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Interbike 2012 exclusives on ZLOG’s facebook!

I will be sharing all of the photos and videos I took at Interbike on the ZLOG facebook page, as it is easier to share and comment on them while this site is undergoing construction. I took video most of the time but still captured some photos of my favorite things; mostly track bikes, fixed gears, and faces that I enjoy. Be on the lookout for tons of Interbike goodies as the week progresses. I’ve already started posting so go check it!

Victoria Pendleton & Friends

Victoria Pendleton hanging with models Kelly Brook, and Erin O’Connor. Happy Friday!

Giro Girls Dream

Angelo, an avid reader of the Zlog, sent us this video that him and his pals created in celebration of the Giro d’Italia. Watch and share! Pro Cycling is so sexy.

COVEN Magazine

COVEN is a free action, art, and adventure magazine highlighting talented women in all walks of life. This issue features Christina Panteliodis, one of the best women of Fixed Gear Freestyle. There are plenty more awesome ladies doing really rad stuff in the pages of COVEN so check it; it’s free!

Girl on my bike

My roommate KJ snapped this after borrowing my bike for a project. I wouldn’t mind seeing more girls on FGFS bikes!

Happy Monday!

Get your week started off right!


Maximum Air by Raid 71

I saw this piece at Puerto Rico fixed and decided to look up the artist Raid 71. He definitely has a BMX influence in a lot of his work. Available for $35 here.

Kelli for CBNC

Our friend Kelli in the spotlight once again!

CBNC for Rudy’s

Hell yes, I love Kelli! Stoked to see her in this vid for Chubby Boob and Rudy’s. If you recognize her you might have seen her in the 30 Seconds to Mars video, or possibly in a recent post over on Prolly.

Photoshoot Jornal Pedal #01

Here we have a nice little video for Portugese bicycle publication Jornal Pedal. Hopefully we will see more from them soon.


pronounced Fa-Zheen

via Chicks and Bikes

Gnar Lube?

behind the scenes video which happens to be better than the actual commercial. I think its lube for a chain, but I have my doubts.

Gnar Lube


I love them.

via Chicks and Bikes

Happy Friday

More photos of Raven Le Faye and her Bareknuckle at theFixFixFix

Happy Monday!

Girl on a Dutch bike in Amsterdam.


T.C.B. Brie

Oosh! A badass bike messenger babe who would probably chew you up and spit you out before you event thought twice. I’m glad she exists.

The Fix Fix Fix 2012 Calendar

Filled with lovely girls on bikes for $13.99. Pick one up over at TheFixFixFix

Bike Love

A cute lil’ video about a cute lil’ girl and her stolen bike.

Oosh! – Daisy Lowe

Benjamin Taylor makes this Monday a very happy Monday.

Insa “Girls on Bikes” photo installation

Here at Zlog, we appreciate the finer things in life, two of those things being girls and bikes. Insa took it upon themselves to curate this series of photos that showcase some fine things indeed.

Amanda and her LiteSpeed

Is it just me or does it seem like every bike from The Fix Fix Fix rides a conversion. I wanna see track dropouts!

Mrs. Sizemore’s bike

That is a good looking bike Kelsey!

Built by none other than Mr. Taylor Sizemore.


Don’t ask how I came across these videos, just be thankful that I did. Great visuals!

alt version (with less subtitles and more working out)

Happy Monday

Lynn and her Lemond Filmore.

via theFixFixFix