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Isabel and her Seattle Supersonics themed Davidson

Isabel has been a homie for many years now and her bicycle collection has far surpassed my own. Her custom made 650c Davidson is one of my all-time faves so I felt inclined to take some photos with her and her bike.


This post is for Santos

This one has been sitting in my file for too long. Sorry it too so long to get some photos out Jakob!

Photo Cred: Zach Hoffner | ZLOG

Matt Reyes | Specialized 2012

One of the best riders on fixed wheels! Gotta love it when Matt Reyes drops a new edit.

Matt Reyes + Specialized 2012 from Matt Reyes on Vimeo.

Keeping with today’s theme, here is another photo from this summer:
Photo cred: Zach Hoffner | ZLOG

Speaking of Chrome

I almost forgot about these photos I took when the Can’t Fool the Youth tour was in Seattle getting wild with the Chrome van. Good times!

photo cred: Zach Hoffner | ZLOG

ZLOG x 19TOOTH Hardbite Straps

I am happy to officially announce the release of the ZLOG x 19TOOTH Hardbite straps. I’ve been testing out a pair for several months to make sure they were up to snuff and they completely exceeded my expectations. They worked so well I decided to collaborate and make a small batch to sell to the public. They are scheduled to arrive in a week, but I have a Pre Order up at ZLOGBTQ.COM. Go grab yourself a pair, because like everything else I make, they are limited.

Go check out 19Tooth, maker of fine foot straps.


ZLOG decals are now available at ZLOGBTQ! Black and gold is all you need! They come in mixed packs of 2 or 6.

Bike Insiders Interbike Interview: CONCEPT ASSASSIN

Concept Bikes is a new fixed gear freestyle company based in Vancouver, Canada. The 26″ Assassin is currently be ridden by Tom Mosher and looks to be quite a promising brand considering they offer their bikes with YNOT straps and Sadio component. Check the quick Bike Insiders vid for the bike check and then head over to the Concept Bikes site for more.

ZLOG Welcomes Nelson Bell

I’m super excited to officially be a part of the family! I will have to step up my game to truly be worthy.

Bike Insiders Interbike Interview: YNOT Cycle

While at Interbike I stopped by the YNOT booth to talk about their new messenger bags and pedal straps for 2013. It is always good to see Tom Mosher, and it was a pleasure meeting the Laura and Tony as well. Check out the vid for a close look at YNOT straps, the highly anticipated Cobra backpack, and Gulper bag.

For more info on these products check out YNOTcycle.com

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Ride or Die Goods Available for Pre-Order

This design has been high on my list of re-prints. They went really quick when they originally went up for sale in winter of 2009, and I haven’t done another batch since. They’re available for pre-order at ZLOGBTQ.COM and will ship next month. Don’t sleep, it might be another 3 years before they get printed again.

Chris Clappé’s Hold Fast Converter 29

Ever since Chris tested the Hold Fast 29er he hasn’t been able to put it down. He wouldn’t give the bike back, therefore he is now a sponsored rider for them. I am glad that Chris is getting some sponsor love. The man is so hard-working and very critical about the bikes he rides. Even the slightest imperfection will bother him, which is why it is a relief that he found something that suits him so well. It isn’t easy finding a good 29er FGFS with negative bottom bracket drop. Here are some photos.


Interbike 2012 exclusives on ZLOG’s facebook!

I will be sharing all of the photos and videos I took at Interbike on the ZLOG facebook page, as it is easier to share and comment on them while this site is undergoing construction. I took video most of the time but still captured some photos of my favorite things; mostly track bikes, fixed gears, and faces that I enjoy. Be on the lookout for tons of Interbike goodies as the week progresses. I’ve already started posting so go check it!

ZLOG & Bike Insiders at Interbike

I will be in Vegas all week at Interbike with the Bike Insiders crew. We will be doing as many interviews as possible and checking out the latest gear on the market. We have an editor on hand who will be putting together videos the same day and uploading them to the Bike Insiders youtube channel for all of you to enjoy. If you see Peter or myself be sure to say hello.

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bikeinsiders.com (will be live soon!)

DROP BARS NOT BOMBS Goods Available for Pre-Order

For those who have missed out on these tees in the past, I have started taking orders for Drop Bars Not Bombs tees, tanks and crewneck sweatshirts at ZLOG Boutique. The first 20 orders will receive a Drop Bars Not Bombs pin as well as a ZLOG stash bag. The tentative ship date on these is November 1st, but the more people that pre-order early, the faster the production process will be. Don’t sleep on these!

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Beacon Hill Session by Jake Hanson

Jake sent over some photos he took when the Can’t Fool The Youth tour was jamming at Beacon Hill skate park. This one of JD blasting a one footed table out of the park is my favorite of the set. See the rest after the jump.


