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Mike Chacon Headshot by Matt Lingo

I want an autographed one for my scrapbook.

Via RecFail

Matt Lingo’s new photo site – RecFail

If you are a fan of Matt Lingo’s photography (and I know you are) then check out his new photo site RecFail. It’s filled with the goods.

Summer Fix 2011 photos by Matt Lingo

Matt Lingo is one of the most accomplished fixed-freestyle photographers out there and I love seeing the event photos he takes because they always embody the spirit of the time.  He gave Prolly is Not Probably the exclusive look so go over and view the whole set.

That smile lasted one second (exclusive smile for Matt Lingo only) and then it was back to business.

Josh Boothby took first place and this one one of his best tricks of the day.

Steven Jensen’s tailwhip was the highlight of the competition. The crowd erupted when he came out the gate with the whip.

Rory McDermott is Redline bicycles newest rider and here he is busting a long slider.

Joe McKeag took 3rd place and was a really great rider to watch. He even brought his own obstacles.

Matt Montoya has the biggest boosts in the game. He got mad air on his Leader Pharaoh prototype.

London’s own, Oscar Kahn showed up and threw down a massive toboggan. It was great to finally meet him.

Congo and Matt Spencer, Home Ave

Photos by Matt Lingo.

What This Means

Matt Lingo has been photographing the fixed gear bike scene for some time and has just released some candid photos of the various riders he has met. I picked out a few photos of the Zlog crew that were highlighted. Too bad he didn’t dig up ones of me or Chris Clappe, he would’ve captured the whole lot of us.

Tyler Johnson

Jacob Ruff

Steven Jensen

Jamil Gray

Mike Chacon

The project was titled “What This Means”, as I saw these images as what fixed gear meant to me. This has always been about the people, because without them the bikes mean very little. Some shots are of just people, some shots are of just bikes, but together they paint the picture of how I feel about this “scene”. It’s in such an early stage that there’s no commercial or monetary support, and it thrives purely on the passion of those who participate in it. The people I’ve met are absolutely enthralled with it, and believe it will continue go to places in the future that they could have never foreseen. It’s with that thought in mind, that I constructed the edit behind the cut

by Matt Lingo

San Di-Lingo

Here is a nose manual from bank to bank that Lingo did a great sequence of.

Tyler Johnson and Congo in Los Angeles

Photos by Matt Lingo

While Tyler was in L.A. he met up with Congo and Matt Lingo. I am really stoked to see some photos of the new Sizemore frame that TJ is riding. Head over to Matt Lingo’s blog to see more photos of the two.

Josh Boothby SE Photoshoot

Photos by Matt Lingo

SE Tour Recap

SE bikes has such a diverse crew of fixed riders. Each person has their own style and you can tell by the video that they all get along. There are so many noteworthy bangers, but I gotta say the truck driver from Boothby takes the cake!

Matt Lingo
did a great job with the whole series of videos.

SE Tour – Day 5

Some driving and fire and headbanging.

SE Tour – Day 3

The SE Team makes their way from Phoenix to Las Vegas and hit up a skate park on the way.

SE Tour – Day 2

As promised, another one from the SE bikes Arizona trip.

Via Matt Lingo
Se Bikes

SE Bikes Road Trip – Day 1 – The Drive to Phoenix

Matt Lingo
will be releasing these video shorts every day for the next five days. Friday he will be releasing the final documentary edit. I’m hyped on this week already!

DJ Mull 180 Bar

by Matt Lingo

Marwin Jammin’

by Matt Lingo

Matt Spencer taking flight

photo by Matt Lingo

Matt Spencer
is one of the people that I feel is doing everything right. He makes airs look easy. I wonder what his secret is…


photo by Matt Lingo

Josh Boothby ditching out

by Matt Lingo

It’s Boothby

Once again, lingo grabbing some shots of Josh Boothby. So dope!

LA Destroyers art show

Matt Lingo snapped some nice photos at the recent LA Destroyers art show which Mike Chacon was a part of. Go check the full set at Lingo’s blog.

Josh Boothby Diptych

snapped by Matt Lingo

Lauren by Lingo

By the one, the only, Matt Lingo.

Matt Lingo at Bunnyhops for Breast Cancer

more of his photos here

Elevated Engineering presents Josh Boothby

So sick! It’s good to see Boothby’s riding skill matched with Lingo’s filming abilities.

via Matt Lingo