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Solid Gray Backpacks

At first glance the Solid Gray backpacks look like some jetpack from a science fiction movie. Unfortunately, they can’t make you fly, but what they lack in jet-propulsion, they make up for in style & ingenuity. Solid Gray packs are made from a single sheet of highly durable polypropene, which has never before been used for consumer products. This high tech material gives the bag a unique geometric shaped hardshell that protects it’s contents. Inside you will find two compartments; one large one with elastic bands for a laptop or tablet and another smaller compartment for all of the little stuff. These bags are proudly made in the Netherlands and retail for about €139 (roughly $180). You can purchase one at

Maximum Air by Raid 71

I saw this piece at Puerto Rico fixed and decided to look up the artist Raid 71. He definitely has a BMX influence in a lot of his work. Available for $35 here.

Snakebite Bike Gang Soft Goods

The folks at Snakebite are releasing a special edition Valentines day tee. The whole line drops in spring so keep your eyes on their facebook for more info.

Typo Bike Rack

Tarmo Luisk created this typography inspired bike rack system to convey a message about a place or company while adding a useful feature to the environment. I wouldn’t mind seeing some of these around town.


Temporary Tattoos by Lydia Leith

Faux ink has never looked so good!

Available here.

Lydia Leith

Bicycle Accident Report Card

Here is a handy little piece of paper that might serve very useful if you ever get into a collision with a car. Often enough cyclists will be disoriented when they get into an accident and fail to obtain crucial information about the driver that may help them legally. Boston based lawyer Josh Zisson saw this as a problem and took action by teaming up with graphic designer Tim Jaques to create the handy Bicycle Accident Report Card. It clearly shows the bike laws on one side, and has information for the driver to fill out on the other. This could spark a new revolution in bicycle advocacy and promote safer cohabitation between cars and bikes in our streets.

Head over to Bike Safe Boston for more

Happy New Year from Zlog

Quick thanks to all of the supporters and friends out there. I am really stoked to see what 2012 brings. Get ready for some shit and welcome to the bropocalypse!

Go With The Wind – New Work from 100copies upped a new print to their collection. Only 100 copies produced.

Helltrust by Ardhimadya

I really like this graphic that Ardhimadya did for Helltrust

Andreas Samuelsson x Tokyo Fixed

Earlier this year Tokyo Fixed announced their collaboration with Andreas Samuelsson. Since then, they have been busy teaming up with some of their friends across the UK including Il Soigneur and Cyclodelic, to turn Andreas’ pattern into a range of t shirts, a cap, and a musette.

Such a great collection!

Available at Toyko Fixed

Stevie Gee for Beams Tokyo

Stevie Gee always does amazing work.

Wrahw Poster #1

Our buddy Torey over at WRAHW is putting out a poster series and here is what he came up with for the first one. It reminds me of a magic-eye poster, hopefully when you stare at it cross-eyed you will see someone ripping on a bike.


The Alpha Bike

The Alpha Bike was created by 5 grad students studying Mechanical Engineering at the University of Pennsylvania.

Bike Hugger
posted the above photo on their flickr of how the drive system of the Alpha Bike connects, claiming it to be the worlds least efficient drive train. I looked into the Alpha bike a little more and realized they used some amazing processes to create this machine. It goes from fixed to free with an internal belt drive. With the help of rapid prototyping and 3D printing (more on that later) they were able to manufacture the whole bike in-house.

Lets get nerdy…


Stevie Gee – Going Nowhere Fast

Here is a new illustration by Stevie Gee that was for a Japanese phone case company. No word where to get one just yet.

Halfanese Digital Arts Magazine Cover

Halfanese has done so many amazing illustrations and now he is up on the cover of Digital Arts magazine in the UK. Go check out more work from him at

Stevie Gee prints

Some really awesome prints just became available over at Stevie Gee’s web store. Each one is printed on acid free paper, individually signed and embossed. The lettering is done by hand so each one is slightly different.

Available here

Cut along the dotted line

A bike with a stamp wheel and ink roller is built in? Fixed Gear Switzerland hit a stroke of genius with this one!

Illustrated bike by Benjamin Baltus

I saw these photos pop up on some blogs the other day, but didn’t really look into it until Ben emailed me today. Ben is an illustrator from Germany who customizes bikes with a marker after they are sandblasted and powder coated. I think this is a great way for any illustrator to get some attention these days. It is like a rolling business card!

Go check out more of Bens work here.

Tees by Stevie Gee

If you frequent this blog often you might notice that I am a big fan of Stevie Gee. His illustrations are fun and he often uses bikes as his subject. Here are a couple tees he designed, one for Nike 6.0 and another for Deus Ex Machina. I want em both!

Stay on Track

Artwork by Alex Waste

I really love this design! It is simple and sends a positive message.

from Fixed & What

Picchio Bike

Nicola Guida is an Italian designer who created this racing frame for Picchio, a small manufacturer of racing cars based in Ancarano, Italy. The bike design was his final student project, and Picchio helped him out with the construction of a prototype.

Via Bicycle Design

LDG – 70mm Flush Stems

A thing of beauty! Grab one for $69.00

from Livery Design Gruppe

Deus Bali Cycle Poster

Artwork by Stevie Gee created for Deus.

One of my favorite artists right now!