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CSK C-Sides: We’re Still Here

“We’ve been a little distant the last few months. Don’t think that we haven’t been busy. I gathered together a few flip clips from Chris, Tyler, and even a rare Zlog spotting. Summer has arrived in Seattle and we’re still here.”
via CSK

CSK-Physical Therapy

Some leftovers from the past few months and a couple new ones. enjoy

CSK – I can’t stand the rain

Back to the winter dungeon, the P6 parking lot.

CSK dudes Tyler, Chris, Kyle, and myself gathered a few clips while avoiding the winter weather here in Seattle

CSK-I Cant Stand The Rain from chris clappe on Vimeo.

CSK: When People Stop Being Polite and Start Getting Real

I am thrilled to share with you the results of a summer long endeavor that we’ve titled When People Stop Being Polite And Start Getting Real. This video embodies all that the CSK Northwest Division stands for. Maintaining courage, being open to change, and leveraging life long learning opportunities.

Nelson and Chris boostin!

Went out to a rad hip yesterday with the dudes and grabbed a couple of pics with the iphone. I liked the juxtaposition of these two photos.


CSK Northwest Division Basketball Team

Jacob put this vid together to show off the CSK basketball jerseys. There is some awesome riding in the beginning by the Chris, Tyler and Jacob and then basketball bro-down at the end.

Collared Shirt Krew

Chris Clappe’ Welcome To Holdfast

I’ve been on the Holdfast 29er since last winter and its the first time i’ve never wanted to change anything on a bike im riding. Heres a bunch of clips i’ve compiled since then. HOLDFAST

CYKELN Magazine

A brand new fixed gear magazine has been released out of Italy called CYKELN. The overall design and layout is done really well, and will soon be available in English as well as Italian. We’ve got a ZLOG ad in this 00 issue featuring Chris Clappé. Go ahead and download the magazine here and utilize google translate to read the articles until issue 01, which should be fully translated.

(click image to download)

go like their facebook page while you’re at it.

2 for 2 Tuesday at Hot Mama’s

Chris and I had to hide under cover this past Saturday. Stretching our minds to turn this manual pad in to something other than what it is. Here are some of the results.

Zlog Crew – Year In Review

This little video is like a 2011 scrapbook for ZLOG. All of us went through our old clips and tried to put together a sort of timeline for the past year. it probably has alot more meaning to me then it will to the average person but I think you will get it. Anyways, Im really thankful to have some cool dudes to ride with here in Seattle, and im gonna ride as much as I can in 2012, because we all know its our last year here on earth.

Introducing: BALHOGS

BALHOGS first edit featuring Sam Hanson, Torey Thornton, Mike Schmitt, Colin Foster, and myself( Chris Clappe’). Im real excited about everyones riding in this because I think it brings a little something diff. to the fixed game. Also excited for the BALHOGS products that are in the works. Keep your eyes on for new products including the grip strip.

Heath Braun Photography

Our buddy Heath upped a bunch of photos to his new website The Great White Bison. He has a section for bikes and boards called ‘Bruises‘ where I pulled these photos from a Future Tense session. Go peep his site.

Day Shred Photos

Here are some photos I took while we were filming for the Summer Day Shred edit.

More at my Flickr

Zlog Crew: Summer Day Shred

Out cruisin with the boys on a nice sunny day in Seattle. Its not too often Zach gets to come out with us so we took advantage of it and caught some clips.

ZLOG Crew Mix

Heres a little edit I threw together with some old clips that have been sittin on the flipcam plus a couple clips from the past week. Enjoy

ZLOG crew Portland day shred

Zlog Zach, Jruff, and I (Chris Clappe) decided to head down to Portland for the day to ride some new spots and hit some parks on the way down. It was a really fun and relaxing day, no plans really just riding.

Mid West Roadtrip by Chris Clappe’

A bunch of random clips I filmed on my flipcam when I visited Minneapolis and Milwaukee for Midwest Mayhem II. It seemed like there were so many spots to ride everywhere I went and I didnt have nearly enough time to ride em all. I met and rode with a bunch of cool people and hope to do it again next year.

COG catches the Butcher

Chris Clappe getting some serious hang time at Granger.

Snagged the pic from @Cogmag_kevin

I cant wait to see the the rest of the Cog Magazine coverage of Midwest Mayhem 2.

Chris Clappé bike check

Everyone’s favorite butcher, Chris Clappé has been putting so much new stuff on his bike it is hard to keep track, so I had him update me with his current parts. I snapped this photo of him posing so thuggish next to his whip. Check out the specs below to see what stuff he is running.

Frame: All-City defwish size Small
bb17 fork
Eclat stem
Sadio hotbars with cult gum grips
Premium seat
700c mtx’s laced to All-City hubs with a continental 47c in the back and a kenda 2.0 in the front.
37t all-city sprocket, profile cranks, duo pedals with holdfasts.

Chris, Devon & Tyler

Tyler is such a crowd-pleaser.

I uploaded some new photos to my flickr.

Today Might Be – Future Tense

Photo by Tanner Wendall Stewart

It wrapped up only hours ago and Future Tense has already been featured on the daily photo blog Today Might Be. The photographer behind the blog, Tanner, rolled through Cal Anderson and caught this awesome photos of Chris Clappé tweaking some air off the kicker.

Tanner’s Flickr

Capitol Hill Session

Jacob, Chris and myself went out for a little shred session the other day on my home turf of Capitol Hill. Jacob and I took turns with the camera, and Chris continue to perfect his tire slides on the ledge by the stair set. These last few dry days have me really stoked for spring.

More photos over at my flickr.

Future Tense Recap

Future Tense went down without hitch last night, unless you consider being kicked out of the park by the police a hitch. Some new faces showed up as well as some regulars and it turned out to be a fun and relaxed time. We started things off with a U-Lock pick-up race where groups had to race to a pile of locks and the last one to bring a lock back was out. Chris and Jordo ended up going head-to-head at the final race where Chris took the win. After that, the cops showed up and threatened to hand out tickets to the people drinking beer, so we dipped out to another location. We did a quick track stand event and some footdown before we brought things to a close. Tanner showed up with his camera and snapped this photo of Chris during the trackstand competition. He did an excellent write-up over at his site todaymightbe. Check it out.

Chris Clappe and the All-City Def Wish

One I snapped for the All-City Def Wish promotion that never got used.

Check more detailed photos of the Def Wish at my Flickr