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CSK-Physical Therapy

Some leftovers from the past few months and a couple new ones. enjoy

Jball for ninjacats

700s, pegless, huge drops. Holy shit, JBall throws down big in this. Truly a NinjaCat

Also check out the Ninjacat’s new shirts


This has to be the best edit K Birdie has come out with so far. Not only is the production spot on(Love that intro) but its also great to see these guys really pushing themselves. Chu has sooo much style and its definitely rubbing off on K birdie. 29ers look so much better on video than 26s

Still pour: Fat Guy Clerk

Dope little edit Ramon just put together. I dig the soundtrack. Kareem knows how to piss off those fat dumb happy front desk clerks haha

Phillip Williams By any Means

This just came out. The shark killin it and pushing himself as always. He hasn’t come out with a video for a while so I’m glad this is a long one, makes me feel like I can keep up with his progress a little better. Nice job on the production side too!

Bombtrack Helix Tire

Bombtrack just announced their new tire! Check the add featuring Simon Gomok for details. Now they just need to make 29ers

Video Catch up

I’ve been slacking with posting recently, I apologize.

Here are most of the videos I missed to post. Even if you’ve seen it before, every single one of these is worth the re-watch



Just caught this on facebook. Nice little one day edit. K Birdies bike is looking freshh these days.


Here are a few videos I’ve been slacking on posting.

First one up is Rainy Day #1(which hopefully means it’ll be a series) by the always entertaining FOAD crew.

Osaka Funny always kills it. He’s just so smooth. some great filming by Bob Woods too

Clit Clips three is up and its nuts. watch it. Thats all I have to say

Juliet Elliott and Dave Noakes Just came out with a new one “London Streets”. Great to see they’re both still at it. Apparently there is more to come soon so dont be a stranger to Vomit Zine


Matt Reyes teamed up with Colby Elrick from SKYLMT to bring us this awesome coverage from the AFC Uproar competition that was held during the SF Bike Expo

Check out wheeltalk for some more pictures

Sam sings

I’m excited to share part 4 of the “Sam Sings” series brought to us by the FOAD crew. A few creative tricks and a lot of good times mash up for some pure entertainment.

Corey San Agustin for All City

Corey really goes hard for this one, awesome tricks and spots and then the obvious bangers. I Love the double rear tire jam/stall at 2:13 I like that he switches between 26″ and 29″, his style is much better on those sevenhundos though. Wolfdrawn has some new photos on the page too, check em out.

ZLOG Welcomes Nelson Bell

I’m super excited to officially be a part of the family! I will have to step up my game to truly be worthy.

But It Was Only A 2 Stair

So after a year of beating, my charmer snapped right in half.
Now I need to decide on a new frame, I was thinking either BB17 “Serpent” or Hold Fast “Converter29″. Does anyone know any other 29er frame(s) out there that has a mid or negative bb?

29er Love- Tromss BB17 Serpent

Nucult just put up a bike check for one of their riders Romain Tromss. Its definitely a dialed build.

I’m excited companies are still coming up with new 29er frames and even more excited to see people shred on them. View the full bike check here.

The Chrome Van in Seatown

Ever since I got a whiff of fixed gear bikes I have been reading zlogblog and today is the proud day where I share my own first post with the world.

Some of you might know me already from various events and of course Cal Anderson.

I’m Nelson for all of you that don’t know, and Zach recently asked me (and two other lazy butts that haven’t done anything about it yet) to help add more content to the site.

I’ll do my best to keep y’all entertained.

For now I have some pictures I took while the crew from cali was in town filming for Can’t Fool the Youth II

Click more for the whole photo set.

Bloggingmiles T’s

I just got my first run of bloggingmiles t shirts done. I am so happy how they came out. These are two designs that I made a while ago, they are discharge printed on American Apparel T-shirts. Made and Printed in the U.S.A. CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE ONE


S.E. went and visited Woodward West a few months back, and this is what resulted. I am really stoked on this edit for two reasons: Josh does a sick backflip, and the edit overall is very well done.

Check out RECFAIL for behind the scenes photos from the trip.


You know what to expect. The norm + skeletons in this one. Great riding throughout.

Instant Flash Back – Sam Miller

If you haven’t already, head over to Prolly is not Probably & check out an exclusive edit of Tom La Marche by Skitch Clothing. What is it now, almost 5 years? One of the Godfathers of FGFS, still murdering shit. Honest truth, when I saw Skitch & Tom’s curved wall ride in that edit, I instantly had a flash back to Sam Miller’s curved wall ride in Bootleg Sessions V2. If you knew Fixed Freestyle then, you should know where it’s heading now. Same: 360’s, Curved Wall Rides, Feeble 3s, Tree Rides Etc.. Just bigger, better & smoother. In no way am I saying Sam’s not smooth because you know he is, haha. Fixed Freestyle in my eyes has always been within the drive train, not the size of the wheel, tire or frame. When it all comes down to it, we’re still having a good time, doing what ever it is we want to do on these bikes. Hate it or love it, FGFS aint going nowhere. If you’re looking into getting into riding Fixed Freestyle, I recommend looking into the roots first: You know what’s good.


Fail. I really need to get this uploading HD video thing down. This footage looks like garbage.

Sadio Team (some of it) Edit

Here is Dew, Wonka, Matt Montoya, Matt Reyes, and Mike Schmitt throwing down some goodies for Sadio.

TT for HoldFast

Your boy Torey getting super gnarly for his latest edit. I am so stoked on this one. Half the time I don’t know what he is even grinding on, I LOVE IT!

Ricardo Lino – Almond footwear

Got to love a good ol fashion Rail Ride! Ricardo Lino putting in work for Almond footwear. Shout outs to West Fixed for keeping it live. Correct me if I’m wrong, is Ricardo the first to do a rail ride on a 26” fixed?