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Sneak Preview – Genre de Vie

Looks promising!

Genre de Vie is a documentary film about bicycles, cities and personal awareness. It looks at desired space and our own impact to the process of it. The film documents urban life empowered by the simplicity of the bicycle.

Today we are facing environmental issues more than ever. While architects, urban designers, policymakers and thinkers discuss the future of our cities, more and more people become aware of their own impact and use of space. Genre de Vie uses the bicycle to explore personal awareness and finds out how cycling contributes to the future livability of cities.

Genre de Vie.

Typo Bike Rack

Tarmo Luisk created this typography inspired bike rack system to convey a message about a place or company while adding a useful feature to the environment. I wouldn’t mind seeing some of these around town.


Bicycle Accident Report Card

Here is a handy little piece of paper that might serve very useful if you ever get into a collision with a car. Often enough cyclists will be disoriented when they get into an accident and fail to obtain crucial information about the driver that may help them legally. Boston based lawyer Josh Zisson saw this as a problem and took action by teaming up with graphic designer Tim Jaques to create the handy Bicycle Accident Report Card. It clearly shows the bike laws on one side, and has information for the driver to fill out on the other. This could spark a new revolution in bicycle advocacy and promote safer cohabitation between cars and bikes in our streets.

Head over to Bike Safe Boston for more

Go with the Flow!

Sprocket Man says so!

via Go Means Go!

Happy Monday

Have a happy Monday whether you are celebrating Valentine’s day or not.

photo from Sweetphan

Happy Monday

Say hello to Amber. Via The Fix Fix Fix

Tyler Johnson High Jump

From the 2010 Bicycle Film Festival in NYC. Courtesy of Milk Money.

Sizemore Bicycles – Matt’s Track Bike

This is one is quite a beauty and I wouldn’t expect anything less from Mr. Sizemore. I also want to note that it is rolling on the new H+Son TB14 box section rims (available end of Feb), which compliment the build quite nicely.

Check out more sexy rigs over at Sizemore Bicycle.

American with Japanese influences. During my time with this bike, one theme was prevalent, a quiet yet detailed japanese aesthetic.

Mutual Friends

Poetry in motion from our friends at Ladoja & Sons.

Video Diggin’ – Around the world

It is the digital age and every day new stories, in video form, surface on the internet. Take a look at the following videos and note the similarities among them despite the fact that they all come from different corners of the world.


St. Petersburg, Florida




United Kingdom

Career Courier

A documentary film about life as a bike messenger.

find out more at
Career Courier

Picchio Bike

Nicola Guida is an Italian designer who created this racing frame for Picchio, a small manufacturer of racing cars based in Ancarano, Italy. The bike design was his final student project, and Picchio helped him out with the construction of a prototype.

Via Bicycle Design

NAHBS promo video

The official promotional trailer for the 2010 North American Handmade Bicycle Show Documentary.

This year it will be in Austin. Check out the Nahbs website for more.

FROM STEEL: The Making of a Soulcraft

I really enjoy seeing how things are made, especially bicycles. This video shows the process from bare steel tubing to the finished product. Very nice.

Soulcraft Bikes

Happy Monday

Full set over at theFixFixFix

A Fixed Philosophy

A short documentary of some Seattle fixed gear riders. Charles of Wright Brothers knows his stuff and gives some good insight on why young folks prefer fixed gears. Our buddy Matt makes an appearance too.

Hope to see these dudes at Future Tense this Friday.

Wood & Faulk

The shellacked cork bar tape looks really good.

Check out the whole process over at Wood & Faulk

Bape X Bicycle Playing Cards

Get that Bathing Ape.

Seen at High Snobiety.

Pursuit Porn

Look at that head tube, or lack thereof.

Link via Fixed Gear Switzerland

PH Hyun ho 2010

Here is a nice video from Korea.

Tie-Dye Paint Job

I really like how this paint job by Russell White turned out.

View more photos here

Thanks for sharing Eric

2010 Fails

Matt Spencer
compiled some good fall footage for everyone to enjoy. Congo is going for it!


Let’s clear out the 2010 to make room for 2011 SALE.


Pursuit Porn: Panasonic

Via Fixed Gear Girls Taiwan