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Can’t Fool The Youth: Teaser 3

So much teasing happening. I am anxious to see what’s to come.

Ride & Style 2012 – Josh Boothby

You gotta hand it to Josh Boothby, he sure is a showman. He got the crowd hyped and fed off their energy the whole day through. His backflips were dialed and they solidified his win despite loads of stiff competition. Congrats Boothby!

Boothby Caddy Stall

Wheeltalk posted this screen shot of Josh getting up on a Cadillac. Head over and check out the new Wheeltalk tees too.

Mashafix presents – Josh Boothby Quick Stop in LBC

A short little vid of Boothby cruising Long Beach on his 26″ proto.

via Mashafix

Jakob, Josh & Torey NY Riding

This footy has gotta be super old, but it is still pretty dope. There are a lot of clean shots and big tricks from mostly Boothby and Santos, but Torey has some good cuts as well. Chris Fonseca is released this video as his final video contribution to the fixed freestyle movement.

Josh Boothby

He mixes it up in this vid with both 700c and 26″ wheels. Either way he pretty much kills it in the grind game. That flat 360 looked really good on the 26ers though!

Vid by Mr. Matt Reyes. (also killing it in the video game!)

Boothby Going 26″?

I caught this photo over on Josh Boothby’s twitter (@joshua_boothby). I believe he is testing a SE prototype. Has another member of the 700c army fallen to the dreaded 26 inch wheel? I am sure we will find out soon.

Edit: Photo by Matt Reyes. Matt has the whole scoop over at Wheel Talk

Josh Boothby

Just in case you’ve been sleeping, here is a video full of bangers by Boothby! Stoked to see he is attempting those tailwhips.

Josh Boothby for Star Nectar

Ride+Style freestyle photos by Gary Parker

Forest Parker’s dad takes a mean photo!

Josh Boothby SE Photoshoot

Photos by Matt Lingo

Josh Boothby Stuntin’ at Chari & Co.

Word has it that he is in NYC filming for a little while. Head over to Chari & Co. to see the rest of the photos.

Josh Boothby for Us Versus Them

Another solid video of Josh Boothby.

Us Versus Them

Josh Boothby

Some really good riding starting around the 1:30 mark. I was really hoping to see him stick that curved wallride, and that last line was hot fire!

Santos and Boothby for Resist

Two legit dudes kicking it at the park and repping Resist.

Boothby Riding for Resist

Photo by Nikko Jow

more at Resist

Josh Boothby in Phoenix, AZ

photos by Dave Beard

Boothby has joined the SE team for 2011 and here are some shots from a recent team trip to Arizona.

Josh Boothby ditching out

by Matt Lingo

It’s Boothby

Once again, lingo grabbing some shots of Josh Boothby. So dope!

iMinusD trick comp

Boothby, Santos and Wonka kill it! Loving the X-up wall smash by Josh.

Keep an eye on iMinusD for more coverage of the event.

Josh Boothby Diptych

snapped by Matt Lingo

Elevated Engineering presents Josh Boothby

So sick! It’s good to see Boothby’s riding skill matched with Lingo’s filming abilities.

via Matt Lingo

Josh Boothby 180 hand plant

photo by Matt Lingo

Josh Boothby Winter Section

Nice riding Josh!