Isabel and her Seattle Supersonics themed Davidson

Isabel has been a homie for many years now and her bicycle collection has far surpassed my own. Her custom made 650c Davidson is one of my all-time faves so I felt inclined to take some photos with her and her bike.


Traffic at EuroBike 2012

Very well made video made by Tom Bell and Greg Falski covering the Traffic Distribution stand at EuroBike of last year.

Also if you’re around Berlin this march

Mike Chacon getting some Nike love!

Mike is always on that L.A. hustle. This time he’s got a little cameo in a Nike vid. When is the Mike on a Bike reality TV show happening?

Wave Rock Drop In

How would you like to ride on a 47ft tall, 2.63 billion year-old rock that is shaped like a wave? Danny Campbell does just that in this vid, where he drops into the massive natural landmark Wave Rock in Australia. Looks super fun!


This park looks like so much fun! Pedro’s style is getting pretty sick, he’s got some park lines in here that you definitely dont see every day. That 180 to dubble peg is pretty long too! Thanks Ricardo for putting this together

Still pour Devin and Slaylor

I’m really slacking with the posting but i think its got something to do with the fact that I haven’t been on my own bike for 5 months but hopefully soon I shall have my beloved 29er back and I will surely be more active again.

Devin kills it and sadly his ankle had to pay for it. This is the footage he had stacked before it happened.

Taylor is so good! honestly, I feel like half the stuff he did in this edit was during the 2 days I was down there. Taylor just gets on the bike and rips every spot to shreds. Thanks to Ramon for putting these together!

Marco Marquez – Throwaway

Don’t let the title fool you, this is much more than a throwaway edit. Marco is one of the young guns that is on the rise. I hope the next edit will have music that matches his riding style a little bit more, this track was way too slow for the amount of action going on.

This post is for Santos

This one has been sitting in my file for too long. Sorry it too so long to get some photos out Jakob!

Photo Cred: Zach Hoffner | ZLOG

Matt Reyes | Specialized 2012

One of the best riders on fixed wheels! Gotta love it when Matt Reyes drops a new edit.

Matt Reyes + Specialized 2012 from Matt Reyes on Vimeo.

Keeping with today’s theme, here is another photo from this summer:
Photo cred: Zach Hoffner | ZLOG

Speaking of Chrome

I almost forgot about these photos I took when the Can’t Fool the Youth tour was in Seattle getting wild with the Chrome van. Good times!

photo cred: Zach Hoffner | ZLOG

Streets of Chrome

Chrome is on the hunt for the next great street photographer. Hit em up with your photos here, and win some bags from their new Camera Bag line

I am stoked about this contest, I hope some new talent gets discovered.

more details after the jump.

Jball for ninjacats

700s, pegless, huge drops. Holy shit, JBall throws down big in this. Truly a NinjaCat

Also check out the Ninjacat’s new shirts

Wheel Talk 2012 Extras

As expected, not so much scraps more like dope edit as always from Slumworm

Also Check some new photos he put up of Devon Lawson