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Fixed Events in Florence

Fixie Crews, come out and playyyyy. This Warriors style flier is so amazing. Bike gangs are the new bike gangs. Be sure to get a gang started and check out these events in Italy.

find the facebook event pages here
and here.

Lord Of Griffith

Our homie Sean of TakeoverLA is throwing his annual L.O.G. race. Be there for the brutality!

Facebook event page here.

Can’t Fool the Youth Seattle Screening

Although it is a little short notice, we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to do a little trick demo and video screening while the Can’t Fool the Youth crew is in town filming. This Tuesday, come see these pro-level riders shred at Beacon Hill Skatepark around 6:00. At 8:00 we will be showing Zane Meyer’s fixed gear freestyle video magazine Can’t Fool the Youth at Hello Bicycle. There will be free ice cream, as well as DVD’s for sale, and a raffle. A portion of the proceeds go towards Steven Jensen’s sister who was recently diagnosed with cancer. Please show up and support!

RSVP at the Facebook event page

Dead Baby Downhill is Tomorrow!

The Dead Babies are a club of bicycle miscreants who throw a huge party every year which starts off with a downhill race. Below is a video from a couple years ago, which shows just how much crazy shit goes down.

The Greatest Party Known To Humankind, Dead Baby Bikes 16th Annual Dead Baby Downhill and Messenger Challenge will take place Friday August 3rd at Targy’s Tavern.

Registration at 5pm.
Race at 7pm.


Hip Happenings

Seattle has really been ramping up for the 2013 North American Cycle Courier Championships by hosting events and races that will help fund the NACCC. This means there is no shortage of bike happenings in the Emerald City. If you plan on travelling this summer to race, Seattle would be the place to do that since it seems each week offers a new and creative alleycat. Check this one from Mobius.

Thursday in Seattle check some art at Piranha Shop.

This Friday in Seattle, Back Ally Bike Repair will be screening the Lucas Brunelle’s Line of Sight movie. Check the facebook event page for more details.

More events around the globe:

iMiNUSD Celebrating a bag collaboration with Chrome bags.

Check the sale 5th anniversary sale at BLAQ bags.

4th of July White Trash Sprints

Hell Yea! I will be in attendance this year and bringing with me a Chrome Coveted Jersey for the winner.

Check the Facebook event page here.

Dash For Cash!

Here is a chance to win some cash every Thursday. Some Seattle messengers have organized a weekly crit that takes place at the Monorail Espresso stand at 7:30. The winner takes home half of the entry purse and the other half goes towards a good cause.

Starting this Thursday Marshall (monkey boy) is throwing small races downtown as a fundraiser to help Tom Chapel save his front teeth that got knocked out. There will be different kinds of small “dashes” such as crits, timetrials, and other types of races. It’s five dollars to enter. The winner will get half of the entry, second place gets free entry to the next weeks race and the other half goes directly towards Tom’s new grill. It should be fun.

Seattle Happenings

Here are a couple things that are coming up in the next few weeks. Be sure to catch at least one!
More info about the Nine to Five at

Midwest Mayhem is this weekend!

One of the first and most legendary fixed gear competitions, Midwest Mayhem, is in its third year. It always brings a lot of the East and West coast riders together to ride. #MWM3

Midwest Mayhem 3

Here’s the second flier for #MWM3. JRUFF will be there spreading the good word of CSK & ZLOG.

Can’t Fool the Youth World Premiere

The world premiere of the video magazine is on May 26th in Huntington Beach at the LDG Headquarters, and will also have screenings at Midwest Mayhem 3, as well as at iMiNUSD in San Jose. If you are in the Northwest don’t fret, we are working on a 4th showing here in Seattle. If you haven’t seen the teasers, check them out here and here.

SF Sprints 3!

We are hyped to sponsor this event 3 years running! Check out the SF Sprints site for more.

Dead Bike Drag

Two bikes one chain. What an awesome concept for a race! More details below. See you this weekend.

A team bike race with a twist. Two racers per team. One racers bike will be “dead”, I will remove the chain. Racers can employ a variety of techniques to get their partner and the “dead” bike through the race. Ride em on your handle bars, Ride em on your pegs. Madison slings, or just drag em from a rope. No tandems or cargo bikes please. Prizes from Mobius, Back Alley Bike Repair, Recycled Cycles, Dank Bags, and Monorail Espresso. All proceeds help fund the North American Cycle Courier Championships in Seattle in the summer of 2013.


Midwest Mayhem 3 – Fixies Up Your Ass

Gus did a sick job on the flier! I know Clappé will definitely be out there holding it down. Check out the Midwest Mayhem site for future updates.

It will be held in Milwaukee, WI on June 9th. The trick jam will be held after hours at 4 Seasons skate park with the pre-jam hangout/beers/root beers/awesome new video premiere(s) at the Hi-Hat Garage (the bar that held the first MWM).

Red Bull Ride & Style

Coming up in just a couple of weeks on April 28th. Be in San Francisco for the biggest fixed gear event the West coast will see this year.

April Future Tense!