Can’t Fool the Youth Seattle Screening

Although it is a little short notice, we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to do a little trick demo and video screening while the Can’t Fool the Youth crew is in town filming. This Tuesday, come see these pro-level riders shred at Beacon Hill Skatepark around 6:00. At 8:00 we will be showing Zane Meyer’s fixed gear freestyle video magazine Can’t Fool the Youth at Hello Bicycle. There will be free ice cream, as well as DVD’s for sale, and a raffle. A portion of the proceeds go towards Steven Jensen’s sister who was recently diagnosed with cancer. Please show up and support!

RSVP at the Facebook event page

Tyler on his BMX

Nelson and Chris boostin!

Went out to a rad hip yesterday with the dudes and grabbed a couple of pics with the iphone. I liked the juxtaposition of these two photos.


ZLOGCAT tees available online

Some of the ZLOGCAT tees that were leftover from the recent alleycat are now online at ZLOGBTQ and only $10. This is a limited run, and only about 50 were printed. They are available in black or purple haze.

Sea Town Fix Up #3

Here is a summary of what has been going down with the Seattle crew during the Spring months. I tried to capture a little bit of everything in this episode, which includes Fixed Gear Freestyle, BMX, & Skateboarding. We’ve always been in it for the fun of it, which I think is reflected in this vid quite nicely; watch and enjoy!

Luis Crews (nakedbloodzine)
Greg Tyloski
Jackson Bradshaw (FOAD)
Nelson Bell
Alex Garrett
Kareem Shehab
Zach Hoffner
Jacob Ruff
Chris Clappé
Tyler Johnson

Bonus vids:
San Francisco – Quickies with Joe McKeag & Steven Jensen
Future Tense – Video highlights from the April Future Tense event


The day started off typical of Seattle with gray skies and a 50% chance of rain. It seemed like the rain could start at any moment, but luckily it held out until the race got underway. 16 racers showed up, which was more than I could’ve hoped for considering the looming threat of a rain storm. If rain held anyone back in this city nothing would ever get done. The race took off around 2:15 and shortly after 3:15 the first couple of riders had already finished the 17 mile course. Bryan Clark better known as Tall Bryan was the first to arrive with Christian Coomer a few minutes behind. Justin Phillips and Colin Northcraft showed up in 3rd and 4th. Around 4:00 all the racers had finished and sat relaxed at Piranha Shop gallery space as we prepared for the raffle. We gave prizes away from Leader Bikes, Rudy’s Barbershop, Boombotix, FSA & POW Gloves. Mission Workshop provided the top prize which went to Tall Bryan. Christian took home the Chrome Coveted jersey for coming in first fixed. When the prized had been divvied out, we finished the afternoon with a special pre-screening of Sea Town Fix Up #3, the latest ZLOG video in the saga. Overall, it was a great day with good people, and everyone was adequately intoxicated by 6pm. A huge thanks to Piranha Shop and those who participated, and especially to those who helped out. I hope to throw another race really soon!

Can’t Fool the Youth

Zane Meyers’ fixed gear freestyle video magazine has been premiering around the U.S. lately and I was one of the lucky few who got my hands on the DVD early. The main cast include Gus Molina, Josh Boothby, and Steven Jensen, but also has a bunch of clips from other riders as well. The thing that sets this video apart from most other videos are the interviews and documentary style filming. It isn’t trick after trick, there are people talking and doing day-to-day stuff too, which I enjoyed. Some non-riding highlights was John Watson’s interview, AJ Austin on conspiracies, as well as Gus at work as a telemarketer. Zane captures the good vibes of being a part of the culture, and most definitely captures top-level riding which has never been compiled in a video this extensive before.

I wouln’t hesitate to pick up the DVD. Bonus features included!

Shop now at Chopemdownfilms.com


Saturday the 30th ZLOG will be hosting an alleycat race and party in celebration of our 4 year anniversary. It seems like I started this blog just yesterday, but so much has changed in the bike word within those past 4 years. I am proud to be a part of such a supportive bike community. Thanks to everyone who has contributed and followed us along the way!

The race will start at 2:00 at Cal Anderson. $15 gets you race entry, a tee shirt, and a delicious Pabst Blue Ribbon beer. The after party will be held at PIRANHA SHOP promptly after all racers finish, where there will be an awards ceremony, a raffle, a screening of some bike videos. Prizes for first fixed & first road. Also, be sure to wear your ZLOG gear because there will be a special prize for the person who reps the most!

Find the Facebook Event page here

Ride & Style – ZLOG

I was able to make my way down to San Francisco for the 2012 Red Bull Ride and Style last month. I was really impressed by how huge the obstacles were and even more surprised the skill level of everyone riding them. I captured some video of the top 10 riders as well as photos of most of the freestyle participants. Take a look & enjoy!