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Wood & Faulk

The shellacked cork bar tape looks really good.

Check out the whole process over at Wood & Faulk

Velo Table

Where can I get one? Seen at Milano Fixed, but no source!

Full Speed Delivery

Santa’s new ride.

Happy Holidays everyone!

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Strap it to your bike and let the wind charge your iphone.

from designer Tjeerd Veenhoven

Hill or No Hill

This embossed topography poster by VanGist is so incredible. I never knew that multi-level embossing could be so expensive. If you are as interested as I am about the process that went into these posters, then take a peek at FPO.

Seen over at Trackosaurus Rex

Neighbors: Mike Giant

Another video in the Neighbors series, highlighting creative people in the San Francisco area. We previously showed you the Dylan Bigby episode. Now watch Mike talk about art, and he’s not fuckin’ around.

Push Bicycles: Art of Cycling Club

Starting December 11th, London bike shop Push will be selling some really great posters with %50 of the proceeds going to Brain Tumor Trust charity.

Check in with Push for more detail on how to order.

see at CR Blog

SE Quad Fixed prototype

Marwin got himself a new prototype from SE. It is the only one for now, but if the demand is there I’m sure SE will put this frame into production.

Here’s what SE had to say about it:
It was only a matter of time ‘till we put pen to paper & drafted up the first ever Quad Fixed frame. What you see here is #1 of one. Strictly prototype & still in the development stage. This frame was handed off to Marwin “The Wizard” Ou last night. Marwin will be riding & testing it on the streets & skateparks of the LBC in the coming months.

We have not yet decided if we will bring the Quad Fixed frame into SE’s 2012 line of bikes. So for now, just consider it our little pet project. If you like what you see, keep an eye out on the SE website and SE’s Facebook page for the frame’s progress.
-Todd Lyons SE Bikes

Safest Bike Lock in the World

Here we have a German commercial for the safest lock in the world and it isn’t your average anti-theft device.

Also, watch the making-of.

Thanks to our reader Manuel from Germany for sending this along.

Cannondale Pong

when concepts go horribly wrong…

Creative Spaces: I Love Dust Headquarters

As I am in the market for a new work space, I’ve been checking out other creative spaces for inspiration. The office of I Love Dust is exceptionally amazing, with bikes of every kind hanging from the walls accompanied by art and all things nice. I am in love.

photos via ILD

Im not sure whats going on….

but I dig it.

The Copenhagen Wheel

Heres a pretty cool invention that a group of students from MIT came up with for the James Dyson Award. Read more about it below.

Christine Outram and a team of MIT students invented of a wheel that turns a regular bike into a smart, electric hybrid. The Copenhagen Wheel allows riders to capture the energy dissipated when breaking and cycling and use it when they need it, like when they’re biking up a hill.
The mechanism is controlled through a rider’s smart phone, strapped onto the handlebars. The phone’s GPS system also enables riders to track road conditions, congestion, and pollution levels.

found it here

JNSNP x Volcom

And check out the stickers on the tri-spoke! I wish I could find a higher-resolution of this.

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Creative Inspiration: Emer Swift

The decal designs by Seb Lester are simply wonderful. I love seeing people’s creative process through thumbnail sketches. It really gets my pumped to design.

Visit Emer Swift’s site. Found at CR

Wheelmen x ILOVEDUST tees

Nice typographic tee!

get one at Wheelmen & Co

My Thoughts Exactly

Script & Seal posters are genius!

Seen at FGSwizzz

Artist Spotlight: Maria Del Mar

check out her amazing work creating an identity for Delorenzo Bicycle shop. Now that’s some great print and packaging design!

Her link via Fffound

Cool Hunting

I love this ad for follow the link for more.

Artist Spotlight: Christauf Wright

Christauf has been doing illustration and design for our friends at Go Means Go. His stuff is always on point. Being from a design and illustration background myself, I realize how tough the job market is right now. Check out Christauf’s portfolio and if you need some killer drawings, give him a shout.

Random Tandem

via Meomi’s Flickr

Meomi does some rad Illustration work. Check out their site!

solar panel backpack



This pack can charge all your little gadgets, plus it kinda makes you look like an energy efficient turtle in a half-shell, which i like.