Bore the Boar

Sean coats continues the line of amazing edits coming from Balhogs! There are so many great lines in here it is one of the few edits I had to watch multiple times in a row. Sean kills it!


Greg Falski went to visit the Shred crew in Geneva. Greg is an awesome motivator and it shows! These guys are getting sicker with every video they drop!

Jakob Santos 3:30

Kris from lockedcog just sent this through. Santos is on his Fixed America tour and stopped by Kris’ place, this is the result. Watch and enjoy as Jakob shreds

ZLOG Update

Hey folks, some of you may have noticed that I haven’t been posting as frequently lately so I wanted to take the time and give everyone a little update on the things that are going on behind the scenes. Firstly, the Drop Bars Not Bombs production should be finishing up this week. The print shop has been backed up all month due to last minute holiday rush jobs. The Ride or Die production has been pushed back till December, no telling when exactly at this point, but those who have been patient will get extras with their order. One more ZLOGBTQ related item: the ZLOG x 19Tooth Hardbitejaws straps have arrived, and will be shipping mid-week.

So where the hell have I been, you might be asking. Over the last few months I have been working full time designing for a clothing company, and when not working I’ve been developing a new version of Zlogblog.com (which should be sick). This means a lot of the time I previously had to blog has all but diminished. This is not the end of the blog though. Nelson has been a tremendous help keeping some of the FGFS content fresh and I may add a few new bloggers to the ranks down the road.

I want to thank everyone who’s been loyally following this blog over the years and to those who show their support. I hope everyone sticks with us through this transitional period, because the new site is going to be better than ever and there is much more to come.

Have a happy holiday season.

Taylor Dwight around Portland

Taylor is a super nice dude, as are his crew mates. They visited Seattle for a day a while ago and we were trying to ride but nothing really went right and taylor broke his axle right as we were trying to head to spots. Hopefully next time will work out better. Watch him kill it for Destroy in Portland!
Ramon also did a great job on the production

Mike Hoder “Blind in Texas”

You already know this is gold. Hoder laying down some steeze for S&M. Had to share real quick before calling it a night, caught it over on TCU

Kult Klips XV

Wolfdrawn with another great addition to the Kult Klips.

Despite popular belief its not actually the longest running fgfs series.
Weird Pista is already on episode 31! CHeck it

Toms Table

This picture Rick Anderson shot of Tom LaMarche is too good not to post.
I wanna hit up that spot, it looks crazy from that angle
Thanks to Slumworm for sharing

Stolen in Seattle

Black Baron bike, with reflective deep-Vs, SSRAM cranks, and disc brakes stolen from home in Wallingford
Keep an eye out! If you see it or parts of it, here is the craigslist post to contact the owner.

Ninja Shots

Ninjacats own Sol Smith got some sick pictures in with Josh Greet from Illustrated Peoples. Two more below


Seattle Shred

A little bit of everything

Nikko Azucena came through with a nice little quickie. Getting those pegless feebles down

Greg Tylosky laying down some sweet lines for Humble BMX in their first official edit.

Some very nice production work coupled with some great riding by Austin Sweetin. Caught this on TrulyBogus

ZLOG Welcomes Nelson Bell

I’m super excited to officially be a part of the family! I will have to step up my game to truly be worthy.

WETHEPEOPLE: Greetings from the North West / Part 1

Some great Seattle spots make appearances in this new WTP vid.

The Pacific NW is one of the best-kept secrets in the United States. But it’s slowly being unveiled as population grows each year, causing our cheap rent to go up and our traffic to increase. Chester and the crew took off to find out the hidden gems and stop off at some shops along the way.


But It Was Only A 2 Stair

So after a year of beating, my charmer snapped right in half.
Now I need to decide on a new frame, I was thinking either BB17 “Serpent” or Hold Fast “Converter29″. Does anyone know any other 29er frame(s) out there that has a mid or negative bb?

Videos of the week

This video is perfection. Massan is fucking fearless and the Macaframa crew is spot on with the production.

Click through for some more visual entertainment


Until the Quiet Comes

FlyLo has been one of my favorite artists for years. this is a little short film he just came out with to go along with his new album(which will be released Oct. 1st)

Click through for the album preview


Tyler on his BMX

Hang Five with Matt Montoya

Yes! Hill bombing with style!

Video Diggin

The video diggin saga continues with some of my favorite videos that I watched this week.

First off, a couple from Lockedcog. Kris Fay is always fun to watch,

Tyler Nakamoto is killing it at age 14.

A couple videos about backpacks and the people who wear them.

Mission Workshop presents Julien Colombier from Mission Workshop on Vimeo.

Mike Dinh and Christian Musgrave enjoying a sunny day in the O.C. (how rare).

Bone Deth BMX bombardment.

Torey and Oscar for BB17 x Spike

*BB17 * Oscar and Torey Surf Canarsie from Torey Thornton on Vimeo.

These two dudes are on that other level stuff. Always keep you guessing what’s coming next. Much love and respect for the teamsters. Good vibrations and flicks all the way through to the bone.

Video Diggin’

The videos I dig.

Gabriel Garcia aka Bombtrack’s U.S. rider lays down some heat in this video. The toboggan barspin was slick!

Some Northwest BMX flavor.

Foad Crew’s Izik Service. About time we saw a solo vid from him.

Boothby B-Roll looks better than most people’s A-Rolls.

Flatland insanity. Seat surfing is so hot right now.

Team 29er, meet your new spokesperson.

You know when you have that original idea that you are positive no one has ever thought of? Good chance someone already has, and is already is in the production phase. If only they were strap-compatible!

Where the Trail Ends

Our pals at Noct Bureau tipped us off to this project. Where the Trail Ends looks to be a most epic film about MTB riders taking their talents to the ends of the earth. Watch and be amazed!


Christian Rigal- Welcome to Demolition Pro

This edit is just Bananas. Christian has been killing it for the past two years, and every edit he drops seems to outdo the last. I love seeing the peg creativity.

Demolition Parts: Christian Rigal Welcome to the Pro Team from 180 Distribution on Vimeo.

Tyler does a quickie on a BMX

What’s next for Tyler, 4 pegs?