Isabel and her Seattle Supersonics themed Davidson

Isabel has been a homie for many years now and her bicycle collection has far surpassed my own. Her custom made 650c Davidson is one of my all-time faves so I felt inclined to take some photos with her and her bike.


This post is for Santos

This one has been sitting in my file for too long. Sorry it too so long to get some photos out Jakob!

Photo Cred: Zach Hoffner | ZLOG

Matt Reyes | Specialized 2012

One of the best riders on fixed wheels! Gotta love it when Matt Reyes drops a new edit.

Matt Reyes + Specialized 2012 from Matt Reyes on Vimeo.

Keeping with today’s theme, here is another photo from this summer:
Photo cred: Zach Hoffner | ZLOG

Speaking of Chrome

I almost forgot about these photos I took when the Can’t Fool the Youth tour was in Seattle getting wild with the Chrome van. Good times!

photo cred: Zach Hoffner | ZLOG

Streets of Chrome

Chrome is on the hunt for the next great street photographer. Hit em up with your photos here, and win some bags from their new Camera Bag line

I am stoked about this contest, I hope some new talent gets discovered.

more details after the jump.

The 14R is available!

This project from Andy Ellis and 14bikeco is something worth checking out. Steel is real and peep those dropouts!

“The geometries of these frames are tight, just like a real track frame should be. Both are at home on the track and on the street. This is a steel frame set that will last you a lifetime.The steel aero frame is a rarity in today’s over run Carbon and Aluminum world and is one of the highlights in the 14 Bike Co line up. Something that we are proud of and that stands out.”

14R Track or Low Pro Frame price: £795.00
Fork prices: from £100.00

To Place an order or for more information on this product, please email:

Jonathan Davis Halloweenie

Our boy JD keeping it festive. I hope everyone had a killer Halloween. Photo by Patrick Taber

ACTUAL PAIN Academy of Holy Light – Fall 12

Loving the new collection from our friends at Actual Pain. They have really upped their game and are now getting into the denim game. I definitely need to get a pair and perhaps a pom beanie. Much more to check out at the web store.


Bike Insiders Interbike Interview: CONCEPT ASSASSIN

Concept Bikes is a new fixed gear freestyle company based in Vancouver, Canada. The 26″ Assassin is currently be ridden by Tom Mosher and looks to be quite a promising brand considering they offer their bikes with YNOT straps and Sadio component. Check the quick Bike Insiders vid for the bike check and then head over to the Concept Bikes site for more.

But It Was Only A 2 Stair

So after a year of beating, my charmer snapped right in half.
Now I need to decide on a new frame, I was thinking either BB17 “Serpent” or Hold Fast “Converter29″. Does anyone know any other 29er frame(s) out there that has a mid or negative bb?

Chris Clappé’s Hold Fast Converter 29

Ever since Chris tested the Hold Fast 29er he hasn’t been able to put it down. He wouldn’t give the bike back, therefore he is now a sponsored rider for them. I am glad that Chris is getting some sponsor love. The man is so hard-working and very critical about the bikes he rides. Even the slightest imperfection will bother him, which is why it is a relief that he found something that suits him so well. It isn’t easy finding a good 29er FGFS with negative bottom bracket drop. Here are some photos.


Interbike 2012 exclusives on ZLOG’s facebook!

I will be sharing all of the photos and videos I took at Interbike on the ZLOG facebook page, as it is easier to share and comment on them while this site is undergoing construction. I took video most of the time but still captured some photos of my favorite things; mostly track bikes, fixed gears, and faces that I enjoy. Be on the lookout for tons of Interbike goodies as the week progresses. I’ve already started posting so go check it!

Tyler-footplant hard 180

Tyler with a footplant hard 180 off the wall over the rail at Garfield. This is absolutely insane, and im glad Jake was there to catch it on film. Check out more great photos on Jakes Flickr

CSK-When people stop being polite, and start getting real.

Heres a couple screen grabs from the CSK video that we’ve been working on for the past few months. Tylers got a bmx/fixed part thats done and Jruff and myself are getting close to finishing our parts. Hopefully wrapping it all up within the next few weeks.

29er Love- Tromss BB17 Serpent

Nucult just put up a bike check for one of their riders Romain Tromss. Its definitely a dialed build.

I’m excited companies are still coming up with new 29er frames and even more excited to see people shred on them. View the full bike check here.

Beacon Hill Session by Jake Hanson

Jake sent over some photos he took when the Can’t Fool The Youth tour was jamming at Beacon Hill skate park. This one of JD blasting a one footed table out of the park is my favorite of the set. See the rest after the jump.


The Chrome Van in Seatown

Ever since I got a whiff of fixed gear bikes I have been reading zlogblog and today is the proud day where I share my own first post with the world.

Some of you might know me already from various events and of course Cal Anderson.

I’m Nelson for all of you that don’t know, and Zach recently asked me (and two other lazy butts that haven’t done anything about it yet) to help add more content to the site.

I’ll do my best to keep y’all entertained.

For now I have some pictures I took while the crew from cali was in town filming for Can’t Fool the Youth II

Click more for the whole photo set.

The Homies are Headed to the Great Northwest

So stoked to see this crew come up to Seattle this weekend. It has been quite a while since a fixed freestyle tour has headed to Seattle (since Macaframa 2008). Thanks to Chrome and Chop Em Down Films for making it happen!

Tyler on his BMX

Eye Spy

An assortment of random and not-so-random things that are pinned to the wall in my room.


Nelson and Chris boostin!

Went out to a rad hip yesterday with the dudes and grabbed a couple of pics with the iphone. I liked the juxtaposition of these two photos.


Machete Slayer Bars Are Out!

I dig this neon green!

More at Machete

Craig Etheridge

Spotted the man himself, Craig Etheridge (Cycle Messenger World Champion), zipping through Pike Place market on his All-City Nature Boy single speed cyclocross bike. He had a really nice setup, although I suggested some fatter tires to account for the rough cobbles of the market. His bike would look sweet with some 35c or 45c gumwall Resist Nomads (cannot get enough of those tires!)


Line of Sight

I cannot wait to see Lucas Brunelle’s decade long masterpiece. If you don’t know, now you know. Check out!

Here is a photo I snapped a few years ago after an alleycat in NYC. Lucas Brunelle and his infamous helmet cam.
Dug up from my Flickr