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Always good to see new stuff from Congo!

Filmed and edited by none other than Matt Spencer of Wolfdrawn.

Volume Farewell Edit from Matt Spencer

Matts style never gets old and im real excited to get to see two edits from him in a week. Both edits showing two different styles of riding as well. Good luck with your future endeavors matt!


Tyler Johnson – H PLUS SON Todestrieb

Tyler delivers a solid edit to introduce H PLUS SON’s new freestyle rim, the Todestrieb (roughly translated to: A death instinct). Available in 26″ and 29er. Chrome and Black Chrome finishes

Filmed on located in Long Beach, California by Matt Spencer. Complete with plenty of bump jumps, barspin to wheelies and some wall rides.

Matt Spencer for CSK

Matt comin through with a quick one for CSK. Lots of sick spots, and lots of creativity all packed into a minute or so. The bump into the little wedge line at :48 is nasty and the nollie x-up looks real good too. This is a good representation of what I think CSK is.



Matt Spencer really delivered the goods in this edit. So glad to be seeing more AJ Austin shredding along with Corey, Matt, Gus, and John (am I missing anyone?).

Wolf drawn


80 degree winters!?


Matt Spencer Reflection

Master of the dark arts.

Matt Spencer on Volume

Looks like Matt Spencer left Leader for a better deal over at Volume. Im not really sure why, but I would guess Matts gonna have a little more input on parts and such in the future with Volume. Im also really glad to see this guy will still be riding pegless 29er/700c for Volume. I just feel like theres so much shit that can still be done without pegs and with some big ass wheels, so why switch? Anyways, congrats to Matt because dude is definitely one of my favorite to watch. Caught this over at WOLFDRAWN


The first KVLT KLIPS edit from Matt Spencer is Definitely worth the watch. Lots of good clips from everyone involved but Congos wall ride, Oscars tree ride to bar, and Coreys feeble 180 line were standouts for me. Looks like everyone is having a good time. nothing to serious

700c dont limit Joe

Matt Spencer snapped these photos of Joe McKeag getting up and over a large Leader Mordecai. Joe is definitely repping hard for that 29′er crowd and making it look good. To celebrate how good Joe looks, Wolfdrawn is selling the ‘700c dont limit me’ tees for dirt cheap.

On sale at Wolfdrawn’s web store.

Go get em!

Beat The Heat

Always good to see Matt and Gus shred.

Via Wolfdrawn

Wolfdrawn MWM2

Psychedelic visuals and bails from Wolfdrawn.

Wolfdrawn – Lil B Roll #Based

Some b-roll footy with Matt, Congo and Corey. Congo sporting that Zlog tank, nice!


Houghton Nights

Sick little vid of the Long Beach cats shredding up Houghton park.

*In appearance of order
Kevin Keo
Tony Khensouvan
Matt Spencer
Jonathan Davis
William Brice
Sean Coats


Corey San Agustin rail hop 180

Photo by Matt Spencer
from Wolfdrawn

Leader USA: Matt Spencer

Matt showing some love for Leader! Dope video!

From wolfdrawn.

Matt Spencer PHX Air

Corey shot this one of Matt. Sick!

via Wolfdrawn
check the flickr too.

City Grounds Trip To Phoenix

Steven, Corey and Matt shredding in Arizona. This is one of the better edits I have seen in some time. Good work guys

Via Wolfdrawn for City Grounds

Matt Spencer B-Roll

Matt has been stacking clips lately and this is just a taste of the kind of stuff he has been working on.

via Wolfdrawn

Jinna’s warehouse bike jam

Looks like a trick jam went down in San Diego for Thomas Bikes owner Jinna. The photos below show Matt Spencer and Joe McKeag shredding. Also check the video by Steven Dunnuck.

photos by Pat Benson.

Wolfdrawn Single Spotter II

Always fresh.

From Wolfdrawn.

Matt Spencer – Single Spotter

Here is a pretty chill video from Wolfdrawn showing some creativity while practicing his arsenal of tricks.

Matt Spencer Practice

from Wolfdrawn

Matt Spencer taking flight

photo by Matt Lingo

Matt Spencer
is one of the people that I feel is doing everything right. He makes airs look easy. I wonder what his secret is…