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Girl on my bike

My roommate KJ snapped this after borrowing my bike for a project. I wouldn’t mind seeing more girls on FGFS bikes!

SE Showtime 26″ Press Release

The SE fixed team has been testing the 26″ Showtime fixed gear frame for a solid four months now. The riders have hammered out all the kinks & put it through some heavy abuse. The Showtime is fully heat treated post weld and has been able to withstand any sort of punishment DJ Mull, Josh Boothby, and Gus Molina have put it through since they first received their prototypes. Josh and DJ’s bikes fully built up have weighed in at 23lbs & 24lbs, while for tire clearance in the rear Gus has been running a 2.25 comfortably. With chain stays at only 14.55″ slammed, complimented by 14mm drop outs, the frame stays compact while accepting 14mm hubs.

Available in black in one size, you can look for the frame to be available in late February.

Continue for more specs

Three Jay

Riders: Jeremy Orbacedo, Joseph Seneris, John Rosal

I support this edit, riding bikes and having fun. What more could you ask for? More importantly, who doesn’t love a good Yo-Yo cameo? Boom. Nice ones guys.

Resist 26 x 2.25 Tires

Can’t wait till Resist releases these 26ers! 2.25 is a perfect size.

via Resist on Facebook.

Sadio Welcomes Steven Jensen

Whoa, our man Steven Jensen has joined the Sadio team. Congratulations to him. The video is impressive, there are too many good clips, I especially the trike tailwhip! Steven gets my vote for best in the game right now. Anyone agree?

All-City 26″ Airwolf

All-City is working on putting out a 26″ Fixed Freestyle frame which they call the Airwolf. No doubt these will be a hit at the $370 price point.

More info over at the All-City Blog

Ed Wonka Bike Check from Bangkok

Running a 36×12 ratio, that ain’t no joke!

Wonka Bike Check SKY LMT

This is a good bike check with Wonka before he recently switched to the new GOAT frame. Get some bar ends man!!

Carlpreme’s Nemesis Project Steveland Cleaner

Photos by Carlpreme

This is a mean rig! Nemesis Project continues to dominate the American handmade fgfs game and the Steveland Cleaner 26″ specific frame is no exception. I cannot believe the amount of toe clearance with 175mm cranks.

The wait for a Nem-Pro can be quite long, but definitely worth the wait for something handcrafted in the States. Check in with them at the Nemesis Project facebook.

Big Bike London Street Jam

A good one that I saw at The-Rise

Steven Jensen in Landscape Magazine

photos by James Conley

Steven was telling me about the photo shoot for this magazine. Go over to Landscape to read the interview and check out the rest of the online publication. Zlog reppin!

Picked up at Volume.

Kenny Arimoto

Kenny is coming up on the grinds and throwing it down for the Peninsula Fixed Gear crew

picked up at Lockedcog

Grime G.O.A.T. 26″ freestyle frame

photos by Ashlei Quinones

Mike just posted up some photos of his G.O.A.T prototype setup over at Grime. Sure to be solid and I dig the Burro collab straps too.

The G.O.A.T. is the 2011 Grime Bikes freestyle fixed gear frame. Designed to be more agressive and stronger than its predecessor the Yo Mang, this frame is the answer to the problems faced by most freestyle-fixed gear riders. The samples will be tested by the Grime team all over the US, Europe, and Asia. Expect more information and media to drop soon.

Grime Bikes

Ludwig Jaeger 2010

Unfortunately Ludwig has been dealing with some knee problems, but was still able to put out this banger edit compiled of old and new footage. There is just so much good stuff in this edit and the barspin toboggan at 1:55 is bananas.

Chris Akrigg – A Hill in Spain

A nice video showcasing Chris Akrigg’s downhill and trials skills. Those narrow city streets look like a whole lot of fun!

Steven Jensen Barrier Barspin

Awesome shot by Jason Rosete

Steven Jensen by Terry B

These 35mm snaps by Terry turned out very cool. Check more photos at his flickr.

Steven Jensen and his Volume Vandal

from Volume

Colin Heggarty for Titanic Clothing

Here is a new big bike edit with a huge banger at the end.

seen at The-Rise

Zlog in Loop Magazine

Loop magazine recently did an article in their Bike Kill issue about 26″ bikes. Steven and I graced the pages representing the 26″ scene for Seattle, while The Grime and Thrashbike crews represent New York. I am stoked to see some coverage on the emerging 26″ scene whether it be fixed or freewheel.

If you can read Japanese or just like to see tons of bike goodness then head over to LOOP and order a copy.

Tom Mosher’s Vandal Bike Check

The Volume Vandal looks like such a fun bike to thrash around.

Go over to Resist to see the details.

BB17 26″ fixed proto

Cant wait to see some kids shredding on this thing. check out more at BB17

Nemesis Project: Steveland Cleaner Rev-2

This 26″ specific frameset from Nem-Pro is about to be on the market. These are going to be hot items once they drop. I can’t wait! More detail to come.

Volume Debate: Future of Fixed Freestyle

The discussion over wheel size is ongoing; 700c or 26″? Personally, I think both wheel sizes have their own advantages and will always have a place in the realm of fixed-gear bikes. Since 26″ are a new to the scene there is going to be some inherent speculation. So what do you prefer?

photo by Chris Case

Is 26″ a change for the better or worse? Is having 26″ wheels on a 700c frame going to continue? Are these frames with zero drop BB, steeper HT’s and CS’s that can hold a 60 tire too much? I know there are numerous threads about this on forums all over but we’d like to know where you’d like to see the future of frames.

Go over to Volume and leave a comment with your opinion.