Join us on Friday, April 13th as Tyler Johnson prepares for the Redbull Ride & Style competition (San Francisco, April 28th). Last year he took 3rd place overall, and is gunning for 1st place this year. A ramp and boxes have been provided by Red Bull to help send off Tyler in good form, and for use in many future events. We will kick off the night with a group ride from Cal Anderson to 65th and Ravenna, followed by a trick jam, sprints, and footdown. The event is free and everyone is welcome to participate and/or spectate. Thanks to all of the sponsors who made this happen in such short notice!

Head over to the Future Tense facebook and event page.

After party show at the Kraken Bar in U-District. Details here.

Hip Happenings!

I am happy to see so many Seattle events popping up in the near future. This weekend, don’t miss the Ressurection alleycat in its 5th year!

This next event is happening in Savannah, GA. We sent some tees their way for prizes. Check the Good Grief event page.

The 420 Alleycat is another NACCC benefit race here in Seattle. These ones are planned out by the local messenger community and prove to be challenging yet fun.

Another cool thing coming through Sea Town is the Pedaler’ Fair. This looks to be the first year, so go support! Go Means Go is organizing it so it’s going to be good!

Stairmaster 6000 Alleycat – Seattle

The Stairmaster 6000 race is quickly approaching this Saturday the 31st. It will be a grueling challenge of man and bike versus stairs. This is another race to benefit the 2013 NACCC in Seattle, so be there and show your suppoort. Check out the Facebook page for this race and also the 2013 NACCCs.

Read on for more details.

Fixed Days – Eurobike 2012

Traffic Distribution and Soundtrack Paris are putting together an event series during Eurobike 2012. This would be a good time to start making travel plans!

In line with the world’s biggest bicycle trade show EUROBIKE (yes, it is 6 times bigger than Interbike) we are happy to invite you aswell to one of europeans biggest event dedicated to the fixed wheel.

From the 29th of August until the 2nd of September the FIXED DAYS 2012 will offer various actions you could perfectly combine with your bike-interest by visiting the huge bicycle exhibition – or just sweeten your holiday at the biggest lake of europe submontane of the alps which is really more than worth to visit and ride.

2012 we enhanced our last years programm. Beside the spectacular 200m sprint race on the trade show’s area, and the Fixed Gear Freestyle contest (both powered by Red Bull) in the closeby village of Immenstaad we have this year much more to offer: a Hexagram race for those who are fast and persistent, the explosive Goldsprint that some attended already last year, a Movie Screening including a crew-clip contest and a lot of smaller happenings.
And last but not least we decided to invite our (former fixed and now) freewheelers aswell and so we will have a big Polo-Tournament during the days.

In combination with taking a look onto all the exhibited upcoming bikes, latest parts and its framework programm (like the dirt-MTB contest or the famous Lakejump) at EUROBIKE the FIXED DAYS 2012 event is a must and a nice break from office for every bike lover.

Step to each section to experience more about the single events of the FIXED DAYS 2012 and don’t forget to register.

If you have any questions regarding accomodation, contest-rules or whatever – hit us an email to

Please not that the FIXED DAYS 2012 is an unommercial event, nobody is making any profit out of it – it is all happening “just” for the love of the fixed ride. Thanks to all involved crews that help to organise each single-event.
See you at the Lake!

More information at

Hip Happenings in Seattle this Weekend

There are a lot of exciting things happening this week in the Emerald City.

FRIDAY: First up us our monthly fixed gear event Future Tense is on Friday. Over the past year it has steadily become more of a freestyle bike hang out session and less of a competition series. This month we are sharing the night with two other big happenings on Capitol Hill, the second being the launch party and alleycat to benefit the 2013 North American Cycle Courier Championships in Seattle that we here at ZLOG have been helping with alongside a rag-tag bunch of Seattle’s finest bike messengers. Also on Friday, the new Seattle skate shop Alive and Well will be hosing a grand opening party at HG Lodge featuring Dom Kennedy, be sure to hit that up if can.

Saturday: The Seattle Bike Expo is happening, although I wasn’t able to find a flier, there is a facebook event posted here with all of the info. Go Means Go will be hosting the after party in Freemont later that night, which should be a blast.

NAHBS Afterparty with SKYLMT & NemPro

If you are in Sacramento for the North American Handmade Bicycle Show then be sure to drop by the after party hosted by SKYLMT and Nemesis Project. Wish i could be there!

Cross Up

Backyard Blam always puts on great events and this one will be no exception.

It’s Friday, Black Friday

First, let’s have a watch and see what black Friday is all about (based on google search results).

Well, actually today is all about feeding the beast that is fueled on everyone’s hard earned cash (we call that an economy). Don’t go wasting money on 42″ tv’s that are only put in place to distract us from the real world. Instead, go out and support the small guys in the communities that give back. In this case I am talking about the fixed-gear community. It has grown over the years due to the lot of us feeding into the culture, and it will only continue to grow and give back in many positive ways. So as much as I hate to tell people to go out and consume, go do it, but remember don’t just feed any beast, feed our beast!

Now let’s get to all of the deals!

Continue reading to see a list of sales that are happening today.

Future Tense 11.11.11

This Friday is the last Future Tense of the year (we’re skipping December) so come out and kick it. Last month we did a freestyle shred session while the fast bikes met up and rode around the city.