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Future Tense Tonight!

See you there!

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Future Tense 4.8.2011

Grab your bike and hang out this Friday at Future Tense.

JRUFF at Future Tense

photo by Erica Zakrzewski

Jacob Ruff launching off the kicker at Future Tense.

Today Might Be – Future Tense

Photo by Tanner Wendall Stewart

It wrapped up only hours ago and Future Tense has already been featured on the daily photo blog Today Might Be. The photographer behind the blog, Tanner, rolled through Cal Anderson and caught this awesome photos of Chris Clappé tweaking some air off the kicker.

Tanner’s Flickr

Future Tense 3.11.2011

Stop by Cal Anderson this Friday as we hold our monthly fixed gear event Future Tense. It always proves to be a good time on two wheels.

More Future Tense flicks

check out more from Heath Braun

Future Tense Photos

Steve showed up to Future Tense with his camera and captured some rad photos from the beginning of the night. Check out more over at Steve’s flickr page.
Be sure to check out the Future Tense flickr pool as well.

Future Tense Recap

Future Tense went down without hitch last night, unless you consider being kicked out of the park by the police a hitch. Some new faces showed up as well as some regulars and it turned out to be a fun and relaxed time. We started things off with a U-Lock pick-up race where groups had to race to a pile of locks and the last one to bring a lock back was out. Chris and Jordo ended up going head-to-head at the final race where Chris took the win. After that, the cops showed up and threatened to hand out tickets to the people drinking beer, so we dipped out to another location. We did a quick track stand event and some footdown before we brought things to a close. Tanner showed up with his camera and snapped this photo of Chris during the trackstand competition. He did an excellent write-up over at his site todaymightbe. Check it out.

Future Tense 2.11.2011

This Friday is supposed to be relatively dry so mark your calendars and come shred with us. There will be multiple events that everyone can participate in. It is a free event and very relaxed so don’t be afraid to come out and meet some new riding buddies. All bike types are welcome and there is something for everybody.

If you would like to support Future Tense by donating prizes please email me at Zloginfo(at)

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Hip Happenings!

Today is Future Tense. I gotta make sure I throw in one last plug. We got sick stuff to give away from Flying Coffin, Coal, Urban Velo, Pryme, Winners Circle, PedalRoom and more. It is going to be a rainy one so we will be heading to an undisclosed parking garage. If you are in the area, come check it out. Also, if anyone has location suggestions for upcoming events please email us or post on the FB page, we are on a constant search for dry spots in the Winter months.

On Valentines day be sure to break (or brake) some hearts by competing in the heart braker scavenger hunt and rollers sprints.

More roller sprints in Richmond hosted by Cultur. Go win some Zlog gear.

Future Tense 1.14.2011

The last few weeks have flown by and it is almost time for the next Future Tense. This Friday, meet up at Cal Anderson park for the first one of the new year. Bring some beers and be prepared for wet weather. There will most likely be head-to-head sprints, and a little trick comp, topped off with some footdown. It is going to be a blast, see you there!

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Future Tense 11.12.2010

Tomorrow in Seattle we are hosting the last Future Tense of 2010. The final destination will be determined by the weather. The events will include Sprints, an obstacle course, footdown and whatever else we can think of. Come on out and bring friends and beer.

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Future Tense & BFF tonight

So tonight Future Tense will be rolling down to the Bicycle Film Festival screening of Matt Hoffman’s Birth of Big Air (7:00). Those who do want to check out the films should get their tickets. Those who want to skip the film can kick it near the venue where Future Tense events will still be happening. Group ride from Cal Anderson park at 6:30 sharp. See you there!

Sept Future Tense

Tanner put together this great lil video of Sept Future Tense. It was nice meeting you man.

Future Tense Fall 2010!

Be sure to check out the Future Tense events this Fall season, meeting every second Friday at Cal Anderson park. Future Tense has been running for two years strong. Help us celebrate by showing up to Cal Anderson tomorrow! Don’t forget to add Future Tense on Facebook and check out the photos at the Flickr group. See you tomorrow!

August Future Tense Photos

Here are some photos that Chad Wilcox took from the last Future Tense. I uploaded them to my flickr if you want to check out more.

Bryan took home the Mission Workshop bag.

Future Tense Video 2010

I put together an edit of footage compiled from May 16th and August 13th. There is some awesome riding in this vid.

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Future Tense Photos

Photos of the event have already started to surface. These first ones are by Ruben.

The following are by Matt Sipple.

Main Race
1. Charlie
2. Tall Bryan
3. Jordo

Overall Points winner and Winner of the Mission Workshop bag was Tall Bryan with 17 points.
Jordo and Charlie tied for second with 14 points.

Trick Comp- 6 minute jam
1. Steven Jensen (Cab bar, tire grab, hang whip, ramp 180)
2. Chris Clappe (180 tire grab)
3. Jacob Ruff (nearly nose manualled the box)

Track Stand Twister
Chris Clappe

Track Stand regular

Foot Down

Thanks to all who came out and enjoyed the event and once again, thanks to all the people who supported and sponsored the Future Tense summer race series!


Meet at Cal Anderson around 6:00. Group ride and race starts at 7:00 from Capitol hill. We will be riding to 65th and Ravenna (once again) where the event will be held. We got our hands on some ramps and boxes for the trick comp. Come on out, today is going to be an awesome day!

Future Tense: August 13th

Remember to come out to Cal Anderson on Friday the 13th for Future Tense. This is the big finale to our 3 month race series. Huge thanks to all of the sponsors, it would be very difficult throwing events without their support. Following the race there will be a big trick comp with plenty of ramps, kickers and boxes provided by Sno Con. Stay tuned for location details.

Future Tense Vid

So every month we here at zlog organize an event called Future Tense If you didn’t know, now you do. Here is a video which pretty much shows how it goes. If you ever wondered what it was like then check this vid out! On second Fridays of every month we meet at Cal Anderson park at 6:30 and we definitely encourage everyone to come out.

Vid by Ruben (if you need something pierced, he works at Laughing Buddha on Broadway)


See you guys at Cal Anderson around 6:00. Race starts there and ends at 65th and Ravenna. Group ride for all who are not racing.

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Future Tense Race Series: July 9th

Future Tense is this Friday so come on out and ride bikes!

Last month’s Future Tense kicked off the start of the Summer race series. 11 people came out to race and many more came out to spectate. The race consisted of 4 checkpoints and at each checkpoint racers needed to answer a question. For each correct answer a point was awarded. The top 3 finishers earned extra points. Here are the current point standings.

1. Charlie +7
2. Tall Bryan +6
3. Coomer +5
4. Elliot, Modesto, Ally M, Jen W +4
5. Jordan W, James M +3
6. John Michael, Chris Black +2

Check out the Future Tense Facebook page for more.

Future Tense Summer Race Series starts today!

Be at Cal Anderson around 6:00 to register for the race. It will be an alleycat style race so bring your fastest steed. For more updates on Future Tense events check out the Facebook page!