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Seattle Happenings

Here are a couple things that are coming up in the next few weeks. Be sure to catch at least one!
More info about the Nine to Five at

Nas – I Can Remix (by Cee-Roo)

How to Fix Your Bike with Style

So awesome! Thanks for sharing Geometrick.

New Cee-Roo Remix Out Every Month at:
Cee-Roo Soundcloud & Geometrick

Video Round-Up

A collection of videos that were sent to us.

Photoshoot Jornal Pedal #01

Here we have a nice little video for Portugese bicycle publication Jornal Pedal. Hopefully we will see more from them soon.

A Man’s Mind is a Complicated Device

Ladies take note, most of the time we are thinking about our bikes.

picked up over at the Casual Industrees Brahg


pronounced Fa-Zheen

via Chicks and Bikes

Throwback Thursday – The Davidson

I came up on this bike for $500 as pictured above and ended up using it mainly for tricks since it had excellent barspin clearance. At the time (2008) there were little to no fixed freestyle specific bikes and certainly none that had geometry like this bike. It wasn’t until the frame died that I moved on to the Volume Cutter, which was seemingly the standard trick bike at the time. We’ve come quite a ways since then with negative bottom brackets, 2.0+ tires, 26″/29″ rims, sloping top tubes and wide bars.


35mm Photos from 2011

I have added a new bunch of photos up on my Flickr site. Here are just a few.

Fixie whip locked up in Venice, Beach.

Summer Fix 2011 hosted by L.A. Brakeless. I was amazed by the amount of youngsters eager to display their freestyle moves. I will post the photo up at the ZLOG facebook page, go tag your friends.

This is what my work space looks like with freshly hung art.

Happy Monday!

Girl on a Dutch bike in Amsterdam.


Kreepz Team Video

I don’t really know what is happening in this video, but I still like it.

From Kreepz Kustom Cycles

T.C.B. Brie

Oosh! A badass bike messenger babe who would probably chew you up and spit you out before you event thought twice. I’m glad she exists.

Go With The Wind – New Work from 100copies upped a new print to their collection. Only 100 copies produced.

The Fix Fix Fix 2012 Calendar

Filled with lovely girls on bikes for $13.99. Pick one up over at TheFixFixFix

Ben Watts for Treats! magazine

Ben Watts recently did an amazing shoot for Treats! Magazine which involved many lovely girls prancing around with only cycling caps, bikes and a smile. The following videos are not safe for work, unless your place of work encourages looking at naked models on bikes (which mine does!). Enjoy!

Thanks CMBTMGZ for sharing!


Awesome shit like this is happening!

via Bianchi’s facebook

Oosh! – Daisy Lowe

Benjamin Taylor makes this Monday a very happy Monday.

No Handed Bike Moves

*approved by the Official Federation of No Handed Bikes Skills ™

Thanks Travis!

Insa “Girls on Bikes” photo installation

Here at Zlog, we appreciate the finer things in life, two of those things being girls and bikes. Insa took it upon themselves to curate this series of photos that showcase some fine things indeed.


Awesome images by Carlos Rodriguez.

Via Trackosaurus Rex

Stevie Gee for Beams Tokyo

Stevie Gee always does amazing work.

Priti Baiks – portraits by José Castrellón

“My Baik is my weapon, my talisman, the conclusive proof of my individuality, of the power of my imagination, and -if only I had the chance- of my capacity to recreate the world my way”. -Priti

Priti Baiks roughly translates to Pretty Bikes, but in this case, is used in an ironic way. This group of Panamanian riders decorate their bikes with whatever they can find in a way to show pride for their bikes, which are their only means of transportation.

More information and portraits atJose Castrellon’s site.

Mexico Fixed

There was a party and piñata was involved, must be Mexico! There is nothing that says festivities like blindly beating the stuffing out of something (then eating the contents). Head over to Mexico fixed and check out the rest of the photos. Those guys look like they know how to have a good time.

check this 3 Rensho!

Happy Monday

Lynn and her Lemond Filmore.

via theFixFixFix

Fixed by Timothy Whitney

In a crazy world where cyclists wield nun-chucks…