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Where the Trail Ends

Our pals at Noct Bureau tipped us off to this project. Where the Trail Ends looks to be a most epic film about MTB riders taking their talents to the ends of the earth. Watch and be amazed!

Introducing: BALHOGS

BALHOGS first edit featuring Sam Hanson, Torey Thornton, Mike Schmitt, Colin Foster, and myself( Chris Clappe’). Im real excited about everyones riding in this because I think it brings a little something diff. to the fixed game. Also excited for the BALHOGS products that are in the works. Keep your eyes on for new products including the grip strip.

Mountain Biker gets blasted by Buck in South Africa

Buck X-ing.

thanks Shane

Random Tandem Tuesday

I had to revive Tandem Tuesday for this fat-tire Sandman tandem.

Ludwig Jaeger is back in action

Loving the footjam variations at 2:50. He is one of my favorite big-bike dudes to watch, because a lot of the stuff he does is totally translate-able to fixed gear freestyle. Glad he is healed up and rolling again for NS Bikes.

POC Bike Excursion

with Danny Macaskill, Daniel Dehrs and Martin Söderström.

Amazing slow-mo!

Promoting the use of bicycles in an unruly and fun fashion

Now I usually think trials stuff in general is pretty whack but theres no denying that theres some fucking fire in this edit. This isnt too far off from fgfs shit and theres atleast a few tricks in this edit that im gonna go out and try today. The line at :58 is insane as well as a bunch of other banger lines that could definitely be done on fixed.

Danny Macaskill – Industrial Revolutions

Another one from the infinitely inspirational street trials rider Danny Macaskill. Rope ride ftw!

Vee Rubber 29er

When I was in Minneapolis staying with Jeff from All-City he brought home two of these sample Vee Rubber ATOM tires that he got from work. When I was first saw them I couldnt believe it, its the perfect 29er tire that i’ve been lookin for. They are a pretty true to size 2.1 and thats perfect for up front on my bike. I prefer to run a little smaller on the back. I’ve been running this tire since I got it a couple months back and I have no complaints whatsoever. Real solid tire, great tread, and perfect size. Apparently Jeff knows nothing about this tire because it was sent to the QBP offices as a sample. If your stoked on this tire I would e-mail the guys at Vee Rubber about it and tell them to start producing it. Best 29er/700c tire i’ve ridden by far and I think most people who are still on big boy tires would agree.

Chris Akrigg – Not If, But When

Chris Akrigg is a force on two wheels. He has roots in trials biking and rides fixed gear too. This video shows a bit of his motorcycle trials skills. He takes a pretty gnarly fall at the end which is a little hard to watch.

Get well soon Chris!

Danny MacAskill Plays Capetown

Always good to see a new Danny Mac video.


This video is from last year and has 2 million hits already, but I think it is still worth sharing. Downhill racing in Chile is nuts!

Big Bike London Street Jam

A good one that I saw at The-Rise

Dartmoor – Ride Your Way (full film)

This full length Dartmoor video is filled with really great visuals, amazing camera work and insane BMX and MTB riding. It is pretty lengthy, but worth a watch.

Picked up at The-Rise

Ludwig Jaeger 2010

Unfortunately Ludwig has been dealing with some knee problems, but was still able to put out this banger edit compiled of old and new footage. There is just so much good stuff in this edit and the barspin toboggan at 1:55 is bananas.

Chris Akrigg – A Hill in Spain

A nice video showcasing Chris Akrigg’s downhill and trials skills. Those narrow city streets look like a whole lot of fun!

Colin Heggarty for Titanic Clothing

Here is a new big bike edit with a huge banger at the end.

seen at The-Rise

Michel Plonka 2010 mix

Here is a sick DJ video from The Rise. So rad!


This new video from The-Rise popped up on Lockedcog and I notice some footage from the 2010 Bicycle Film Festival street jam made it in there. The clip of our friend Billy Lewis at 1:32 is eerily similar to a photo I took. Check it out.

MTB shredding! The Rise

Lots of good shit in this edit. just watch it

LVSM 2010

Big bike Madness from Russia! It’s a long video so get some popcorn, sit back, and enjoy.

Ride Your Way Trailer

Epic things are going on at Dartmoor bikes and this trailer has got me jazzed.

Chris Akrigg Unfixed

Wow this dude shreds up some dirt on a brakeless single speed. Akrigg dominates whatever kind of bike he touches.

Seen at 5th Floor

Danny MacAskill – Way Back Home

too epic for words, just watch.