Seattle Shred

A little bit of everything

Nikko Azucena came through with a nice little quickie. Getting those pegless feebles down

Greg Tylosky laying down some sweet lines for Humble BMX in their first official edit.

Some very nice production work coupled with some great riding by Austin Sweetin. Caught this on TrulyBogus

Seattle Skate- All City Showdown

These dudes are real sick. Not giving a fuck. and I will be looking for a trampoline today

Goodbye Goods!

Goods has been an essential part of the Seattle street wear and skate culture for almost a decade and it has come time to close the doors. It was the first place I heard about some of my favorite brands like Flying Coffin and Actual Pain. In fact, my first ever tee that I bought there was a Flying Coffin x Actual Pain collaboration. Head over this weekend to snag some deals and say goodbye to one of the best shops Seattle’s ever seen.

Jefferson Park – Beacon Hill’s new skatepark

I heard some rumors about a new skate park in Beacon Hill so Alex Garrett and I went to check it out. It didn’t look open to the public, but were able to “bypass” some construction fences and enjoy a little shred session before the sun went down (that’s like 4:00pm this time of year). I did notice there were bike racks along the outside of the park which hopefully equals bike-friendliness.

Continue reading for more shots of the park


All City Showdown Team SK8RATS Teaser 2011

I definitely gotta make it to this.

Tuesday December 20th at El Corazon at 8pm is the Premiere of All City Showdown 2011. If you don’t know about the skate contest then check out the website to find out.

Get pumped!

Classic Vid: Trip To SF (2005-2006)

With John Egei, Massan, Jovontae Turner and more.

Via Massan

Tyler Johnson in London

Here is an awesome photo of TJ from when he was in London. Picked up at 14bikeco.

Tyler Johnson and Andy Ellis – Vanity Boys

Some skate footage of TJ and Andy in London. Pretty fun little vid.

From Fixed Gear London by way of 14bikeco

Vince Perry and Alex Garrett – SUP

Hahaha, these dudes are dope. They come out to Future Tense and switch off skating and riding fixed freestyle. So stoked they put an edit together. Vince has some goofy shit to say in the middle that had me cracking up. Alex has some nice fixed gear lines at the end so check it.

Riding the Long White Cloud

In this series of videos Predatory Bird follows a group of professional skateboarders as they travel across New Zealand on touring bikes.

Thanks Rob!

Tyler shredding on a skateboard in London

Looks like Tyler found something to do in London when hes not getting his Right Said Fred on. Caught this video at FGL.

The Twins

A short film by Ty Evans, featuring Pierce and Chris Brunner (filmed at age 12). Pretty insane.

Simpel Session SLOW MO

So I am a big time sucker for slow mo video. I don’t care if its over played. This one from Simpel Session is awesome.

John Cardiel Cover of Huck Magazine

London based Huck Magazine features skate legend/fixed gear ambassador John Cardiel on the cover.

Seen at the Footdown

Richie Jackson – Better Than Life

I have been watching this a lot lately.

Nigel Sylvester & Stevie Williams THE TAKEOVER TOUR

It has been said that if an immovable object collided with an unstoppable force, there would be an endless transfer of energy.

The same theory could be applied to pro-BMX rider Nigel Sylvester and pro-skateboarder Stevie Williams, two of action sports most influential athletes. In Summer 2011 the duo will join forces to create THE TAKEOVER TOUR, bringing together the the top talent in skate and BMX for a cross-discipline, traveling event that has yet to be seen in the sport.

The Takeover Tour 2011

Seattle Skateparks: NO BIKES ALLOWED

Seattle Center skate park is often guarded by a Segway-straddling rent-a-cop that kicks out bike riders on sight. He will scoot around all day chasing bikers out of the area, whether they are in the skate park or not. I would really like to see some more bike friendly skate parks around here, but for now I guess street riding is our only real option.

Photo by James Spalding

I was researching BMX advocacy in Seattle and came up with this article from A concerned parent writes them asking why their child isn’t allowed to ride a bike at the park and their response is that Seattle doesn’t have enough room for both. With skateboarders advocating for skate parks, I do not think that anything is going to change for the growing bike community, unless we make our voices heard. I suggest emailing and let them know (in an educated manner) that parks are needed by bikers as well as skaters. Go one step further and check out their excellent Advocacy Guide , which is a great resource if you want to know how to get a park built in your town. Just replace the word skater with biker and you have yourself a bike-park advocacy guide. I have a feeling that bikers will need to push for their own park, or else things will stay the same and skaters will continue reap all of the rewards.

in Seattle and in the majority of skateparks, mixed use simply does not work for one primary reason: we don’t have enough skateparks in Seattle so they’re always very crowded, which makes riding bikes in skateparks dangerous for skateboarders.

-Seattle Skate Parks

Vans Syndicate x Luke Meier

Our homie @Benadrill stars in this short skate film. He portrays the dark side, wearing all black, and is seemingly being watched by a skater in all white. The shots are so amazing. It is definitely worth watching. Shot on location in Seattle, Washington.

K@NT Hamabike 2010

There’s a good mix of skating and fixed riding in this vid. I am digging the J Dilla track too.

Bro Tow

by Jason Yim


CULTCREW Codey Levesque. Some dudes can kill it on any set of wheels.

Ty Evans and Spike Jonze for Lakai

These guys never disapoint. Such a great video

Tarp Surfing!

Pretty funny shit

Wizard Smoke

Who’s gonna do it with bikes?