan and full of cameos from locals; so rad!

Nas – I Can Remix (by Cee-Roo)

How to Fix Your Bike with Style

So awesome! Thanks for sharing Geometrick.

New Cee-Roo Remix Out Every Month at:
Cee-Roo Soundcloud & Geometrick

Motherfucking Bike

Oh yea I smell a hit. Ironic fixie rap at its finest.
Thanks @joeyinfortuno
Via the SFist

St. ValenGRIND’s Day Massacre!

So stoked for this show at the Funhouse tomorrow! Forget those romantic plans you had with that girl who’s way out of your league, and get bromantic instead. This show is sure to shred your eardrums. If you are looking for some new Seattle based bands to listen to, be sure to check out Bréag Naofa, Theories, and ThacO

The lineup:
Vektor (AZ) -
Bréag Naofa (Record Release!) –
Theories (Tour Kick-Off!) –
9pm, $7

Music Video – Martians Vs. Goblins

The Game featuring Tyler the Creator of Odd Future (O.F.W.G.K.T.A) and Lil’ Wayne? Yes please! I have been rocking out to this track for months now and I am stoked that they went ahead and made a video for it.

The 2011 Doe Bay Sessions – Champagne Champagne

Yea the Seatown homies doing it acoustically in this video. Thomas is reppin’ that Zlog tee!

Support Champagne Champagne

via Sound the Sound

photo by Josh Loveseth

No Handed Bike Moves

*approved by the Official Federation of No Handed Bikes Skills ™

Thanks Travis!

Be Like Mike

I am totally diggin this MTM rap about Mike Hoder. Listen!

via the Rise

GregB & 2morrows Victory Live @ Baltic’s

I like Greg’s flow, real solid. He has a pretty nice whip too.

Greg B and 2Morrows Victory – PSA 3

Solid stuff coming from these guys. Keep an eye on them!

If you don’t know who 2Morrows Victory is, check out the introductory post here.

Pearl Dragon of Champagne Champagne

Here is a nicely done bio-piece of local Sea-town musician Pearl Dragon.

Zlog fully supports Seattle Hip-Hop including our talented friends Thomas and Pearl of Champagne Champagne. Check them out and if you see them live, they just might be repping Zlog.

My Car is a Bike

This newly released track from 1stPlaceMuzic is pretty catchy. You gotta love a song that talks about picking up chicks on a dirt jumper.

Magnetic Man – Getting Nowhere ft. John Legend

Dope music video. I wish they were all like this.

Viper Creek Club – Soft Spots in the Dark

Seattle music group Viper Creek Club is on the up-and-up right now, and I am abashed to say that it took me until seeing this video to post about them. In Seattle, you can’t throw a stone without hitting a musician (or a barista), and it is hard to say which bands will emerge from the local scene and go on to do bigger things. I have a feeling Viper Creek Club is one of the next Seattle groups to hit the radio waves so keep an eye on them, or better yet, an ear.

Their new album Letters is available for download here.

Greg B with 2morrows Victory – PSA 1

The cut! 2Morrows Victory is a group of creative individuals who get together and produce dope music. They happen to ride some slick track bikes as well. The group consists of Greg B, a London Based rapper from Chicago, along with South London based producer and musicians Alan Baltic, Rafael Powell, Alex Gordon and Shegz.

Photo by Greg Falski

Head over to the 2morrows Victory bandcamp page for a free download.

Tuesday Tear-up

I love Prolly’s Tuesday Teardowns, but I always read ‘tear’ as in eye drop not as in rip-apart. So here is my one-time homage to John’s post, with a slight emo twist.

King Dude: Tonight’s Special Death

The neofolk chantings of King Dude are downright hypnotizing. The new album has just became available for download. Give it a listen here.

Jayren Mychael: Monster

Congo wised me up to this video of Jayren Mychael giving rapping to Kanye’s Monster beat while rolling on his Fuji Track Pro. More proof that track bikes are edging their way into hip hop and rap culture.

You can download the mixtape at his blog here

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Champagne Bike Ride!

Damn, this video gets weirder the longer you watch.

good find from GoMeansGo

Haters: Insert balls

…into this guys mouth.

Hrmm, seems like this video is looking to generate some haters. Hopefully, no ball sucking will take place.

saw it at Prolly!

Kings and Queens

Saw this video over at Prolly’s. It is 8 minutes long, but the visuals are rad the entire way through. Props to our girl Kelli (pink hair) from LA, who makes several appearances. Hmm, it seems like this bike thing is catching on.