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Seattle Shred

A little bit of everything

Nikko Azucena came through with a nice little quickie. Getting those pegless feebles down

Greg Tylosky laying down some sweet lines for Humble BMX in their first official edit.

Some very nice production work coupled with some great riding by Austin Sweetin. Caught this on TrulyBogus

ZLOG Welcomes Nelson Bell

I’m super excited to officially be a part of the family! I will have to step up my game to truly be worthy.

Mantis Style

photo by Eco Suparman
via The Telegraph

Motherfucking Bike

Oh yea I smell a hit. Ironic fixie rap at its finest.
Thanks @joeyinfortuno
Via the SFist

We gotta try this!

Bike rope swing.
Looks fun!

via The Rise

Bike by Justin Anderson

Armani is making cycling look cool or stupid. I can’t tell. Let me writhe on the ground a little while I figure it out.

Cut along the dotted line

A bike with a stamp wheel and ink roller is built in? Fixed Gear Switzerland hit a stroke of genius with this one!

Product Review: POW gloves

POW sent over a few riding gloves for us to check out and I must say, they make some quality hand-wear. There are many uses for gloves when it comes to riding, but the main two are grip and warmth. Palms get hot and sweaty while riding, so the gloves need to be breathable, flexible, and must offer good grip. Fixed gear freestylers often wear gloves to combat sweaty palms. The last thing someone would want is their hand to slip off the handlebars when attempting to land a trick. Other riders prefer to keep their drop bars unwrapped for aesthetic purposes and gloves are handy in that case as well. Being that it is cold and rainy this time of year in Seattle, gloves are a necessity for anyone planning on riding comfortably throughout the dreary season.

First up are the Rake gloves. They feature a mesh fabric in a plaid pattern on the backhand, which offer the best ventilation out of the 3 gloves we reviewed. The tacky palms give them a excellent grip and a bit of cushion. These are not the most ideal for cold weather, as the wind cuts right through the fabric. I suggest using them when windchill is not a factor.

Second up is the Skinny. The name says it all. They are a slim fitting and very light weight gloves with an elastic wrist band that easily slides over the hand without any velcro or closure device. The sticky grip print offers great consistent grip, which are sure keep hands stuck to the handlebars where they belong.

The Mob glove is the most interesting out of the bunch, which is due to the carbon fiber knuckle guards. They are no doubt modeled after Keirin racing gloves, but with the everyday rider in mind. Keirin gloves can be as pricey as $300 dollars. Pow offers a cheaper and less bulky alternative. Made from goat leather, these gloves do a good job defending against cold winds. The carbon will protect the knuckle from whatever obstacles one might face. The Mob gloves would have came in handy for Tyler Johnson. He recently severed a tendon in his hand when his knuckle met an uncapped bar-end. The bar sliced through his glove and it filled with blood before realizing he was injured.

Lastly, I want to mention a feature apparent on the Mob and Rake. They both have ventilated inner-finger panels. This allows for controlled ventilation by simply tightening or relaxing ones grip. When the fingers are relaxed and slightly spread apart, air is allowed to pass through the glove. When fingers are clenched into a fist, the vents become blocked and heat can be trapped for better heat management. It is a very nice touch that one might not notice until riding into a bitter headwind.

I am very pleased that I got to play around with so many cool gloves. I never before realized how much variety is out there. Go over to POW gloves and find a pair that matches your style.

Thanks to Anthony for being a gracious hand model.

40mph vs. car

…and the car won.

The rider survived the 40mph wreck on Mt. Diablo in the east bay area. His bike did not quite make it.

thanks for the photo Daood

Burd: Trackstand Skills

Burd has been doing it since forever! Always happy to see some fresh trackstanding.

Stay on Track

Artwork by Alex Waste

I really love this design! It is simple and sends a positive message.

from Fixed & What

Sizemore Bicycles – Matt’s Track Bike

This is one is quite a beauty and I wouldn’t expect anything less from Mr. Sizemore. I also want to note that it is rolling on the new H+Son TB14 box section rims (available end of Feb), which compliment the build quite nicely.

Check out more sexy rigs over at Sizemore Bicycle.

American with Japanese influences. During my time with this bike, one theme was prevalent, a quiet yet detailed japanese aesthetic.

Perfect Sense Trailer – Ewan McGregor rides a bike

He is not just riding a bike, but a fixed-gear at that. I probably wont see this movie, but gathered from these three scree shots I have a good idea how it will go.

This one shows him asking the girl out, and note that his bike is positioned in clear view to show how badass he is.

In this scene, our protagonist has a devilish grin on his face as he basks in his own awesomeness. As he rides by, some old people start to cheer, because he is in fact that awesome.

Once he expresses how awesome him and his bike are, the girl agrees to go on a ride with him and they live happily ever after. The End.

Makes perfect sense to me.

Video picked up from Tokyo Fixed Gear

Thrasher Completes you

Wow, this is the most legit looking complete bike with the wide bars and a slew of solid components. Check in with your local bike shop for ordering information.

Colors: Flat Black w/Anodized Gold & Pearl White w/Anodized Red

Frame: Thrasher V1
Fork: Thrasher
Handlebar: 65mm riser bar
Stem: alloy front load
Headset: Resist Integrated
Grips: Demolition Missile
Seat: Resist pivotal
Seatpost: Pivotal
Cranks: 3pc tubular chromoly.
Sprocket: Alloy 33t
BB: Resist midBB
Pedals: Demolition PC pedal
Hubs: Sealed 3/8′s alloy hubs. flip/flop rear
Rims: H + Son EERO
Tires: Resist Nomad 45c
Price: Please check with your LBS

via Volume

Happy Monday

This video is not safe for work. Click more to see it.


Deus Bali Cycle Poster

Artwork by Stevie Gee created for Deus.

One of my favorite artists right now!

Random Tandem Tuesday

Happy Monday

Full set over at theFixFixFix

A Fixed Philosophy

A short documentary of some Seattle fixed gear riders. Charles of Wright Brothers knows his stuff and gives some good insight on why young folks prefer fixed gears. Our buddy Matt makes an appearance too.

Hope to see these dudes at Future Tense this Friday.

Oscar in the woods

Loving this shot!

via 14bikeco

Mishka D.A.R.T. X Milwaukee bicycle co.

This collaboration between MKE and Mishka looks mighty fine. I really dig the paint.

Prolly has more.

Soundtrack December

Paris dudes having fun with it.


Pursuit Porn

Look at that head tube, or lack thereof.

Link via Fixed Gear Switzerland

PH Hyun ho 2010

Here is a nice video from Korea.