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Here are a few videos I’ve been slacking on posting.

First one up is Rainy Day #1(which hopefully means it’ll be a series) by the always entertaining FOAD crew.

Osaka Funny always kills it. He’s just so smooth. some great filming by Bob Woods too

Clit Clips three is up and its nuts. watch it. Thats all I have to say

Juliet Elliott and Dave Noakes Just came out with a new one “London Streets”. Great to see they’re both still at it. Apparently there is more to come soon so dont be a stranger to Vomit Zine

Sol Smith for Breakbrake 17 and Spike parts

Hell yea! Sol jumping off every rooftop he sees!

via Ninjacats

Ninjacats – Meow x 3

Pure sickness!


Riders in order of appearance:
. Gus Mallet
. Chris Delia
. Sol Smith
. Oscar Kahn
. Jordan Smith
. Lewis Berrill

Guest appearances:
. Ricardo Lino
. Simon Gomok
. Bastien Raoux

Ninjacats 2011

These guys are sick! lots of shenanigans, and lots of good tricks. I love that the young dudes dont give a fuck, and will pretty much try anything. Always a good watch from Ninjacats, and I cant wait to see the solo edits these guys have been workin on.

Sol Smith photos by Jason Sellers

Tire clap and a foot jam rear tire grab, dope! Thinking outside the box.

Ninjacats – Sol Smith Phoenix repping

Sol getting silly for Phoenix straps.

Ninja Cats

Ninja Cats – Meow Meow

These cats are wild. Digging that 180 rear tire grab!

Ninja Cats!

Tyler Johnson in London

Here is an awesome photo of TJ from when he was in London. Picked up at 14bikeco.

Stoked on Fixed Bikes #3

The 3rd edition of SOFB is out and it does not dissapoint. There are a couple photos of Tyler from this trip to London in there as well. Check it out

Tyler shredding on a skateboard in London

Looks like Tyler found something to do in London when hes not getting his Right Said Fred on. Caught this video at FGL.

London Rippers

Mike Chacon made his way through London recently met up with Angus Sung and Rudy Melo and Tom Raven. Photos by Angus Sung.

South Bank rider, Tom Raven with the tailwhip attempt.

Dickies – Love your work – iPad App

The Love Your Work app features figureheads of street fashion, photography, music and sport as well as showcasing Dickies’ 2010 Autumn/Winter collection.

Love Your Work also features images by Paul Mittleman, interviews with UK street fashion legends Michael Kopelman and Andrew Bunney (Dickies x The Hideout), a NYC Hip-Hop Map, a Mike Giant poster, a Fixed Gear London video, construction diagrams of various garments, lookbook imagery, landscapes, pictorials, vintage ads, illustrations and a brief history of Dickies.

Really cool to see that our friends at Fixed Gear London have a video and photos included with the app.

Not sure if it is available to the US yet, but the link for the app is here

Big Bike London Street Jam

A good one that I saw at The-Rise

Oscar Lights My Fire

two bangers from my favorite London shredder.

via Deathgrip

London Tweed Run

The Tweed Run looks like a lot of fun, and what a great poster design.

The third annual 2011 London Tweed Run will be held on 9 April, from 11:00 am. This friendly 10 mile jaunt around the Capital will take in London’s famous sites –– including St Paul’s, Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, Savile Row –– with a stop for a spot of tea, and ending with a bit of a knees-up out Shoreditch way.

Fixed Gear London – Party Time


via FGL

Red Bull Mini Drome: The Event

This looked like such a great event. I am happy how this video turned out as I was chatting with Ladoja last night as she was trying to finish up the details. More at Redbull.

Video by Ladoja & Sons (yep, two in a row)

Mutual Friends

Poetry in motion from our friends at Ladoja & Sons.

Oscar Tabletop

Photo by Greg Falski

Man, so tweaked I love it!

5th Floor Mount Up

The guys at 5th floor got together for a little photo shoot with PedalSpeed magazine. Looks like a solid crew to me.

photo by Ivan Fiorilla

Oscar in the woods

Loving this shot!

via 14bikeco

Red Bull Mini Drome

The Mini Drome is about to be unveiled in London soon and we got some hi-res photos of the construction of the track.

Red Bull introduces the world’s smallest velodrome to the UK fixed gear scene. On January 15, 2011, Red Bull Mini Drome will be coming to York Hall in London’s East End.

In a UK first, Red Bull will be creating the world’s smallest velodrome to challenge fixed gear riders from across the country, and applications are now open. If you want to ride at Red Bull Mini Drome enter your details into the form on this page, we will be in contact soon. Registration closes at 5pm, January 10, 2011.

Continue reading for the full press release.

Fixed Mag Launch Party

This Fixed Mag cover is one of my faves. Stop by Tokyo Fixed Gear if you are in London.

via TFG

Mikey and Oscar from Fixed Gear London

Very entertaining edit with lots of good tricks. Great job guys