The 14R is available!

This project from Andy Ellis and 14bikeco is something worth checking out. Steel is real and peep those dropouts!

“The geometries of these frames are tight, just like a real track frame should be. Both are at home on the track and on the street. This is a steel frame set that will last you a lifetime.The steel aero frame is a rarity in today’s over run Carbon and Aluminum world and is one of the highlights in the 14 Bike Co line up. Something that we are proud of and that stands out.”

14R Track or Low Pro Frame price: £795.00
Fork prices: from £100.00

To Place an order or for more information on this product, please email:


Always good to see new stuff from Congo!

Filmed and edited by none other than Matt Spencer of Wolfdrawn.

Jonathan Davis Halloweenie

Our boy JD keeping it festive. I hope everyone had a killer Halloween. Photo by Patrick Taber

ACTUAL PAIN Academy of Holy Light – Fall 12

Loving the new collection from our friends at Actual Pain. They have really upped their game and are now getting into the denim game. I definitely need to get a pair and perhaps a pom beanie. Much more to check out at the web store.


Bike Insiders Interbike Interview: CONCEPT ASSASSIN

Concept Bikes is a new fixed gear freestyle company based in Vancouver, Canada. The 26″ Assassin is currently be ridden by Tom Mosher and looks to be quite a promising brand considering they offer their bikes with YNOT straps and Sadio component. Check the quick Bike Insiders vid for the bike check and then head over to the Concept Bikes site for more.


Killer vid with Simon ‘Gomok’ Andraca and Nicolas Zanoni in Paris.

Seattle Shred

A little bit of everything

Nikko Azucena came through with a nice little quickie. Getting those pegless feebles down

Greg Tylosky laying down some sweet lines for Humble BMX in their first official edit.

Some very nice production work coupled with some great riding by Austin Sweetin. Caught this on TrulyBogus

Sam sings

I’m excited to share part 4 of the “Sam Sings” series brought to us by the FOAD crew. A few creative tricks and a lot of good times mash up for some pure entertainment.

Corey San Agustin for All City

Corey really goes hard for this one, awesome tricks and spots and then the obvious bangers. I Love the double rear tire jam/stall at 2:13 I like that he switches between 26″ and 29″, his style is much better on those sevenhundos though. Wolfdrawn has some new photos on the page too, check em out.

Martyn Ashton – Road Bike Party

Insane stunts on a $10,000 road bike!

ZLOG Welcomes Nelson Bell

I’m super excited to officially be a part of the family! I will have to step up my game to truly be worthy.

WETHEPEOPLE: Greetings from the North West / Part 1

Some great Seattle spots make appearances in this new WTP vid.

The Pacific NW is one of the best-kept secrets in the United States. But it’s slowly being unveiled as population grows each year, causing our cheap rent to go up and our traffic to increase. Chester and the crew took off to find out the hidden gems and stop off at some shops along the way.

Bike Insiders Interbike Interview: YNOT Cycle

While at Interbike I stopped by the YNOT booth to talk about their new messenger bags and pedal straps for 2013. It is always good to see Tom Mosher, and it was a pleasure meeting the Laura and Tony as well. Check out the vid for a close look at YNOT straps, the highly anticipated Cobra backpack, and Gulper bag.

For more info on these products check out

For more interbike videos subsribe to Bike Insiders on youtube and check out the facebook page.

Torey Thornton BB17 2012 Bone Drone

Torey Thornton BB17 2012 Bone Drone from breakbrake17 on Vimeo.

Torey Thornton lays down his signature raw style in this one and it is sure to get you hyped to ride. Doing it for BreakBrake17. Check it out!

CSK: When People Stop Being Polite and Start Getting Real

I am thrilled to share with you the results of a summer long endeavor that we’ve titled When People Stop Being Polite And Start Getting Real. This video embodies all that the CSK Northwest Division stands for. Maintaining courage, being open to change, and leveraging life long learning opportunities.

Still Pour v3

Still Pour v3 from MoN on Vimeo.

Our Portland neighbors have a legit crew!
Kevin Selle
Robert Gaines
Dan Zatarian
Devin Tolman
Taylor Dwight
Ramon Antonio

Nasty and Marco – ENiSHY×DOT9s

It has been a while since we got to see some footage of these two. It’s a little long but definitely worth the watch. I love the line at 2:57

But It Was Only A 2 Stair

So after a year of beating, my charmer snapped right in half.
Now I need to decide on a new frame, I was thinking either BB17 “Serpent” or Hold Fast “Converter29″. Does anyone know any other 29er frame(s) out there that has a mid or negative bb?

CSK Leftovers

clips that didnt make the cut, and some boot scootin’.

Chris Clappé’s Hold Fast Converter 29

Ever since Chris tested the Hold Fast 29er he hasn’t been able to put it down. He wouldn’t give the bike back, therefore he is now a sponsored rider for them. I am glad that Chris is getting some sponsor love. The man is so hard-working and very critical about the bikes he rides. Even the slightest imperfection will bother him, which is why it is a relief that he found something that suits him so well. It isn’t easy finding a good 29er FGFS with negative bottom bracket drop. Here are some photos.


Balhogs- Fenced In Hampden

The Hogsquad plus Tom L gettin down and dirty at the local Bmore park. Lots of nice little pegless moves in here and the first we’ve seen of Colin using his rear brake setup. Im feeling this for sure, and if you dont know about Balhogs click here

Videos of the week

This video is perfection. Massan is fucking fearless and the Macaframa crew is spot on with the production.

Click through for some more visual entertainment


Interbike 2012 exclusives on ZLOG’s facebook!

I will be sharing all of the photos and videos I took at Interbike on the ZLOG facebook page, as it is easier to share and comment on them while this site is undergoing construction. I took video most of the time but still captured some photos of my favorite things; mostly track bikes, fixed gears, and faces that I enjoy. Be on the lookout for tons of Interbike goodies as the week progresses. I’ve already started posting so go check it!


Gotta show some love for my dudes Trash Talk. This new-ish video was produced by Tyler the Creator of Odd Future. The OFWGKTA crew has their hands in every cookie jar it seems, and with good reason. This is a nice display of like-minded musicians of different genres intermingling and making something that is entertaining on levels beyond the normal realm of music video production.