Sizemore Bicycles – Single Speed Cyclocross Production Shots

I visited frame builder Taylor Sizemore’s site today and was pleased to see some really sweet shots of the SS Cyclocross bikes that he is working on. There are many more photos over at his flickr so check them out.

Craig Etheridge

You may have seen Craig in the streets of Seattle delivering packages on his messenger route. He is a very accomplished cyclist and a very nice guy. Check it out!

Seen at Bike Jerks

Cross Up

Backyard Blam always puts on great events and this one will be no exception.

Daniel Velasco at SSCXWC

Getting mean with his Cinelli single speed.

photo by Dylan Bigby of Full Frame Collective

Soil Saloon “Spring Break” Cyclocross Race

Awesome video following Austin Horse as he races the cyclocross course on a fixed gear.

During a quick break from shooting the RedBull Ride + Style event, the TSW crew stumbled onto and shot some footage of the mostly outlaw Soil Saloon: Spring Break cyclocross race where, among other seasoned riders, RedBull’s Austin Horse, TCB Courier’s Chas and MASH’s Walton Brush competed for first place.

During this champion studded race, riders were encouraged to drop to one knee, choke down a beer bong (served by the legendary Willam Bottington, III) and spin an “STD Wheel”. Clearly the type of fun a good athlete should be having.

Walton took 1st place. Chas got 3rd and I think Austin got first fixed. Damn! Them boys is fast!

DFL for life!

via Third Street Works

Starcrossed Cyclocross Fail

He’s O.K.!

Thanks TwoTone!

Cyclocross Championships Switzerland 2011

Great video!

seen at Tracko

Bilenky Junkyard Cyclocross

This looks like something that CMXers would crush.

Link via Tracko

Craig Etheridge

The fastest messenger in the world at the Single Speed Cyclocross World Championships.

Great shot Laali


Golden Gate Park Cyclocross

Scott Hermanson sent me some photos of last weeks race in San Francisco. I really like these ones of Garrett Chow digging deep for Mash sf.

Cyclocross Fail

Ride safe this winter and keep your teeth off of the ground.

photo found at Pristine

Garrett Chow getting air!

Stylin specs too!

via Mash sf

No Sweat

Daniel racing Cyclocross for Mash.

photo by Mike Martin


This is probably the best cyclocross compilation video I have ever seen. Good quality footage, and NEXT LEVEL eurobeats.

Oregon Hand Made

More info here.