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Jakob Santos- It’s Been Along Time

Time has nothing to do with it homie, you’re still killin. Jakob Santos just dropped a another banger showcasing some fine bay area shredding! He even got his family in this, check out Jesse Santos! Both Congo & Joe Mckeag killing it too! Fly out 540, Double Peg to fakie, Big Barspins, Fence ride to fakie, Rail Hops, the list goes on.. Check it out!


The big boss of FGFS Ed Wonka!


Nemesis Project: Steveland Cleaner Rev-2

This 26″ specific frameset from Nem-Pro is about to be on the market. These are going to be hot items once they drop. I can’t wait! More detail to come.

Wheel Talk 2010 Extras

This is where it’s at! Wheel talk and Grime crew bromance.


WK Warming up

Here is a nice little line of WK from the Seoul Fixed Gear. Wheelie to nose pivot was clean!

Improvise and Survive event teaser

This vid is filled with clips of our favorite So-Cal riders. Be sure to check out the fixed freestyle demo on the 10th if you are in the area.

Thanks for sending it along Zane.

Spy photo of Steven’s Vandal

Steez Jensen sent me this cell phone photo of his Volume Vandal all built up. He says there is still some work to be done on the geometry since this is only a prototype for testing purposes. We will have more details later.


reppin the Zlog snapback!

via Hirofumi Sasaki

Roll One

Pedal Piff doing some work over in Hawaii. The vibe of this edit has me itching to ride.

Renaud’s Nemesis Project Trackfighter

Amazing build! I love the DMR Supermoto skinwall tires.

Nemesis Project TF 46cm
NS Fundamental
NS District
Random BMX 170 mm
Tree 33T
Odyssey Twisted

Cameras will steal your soul

Nice one from the DPH crew.

iMinusD Trick Comp!

It’s in less than two weeks, so start making your travel plans now. Over $3000 worth of prizes. More info at iMiNUSD

Ed and Ed

Gotta give props to Wonka for upping the fixed gear rail game. That shit is legit!

Badd News Edit: Joe McKeag

Lil Joe’s collarbone is all healed up and he is already shredding. Check out the new vid.

Wonka Vs. Seoul

Here is a pretty decent video of Wonka riding in Korea although my head kinda hurts from watching the shaky footage.

Grime It’s always Crummy in Filthidelphia

Mike and Wonka shred Philadelphia.

Clay and his Custom FBM Freestyle bike

Clay came up from Portland on Friday and I got a look at his custom built FBM frame. It has a really interesting chainstay bridge and gnarly welds that look great in their raw form. With the S&M pitchfork this thing is damn-near indestructible.

DPH Hammer Bros

nice edit Shea!

Chris Smith
Will Gibbons
Shea Hardacre

Quick Banger from Tyler Johnson

A little taste of TJ signature smoothness from our session at Hot Mamma’s parking garage. Enjoy!

Taken with my iphone 3gs.

Corey San Agustin

Gus Molina!

loving the tuck no-hander.

via itsmikeonabike

BFF Paris Trick Contest

Here is a really legit edit of the recent trick competition in Paris. Lot’s of nice slo-mo!

Mike Chacon wins BFF Paris trick comp

Jesus Moreno

Here is a sick edit with some smooth lines. I got to kick it with Jesus for a minute during my L.A. visit, he is a chill dude. Watch and enjoy.

Zlog Crew-Some old Some new

heres a quick edit I threw together with mostly older clips I had on my comp.