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Future Tense 5.11.2012

That’s today folks. This month will be pretty laid back since we went all out for last month’s event, but we will still be shredding as usual. Come hang!

Future Tense Photos by Eden Garcia

Thanks Eden for sending these through!

Future Tense photos by Josh Pitney

Josh was taking a ton of photos throughout the night. He sent them my way to post up.

Check the whole set over at the Future Tense flickr group.

Future Tense coverage at NAMSAYIN

Our pals at Namsayin came out to the event, and posted a nice photo series on their blog. Go check it!

Future Tense April 2012 – Video

Future Tense was a blast on Friday and here is an absolutely astounding video of all the excitement that went down throughout the course of the event. If you weren’t able to make it then hopefully this video will give you a glimpse into what went down.

Thank you to everyone who made it! We had 80+ people in attendance and amazing weather. Tyler Johnson jumped over a Red Bull car and through fire. He definitely kept people entertained. Congrats to Felix for winning the sprints which earned him a Contour ROAM camera.

Shout out to all of the creatives involved with the making of this video. It is better than I could’ve possibly expected (or done myself). Thank you!




April Future Tense!

Join us on Friday, April 13th as Tyler Johnson prepares for the Redbull Ride & Style competition (San Francisco, April 28th). Last year he took 3rd place overall, and is gunning for 1st place this year. A ramp and boxes have been provided by Red Bull to help send off Tyler in good form, and for use in many future events. We will kick off the night with a group ride from Cal Anderson to 65th and Ravenna, followed by a trick jam, sprints, and footdown. The event is free and everyone is welcome to participate and/or spectate. Thanks to all of the sponsors who made this happen in such short notice!

Head over to the Future Tense facebook and event page.

After party show at the Kraken Bar in U-District. Details here.

Hip Happenings in Seattle this Weekend

There are a lot of exciting things happening this week in the Emerald City.

FRIDAY: First up us our monthly fixed gear event Future Tense is on Friday. Over the past year it has steadily become more of a freestyle bike hang out session and less of a competition series. This month we are sharing the night with two other big happenings on Capitol Hill, the second being the launch party and alleycat to benefit the 2013 North American Cycle Courier Championships in Seattle that we here at ZLOG have been helping with alongside a rag-tag bunch of Seattle’s finest bike messengers. Also on Friday, the new Seattle skate shop Alive and Well will be hosing a grand opening party at HG Lodge featuring Dom Kennedy, be sure to hit that up if can.

Saturday: The Seattle Bike Expo is happening, although I wasn’t able to find a flier, there is a facebook event posted here with all of the info. Go Means Go will be hosting the after party in Freemont later that night, which should be a blast.


Today is the day. Hope to see everyone at Cal Anderson park around 6:00. If it rains we may move to a covered area.

Future Tense 11.11.11

This Friday is the last Future Tense of the year (we’re skipping December) so come out and kick it. Last month we did a freestyle shred session while the fast bikes met up and rode around the city.

Future Tense 10.14.11

This Friday come out for our monthly gathering devoted to worshipping the bike gods of shredditude.

Future Tense!

Future Tense 9.9.11

Get on your bike and pursue some good ol’ American happiness with us at Future Tense! It is free to attend, free to compete, and there is free stuff to be given away. If you ride a bike in Seattle and have been waiting for a good time to show up, the time is now! The weather isn’t going to get any sweeter than this September.

‘Like’ Future Tense on Facebook.

Future Tense Group shot

Jake Hanson of Truly Bogus caught the Future Tense crew at Gasworks park.

Future Tense Photos by Ruben Glew

3 years of Future Tense in the bag! This month we rode to Gasworks park and did our thing. We happened to end up right next to some blackberry bushes and feasted on free fruit as live-action-role-players battled 10 feet away. It was an interesting night to say the least. Good times were had. Photos by Ruben. More here.

Future Tense 8.12.11

Future Tense is Seattle’s longest running fixed gear event, and this month marks our 3rd anniversary. The very first one fell on 8.8.08. Be sure to come out celebrate! Anyone with a proper place to party afterwards please let me know and we can get a party together.

Check out the Future Tense Facebook page.

JRUFF Quickie

Our man Jacob Ruff has been getting his barspins on lock. Here is a quick clip from the last Future Tense session.

Future Tense 7.8.11.

This one snuck up on me. Come hang with us this Friday for Future Tense as we shred on through the Summer. There is talk about doing a group ride to Gasworks park.

Flier photo by Jake Hanson



Yea! More Seattle cats bringing some heat. Heath Braun, Alex Garrett, and Nelson Bell put together a little edit. These dudes hold it down at Future Tense every month. Stoked to see an video from them. Check it out.

Future Tense Photos 6.10.11

Hanging and riding, that’s what we do. This month we chilled at Cal Anderson park. For the events, we held a fakie race, a slow race and played plenty footdown.

Photos by Jake Hanson, check more at the Future Tense flickr pool.

Tyler Johnson Future Tense Nose Manual

Tanner Stewart snapped this sweet photo of Tyler during Future Tense the other night. He explains his editing process over at his flickr

More photo goodness at Todaymightbe

Future Tense 5.10.2011

Future Tense is coming up this Friday!

Future Tense 5.13.2011

This Friday Future Tense will be popping off at Cal Anderson. Come out and kick it!

New Future Tense Sponsor: INSO Toe Straps

To encourage the growth and development of the bike scene in Seattle, the Zlog crew hosts a monthly event called Future Tense (most readers already know this). Throughout the Winter (that dark and rainy part of the year) it’s purpose is to create a social gathering where riders can meet and hang while the rest of Seattle is hibernating indoors. When Spring arrives, the desire for competition arises and therefor prizes are required to further fuel that desire to win. This is where the new sponsor INSO straps comes into play. They were gracious enough to send over a few pairs of their, no frills, dependable, affordable, and reliable toe straps to add to the Future Tense prize pot. These are great looking, metal free straps that go for half the price of most straps ($25). The construction looks solid so get over to INSO and swoop a pair, for only $25 they are worth trying out.

For any other companies looking to unload some goodies to help out our event just send an email over to hello(at) and we will be happy to add your logo to the upcoming fliers.

Future Tense kicker 4.08.2011

Heath Braun snapped some photos of everyone hitting the kicker at the recent Future Tense Friday session.

Tyler Johnson

Chris Clappe

Jacob Ruff

Kevin MWA


Andre Kivijarvi

Andre Kivijarvi BMX at Future Tense

Future Tense went down on Friday and a lot of rad people made it out. Andre showed up on his BMX and was grinding a rail at Volunteer Park. More video will surface soon I hope from Glenn Martin of Creative Crank.