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ZLOG x 19TOOTH Hardbite Straps

I am happy to officially announce the release of the ZLOG x 19TOOTH Hardbite straps. I’ve been testing out a pair for several months to make sure they were up to snuff and they completely exceeded my expectations. They worked so well I decided to collaborate and make a small batch to sell to the public. They are scheduled to arrive in a week, but I have a Pre Order up at ZLOGBTQ.COM. Go grab yourself a pair, because like everything else I make, they are limited.

Go check out 19Tooth, maker of fine foot straps.

Bike Insiders Interbike Interview: CONCEPT ASSASSIN

Concept Bikes is a new fixed gear freestyle company based in Vancouver, Canada. The 26″ Assassin is currently be ridden by Tom Mosher and looks to be quite a promising brand considering they offer their bikes with YNOT straps and Sadio component. Check the quick Bike Insiders vid for the bike check and then head over to the Concept Bikes site for more.

Bike Insiders Interbike Interview: YNOT Cycle

While at Interbike I stopped by the YNOT booth to talk about their new messenger bags and pedal straps for 2013. It is always good to see Tom Mosher, and it was a pleasure meeting the Laura and Tony as well. Check out the vid for a close look at YNOT straps, the highly anticipated Cobra backpack, and Gulper bag.

For more info on these products check out

For more interbike videos subsribe to Bike Insiders on youtube and check out the facebook page.

But It Was Only A 2 Stair

So after a year of beating, my charmer snapped right in half.
Now I need to decide on a new frame, I was thinking either BB17 “Serpent” or Hold Fast “Converter29″. Does anyone know any other 29er frame(s) out there that has a mid or negative bb?

29er Love- Tromss BB17 Serpent

Nucult just put up a bike check for one of their riders Romain Tromss. Its definitely a dialed build.

I’m excited companies are still coming up with new 29er frames and even more excited to see people shred on them. View the full bike check here.

Daniel Torres 4.666 Bars

Danimal with a sick little promo vid for the Destroy 4.666 bars.


I dig my Zontrac straps and now they’ve made a more affordable version called the APACE.

The Apace-Strap comes in dead color. Each of the 6 different colors is in it’s timeless look still an all-time classic. We wanted to create a strap that has a lower price with a high standard quality, which opens it up as being an option to a ton more riders. From the double layer webbing, to the new improved centerpiece, this strap is built to go fast and blast off. Our new straps and apparel are arriving at our distributors now (or really soon) and we will be updating the Products page of the site over the next few days with all the new stuff! Check them out now, online & in stores worldwide in all their glory.

Exclusive Look: Bombtrack Hubs

Bombtrack gave me the go-ahead to reveal their newly patented hub system. They have been in the works for quite a long time with Simon Andraca testing them. Now that they are patented, they will be put into production which should be finished and ready for distribution in late August or early September. Note that similar systems from other brands will be paying royalties to use this technology.

Hubs come as 9t or 10t option and in 3 to 4 colours – and fitting hubguards will be available of course. The release and shipment of the Bombtrack hub will be late august / early September 2012.

Rear Female 10t: 515g
Rear Regular Axle 10t: 501g
Rear Hubguard: 109g

Front Female: 318g
Front Regular Axle: 254g
Front Hubguard: 72g

Check the Radio Bikes Fixed Blog for future info!

YNOT Reflective straps

Be safe and be visible. Check out the reflective straps over at YNOT!

As an intro to our upcoming Night Riders series, we’re really excited to start offering reflective pedal straps! For an additional ten dollars you can have any colour of pedal strap with the reflective YNOT logo, for extra visibility when riding in the wee hours.

Reflective logos are available in black reflective or grey reflective, and are super extra durable! Grab your own pair here, and be sure to select your reflective preference!

Prolly is Not Probably Raidô Straps and tee

Prolly hit us up to let us know that the Raidô Hold Fast straps and Raidô Viking tee are up for sale on the PiNP webstore. The print on the straps/tee look real nice and the stash pocket will surely come in handy. Just in time for 4.20.

More details at Prolly is Not Probably.

Tree 4130 Sprocket Fail

Daood posted this photo of a mangled tree sprocket. I have been interested in seeing how some of these solid steel sprockets perform, and this has been the first I’ve seen of the Tree 4130 sprocket failing. Daood is a grown-ass-man so I wouldn’t be too concerned if you’re an average sized rider and want to rock one of these guys.

Machete Slayer bar

A new FGFS parts company is on the scene called Machete Bikes. Their first product is the Slayer bar which underwent testing by Corey and Antonyo recently.

Keep an eye on Machete!

