Jacob Ruff BB17 Trauma Season

Filmed and edited in Washington by Chris Clappé.
Big ups to BB17, CSK, Spike Parts, Hold Fast, and the Harborview Trauma Center Surgery Team 2 for keeping me on my feet feet and rolling.

Jacob Ruff BB17 Trauma Season from breakbrake17 on Vimeo.

CSK – MTB Park With Tyler Johnson

Tyler let loose at the I-5 Colonnade Park a few weeks back. Chris captured and put together this edit.

CSK C-Sides: We’re Still Here

“We’ve been a little distant the last few months. Don’t think that we haven’t been busy. I gathered together a few flip clips from Chris, Tyler, and even a rare Zlog spotting. Summer has arrived in Seattle and we’re still here.”
via CSK


Manuel sent this through. Really great idea coming from Bombtrack, read more about it on their facebook page

Destroy 29er Bike Check

So I have pretty much stopped posting since I got this bike because its just too much fun. I dont sit in front of the computer bored anymore so I apologize for the lack of video posts. Thankfully TTv and Pedalconsumption got that covered

Anyway, this is my new Destroy 29er and it was love at first ride

Bars/Stem/Headset: Spike V2/ Primo Aneyerlator/ Stolen implant
Frame/Fork: 2013 Destroy 29er/ BB17 Cobra V2
Cranks/BB/Pedals: Resist/ Stolen Revolver/ Odyssey twisted PC
Rim/Hub/Cog: Mtx33/ Profile/ 12t
Tires/Straps: Kenda Mid range Smallblock, Freedom Cruz Sport/ ZLOG x 19t

Fixie Factory x CSK Rail Jam – March 22

As the flier states, Fixie Factory x CSK Rail Jam going down March 22. Zlog Family Affiliated. Don’t be late.

Traffic at EuroBike 2012

Very well made video made by Tom Bell and Greg Falski covering the Traffic Distribution stand at EuroBike of last year.

Also if you’re around Berlin this march

Wave Rock Drop In

How would you like to ride on a 47ft tall, 2.63 billion year-old rock that is shaped like a wave? Danny Campbell does just that in this vid, where he drops into the massive natural landmark Wave Rock in Australia. Looks super fun!


This park looks like so much fun! Pedro’s style is getting pretty sick, he’s got some park lines in here that you definitely dont see every day. That 180 to dubble peg is pretty long too! Thanks Ricardo for putting this together

Still pour Devin and Slaylor

I’m really slacking with the posting but i think its got something to do with the fact that I haven’t been on my own bike for 5 months but hopefully soon I shall have my beloved 29er back and I will surely be more active again.

Devin kills it and sadly his ankle had to pay for it. This is the footage he had stacked before it happened.

Taylor is so good! honestly, I feel like half the stuff he did in this edit was during the 2 days I was down there. Taylor just gets on the bike and rips every spot to shreds. Thanks to Ramon for putting these together!

Wheel Talk 2012 Extras

As expected, not so much scraps more like dope edit as always from Slumworm

Also Check some new photos he put up of Devon Lawson


This has to be the best edit K Birdie has come out with so far. Not only is the production spot on(Love that intro) but its also great to see these guys really pushing themselves. Chu has sooo much style and its definitely rubbing off on K birdie. 29ers look so much better on video than 26s

Still pour: Fat Guy Clerk

Dope little edit Ramon just put together. I dig the soundtrack. Kareem knows how to piss off those fat dumb happy front desk clerks haha

209 Cogs x fixiefamous | Land mines first try

These kids really throw down some clean lines. All filmed in 4 hours too?! Thanks to Fixiefamous for putting it together

Happy New Year

I’ve definitely been slacking on the posts these last few months, but thanks to all the people who check regularly anyways. Have a safe night!

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25% off for the first 30 people who use the code.

CSK – I can’t stand the rain

Back to the winter dungeon, the P6 parking lot.

CSK dudes Tyler, Chris, Kyle, and myself gathered a few clips while avoiding the winter weather here in Seattle

CSK-I Cant Stand The Rain from chris clappe on Vimeo.


4 years ago is already old school. This sport changed fast! The last post just reminded me of these videos and I thought I would share.

Rob Carp – Fixed gear mammoth mountain

This is the second edit Rob has brought out. Its good to see some new faces still doning “old school” tricks. Definitely some good vibes in this. I hope there is more to come.

His first video is also attached



Just caught this on facebook. Nice little one day edit. K Birdies bike is looking freshh these days.


Don’t miss Greg Falski’s Stoked On Fixed Bikes volume 11

Welcome to the team timmy theus

I just caught this over on pedalconsumption. This guy is a beast! Its sick he throws his manual 180’s. Great tunes too! All in all a great edit presented by Tree Bike Co

also check out another edit from the same source below

Destroy Bikes

Destroy just shared this video they made giving us a little background on how everything started. I’m really excited about all the stuff they are producing and all the riders they are supporting. I’m hoping to be pushing one of their MADE IN THE USA whips soon myself.

Also check out one of their riders, Dominic Colombini’s new edit. He absolutely slays!

Wrahw Witchtape 7

I dont know how I haven’t posted this already. If you haven’t seen it already, dont miss it!

Welcome to the lino life

Ricardo lino, the king of grinds!