CSK C-Sides: We’re Still Here

“We’ve been a little distant the last few months. Don’t think that we haven’t been busy. I gathered together a few flip clips from Chris, Tyler, and even a rare Zlog spotting. Summer has arrived in Seattle and we’re still here.”
via CSK

Wave Rock Drop In

How would you like to ride on a 47ft tall, 2.63 billion year-old rock that is shaped like a wave? Danny Campbell does just that in this vid, where he drops into the massive natural landmark Wave Rock in Australia. Looks super fun!


Just caught this on facebook. Nice little one day edit. K Birdies bike is looking freshh these days.

Welcome to the team timmy theus

I just caught this over on pedalconsumption. This guy is a beast! Its sick he throws his manual 180’s. Great tunes too! All in all a great edit presented by Tree Bike Co

also check out another edit from the same source below

Mike Hoder “Blind in Texas”

You already know this is gold. Hoder laying down some steeze for S&M. Had to share real quick before calling it a night, caught it over on TCU

Seattle Shred

A little bit of everything

Nikko Azucena came through with a nice little quickie. Getting those pegless feebles down

Greg Tylosky laying down some sweet lines for Humble BMX in their first official edit.

Some very nice production work coupled with some great riding by Austin Sweetin. Caught this on TrulyBogus

WETHEPEOPLE: Greetings from the North West / Part 1

Some great Seattle spots make appearances in this new WTP vid.

The Pacific NW is one of the best-kept secrets in the United States. But it’s slowly being unveiled as population grows each year, causing our cheap rent to go up and our traffic to increase. Chester and the crew took off to find out the hidden gems and stop off at some shops along the way.

Tyler on his BMX

Hang Five with Matt Montoya

Yes! Hill bombing with style!

Video Diggin

The video diggin saga continues with some of my favorite videos that I watched this week.

First off, a couple from Lockedcog. Kris Fay is always fun to watch,

Tyler Nakamoto is killing it at age 14.

A couple videos about backpacks and the people who wear them.

Mission Workshop presents Julien Colombier from Mission Workshop on Vimeo.

Mike Dinh and Christian Musgrave enjoying a sunny day in the O.C. (how rare).

Bone Deth BMX bombardment.

Video Diggin’

The videos I dig.

Gabriel Garcia aka Bombtrack’s U.S. rider lays down some heat in this video. The toboggan barspin was slick!

Some Northwest BMX flavor.

Foad Crew’s Izik Service. About time we saw a solo vid from him.

Boothby B-Roll looks better than most people’s A-Rolls.

Flatland insanity. Seat surfing is so hot right now.

Team 29er, meet your new spokesperson.

You know when you have that original idea that you are positive no one has ever thought of? Good chance someone already has, and is already is in the production phase. If only they were strap-compatible!

Christian Rigal- Welcome to Demolition Pro

This edit is just Bananas. Christian has been killing it for the past two years, and every edit he drops seems to outdo the last. I love seeing the peg creativity.

Demolition Parts: Christian Rigal Welcome to the Pro Team from 180 Distribution on Vimeo.

Tyler does a quickie on a BMX

What’s next for Tyler, 4 pegs?

Volume Bikes: Mike Jonas Welcome Edit

Volume Bikes: Mike Jonas Welcome Edit from 180 Distribution on Vimeo.

Mike Jonas hit me up this morning to share his Volume edit. The creativity is on point and he throws down some huge bangers in some interesting spots. Worth a watch or two!

Pegless BMX in the LBC-Chris Silva

Soo much good pegless stuff in here. amazing

Brock Olive Welcome to Colony Pro

Holy shit! I rewound so many times in this. Watch it a few times.

8 year old kid on a Cult

8 year old kid from Cali. riding on a 12″ Cult frame. pretty funny that its filmed really well, and that it just looks like someone shrunk a regular person and their bike. kids good though

Mike Mastroni Volume edit

this guy is definetly on the creative tip and comes up with some crazy shit. It looks like hes having a real good time doin it too. Watch for the stem grind to 180 at the 2:00 mark

Calling the Shots

In this video Drew Bezanson calls out tricks for Steven Moxley. It is a pretty cool feeling to attempt new stuff especially when your pals come up with stuff for you. Jruff was calling the shots for me just earlier today.

Maximum Air by Raid 71

I saw this piece at Puerto Rico fixed and decided to look up the artist Raid 71. He definitely has a BMX influence in a lot of his work. Available for $35 here.

Pegless grinds

Heres a cool video breaking down the diff. pegless grinds that are possible. It seems like in the fixed gear world theres alot of wrong trick calling, and maybe this will clear up some stuff, and give you some ideas.

G-Sport in L.A.

This team is stacked with good riders, and two of my personal favs. Andrew Jackson and Garrett Reeves. The hop over nose manual down the bank that Garrett does at the end has gotta be one of the craziest things ive seen in a while. Lots of good riding in this, enjoy.

Brad Simms – Probably the highest thing I ever grinded

Saw this quick clip from Brad Simms over on the Rise. This dude is known for his amazing hops. Watch it to believe it.

We gotta try this!

Bike rope swing.
Looks fun!

via The Rise