Bike Update – Nemesis Project Trackfighter

The ‘ZLOG edition’ was made custom for me in an XL size and features a ZLOG x Nem Pro headbadge. It was built with Supertherm BMX tubing, and was one of very few produced. Hand-built in Sacramento by Nemesis Project Cycles. This frame got to me right about the time people started experimenting with 26″ wheels and the bike never really got built up to its full potential until now. After riding 26’s for over a year, I decided it would be a good side project to re-build my Trackfighter the way it was intended, on 700c wheels. Although having a 26″ bike with negative bb is burly and fun to shred, it lacks the ability to maintain a quick pace, which this bike has no problem with. Consider this the offspring of a fast bike and a freestyle bike. The rear Profile hub has a 14 tooth cog on one side, and a 16 tooth on the other, so I can switch from a speedy ratio to a trick ratio with the flip of the wheel. The Resist Nomad tires look great with a slick tread pattern and pick up some decent speed for 45c. They also have good cushion for jumping, but I wouldn’t suggest doing too big of drops (for your wrists’ sake). The LDG Santos stem is nice because the back is flush and uses a really neat bolt system to clamp to the fork’s steer tube. There were a few things that bugged me about the stem though. The bolts to clamp the stem are really long and seem to take forever to remove. They were also a smaller size than the other bolts holding the stem to the steer tube, which I found odd that one should need two hex keys for one stem. Alex G6000 rims, which I always wanted since back when Jacob Ruff and Torey Thornton rode them. I finally copped a pair when I saw that they collaborated with Leader on an all black, non-machined version. Overall the build was super fun to put together, and even more fun to ride.

Visit the PedalRoom page for this bike
Flickr photos here

Continue reading for more photos and specs.


New 2012 Leader Goods

For 2012 Leader is releasing a new carbon fork and a Steel frame dubbed “Heritage Edition”. I like the hydro-formed wheel cut-out and you really can’t go wrong with a steel track bike. Looking swell dudes!

Leader Bikes


Nose manny to barspin was on point! Booster frames are set to drop in April.



The Fixielist facebook group is a great resource for those who are looking to buy or sell used fixed gear bike parts. Give it a look!

SE Bikes 5″ Floval Bars

SE bikes has just released their idea of the perfect freestyle handlebars. I really like the 5″ rise.

more details after the jump

Bike Check – Radio Bombtrack

Radio Bikes is a company based out of Cologne, Germany. They currently have a large selection of BMX bikes and components in their line, and in the last couple years have been busting into the Fixed Gear Freestyle market (Mainly in Europe). I have been in touch with the folks who are spearheading the Bombtrack project and I find they are very knowledgeable and excited about the future of Fixed Freestyle; not something I expected from a company with a rich BMX history. It turns out the people behind this particular frame are fixed riders. Their sponsored rider, Simon “Gomok” Andraca has played a big part in development and it really shows.

The Bombtrack is in-line with all of the current necessities of a modern fixed freestyle bike. It features a negative bb drop, sloping top tube, 14mm dropouts, it comfortably fits 2.3 inch tires and 26″ wheels. I have been able to feel a positive difference when it comes to 180’s, full cabs, and hops in general. I am loving the S&M 5″ rise bars. They are super wide, high, and strong. Thanks to Shad at GOODS BMX for helping me find the right bar/stem combo! Another new component that I need to mention is the Zontrac straps; they hold their shape amazing and are the thickest, stiffest straps I have ridden thus far.

Continue reading for the full parts breakdown and more photos.


Kashimax rain tail

This is a great idea! best looking fender i’ve seen for sure. pick one up at Chari & Co.


Wow, Dew really brings the heat. I watched this vid over and over. I am glad he healed up from his injury, hopefully we will see a lot more from him.

Sadio Bikes

SE Showtime 26″ Press Release

The SE fixed team has been testing the 26″ Showtime fixed gear frame for a solid four months now. The riders have hammered out all the kinks & put it through some heavy abuse. The Showtime is fully heat treated post weld and has been able to withstand any sort of punishment DJ Mull, Josh Boothby, and Gus Molina have put it through since they first received their prototypes. Josh and DJ’s bikes fully built up have weighed in at 23lbs & 24lbs, while for tire clearance in the rear Gus has been running a 2.25 comfortably. With chain stays at only 14.55″ slammed, complimented by 14mm drop outs, the frame stays compact while accepting 14mm hubs.

Available in black in one size, you can look for the frame to be available in late February.

Continue for more specs

Fixed Gear Athens Frameset

Fixed Gear Athens has been working on a signature track frame in collaboration with framebuilder Yorgos Vogiatzis.

more info after the jump


Grime Goat Pre-Sale

The heavily anticipated G.O.A.T. frame from Grime bikes is now available for pre-order. Shipping will commence in 6 weeks.

Continue for more details.

SKYLMT Skyscraper bars

Head over to SKYLMT and snag a pair of Skyscraper handlebars designed by none other than our very own Tyler Johnson. I’ve seen them in person and they are some of the best looking hi-rise bars out there.