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Anthony Combs Woodgrain Bike Check

Anthony Combs giving you a rundown of the parts on his 2012 Grime G.O.A.T. and then hitting a couple nice lines with a big barspin to end it. Im really diggin the woodgrain, but I feel like the bike needs some gold rims or something to really set it off.



Sick one from our wheeler & dealer GRIME homies!



IMinusD and Grime held a no-notice pop-up jam in a Downtown San Jose bum park. The Don’t Nark In The Park Jam features riding from Ed Wonka, Gabe Alcantara, Alex Blanco, Matt Montoya, Christian Hamrick, Jeff Dempler, and Mike Schmitt. For a mellow BBQ day some pretty technical tricks went down.

Grime Bikes new site!

The company that revolutionized the 26″ fixed gear freestyle scene has just updated their website. Head on over and check it out.

The Grime “Shredwell 2″ teaser

Chrome followed around the Grime boys while they were down in L.A. filming for Shredwell 2, and from the looks of it, it was a successful trip. All of these dudes are looking real smooth, but Mike is on some other shit with those grinds. The last one is real big and after watchin it a few times i cant tell if he was meaning to do that or not. Either way this just got me excited to see the final product.

Grime – 1DAY1SPOT

The Grime time crew hitting up Roosevelt Skatepark.

Featuring Devon Lawson, Christian Hamrick, Mike Schmitt, Ed Wonka and Breakbrake17’s Alex Blanco

Devon Lawson Mayfair minute

One of The Grime’s newest riders DLAW!

Filmed and edited by Matt Montoya
Previously: Mayfair

Grime Fleece Goods

I am wearing my Grime hoodie as we speak. Go support the homies!

Grime Store


Grime – 1 DAY 1 SPOT stonegate skatepark

Mike Schmitt and Ed Wonka started a little web series. I can’t wait to see what other spots they end up at.


Grime Goat Pre-Sale

The heavily anticipated G.O.A.T. frame from Grime bikes is now available for pre-order. Shipping will commence in 6 weeks.

Continue for more details.

Grime Street Circuit

In summer 2012, Grime Bikes is hosting a series of Fixed Freestyle events across the globe in cooperation with the VELO-CITY tour, which has been in effect since 2006. Cities included are: BERLIN, NAGOYA, LISBON and NEW YORK.  This is the biggest fixed freestyle event to date, and the first worldwide championship circuit for the sport. The energy will be huge and the impact will be felt throughout the bike industry. We hope to see you there!

The GRIME World Tour 2010

The Grime boys in Thailand.

KEEP EM SPINNIN at Cunningham Skatepark

by Grime bikes


The big boss of FGFS Ed Wonka!


Grime: Mad-Hella

Wonka has relocated to San Jose. Welcome to the West Coast!

This is the the left over clips i have from the east coast.if you dont already know i am officially living in California, I’m here for the weather and the fixed gear freestyle scene in San Jose. Grime bikes we’re on the move 2k11. if you liked the video grab some parts or gear on our website.

- Wonka

Head over to Grime.

GRIME – Go Shoppin

Ed Wonka and Anthony Combs working this 4 block.


Grime Television | BFF 2011

Grime boys always throwing it down! Just watch.

Ed Wonka’s The Dog

So dope, the Grime is keeping the game fresh. Here are some clips from their recent California adventure. Stoked to see a Wheelers and Dealers tee in there as well.

Filmed, Edited and Produced by Ed Wonka Laforte; “The Dog” is an extreme experience through time and space through the eyes of a candy man.

Grime Bikes Summer 2011

Grime just released their Summer product line filled with tees and Goat frame details.

Download the PDF here.

Ed Wonka Bike Check from Bangkok

Running a 36×12 ratio, that ain’t no joke!

Central Session, The Grime and Kozo

Kozo’s run from two different perspectives at the Central Session event. The lack of foot retention explains why he has to set up his pedals for each run. He must have his lines down to the point where he anticipates each pedal stroke. It is gnarly to watch, nonetheless.

Mike Schmitt for Burro

Photos by Corinne Stoll

Here is Mike sporting his Burro Rolltop and Grime G.O.A.T. patch. He also has a little to say about the bike scene overseas.

yo yo yo.
my ankle is fucked and i am in Bangkok riding. mad kids are stoked about my straps, the fixed scene here is bigger than anywhere in the US.

-Mike Schmitt

via Burro

Mike Schmitt – Sacrebleu!

Damn, Mike has been going hard for the Grime crew. This photo by Corinne Stoll shows mike slipping off the pedal while attempting to feeble a huge ledge, which resulted in a twisted ankle. Ice that sucker and heal quick!

Mike Schmitt – Day Before the Tour

photos by Doug Dalrymple

Shredding the G.O.A.T!

via Grime Bikes