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Resist Winter Edit feat. Matt Spencer & Congo

The homies from Long Beach showing off their shiny new Resist parts (be sure to check out their updated site).


Slow Motion Rail

Congo getting up on a rail in super slow motion. Matt edited this one using the Twixtor plugin which allows the massive slow-down effect. Nice job!

This one comes from Wolfdrawn.

Matt Spencer in 35mm

Los Angeles September 2010

by Zach Hoffner

Matt Spencer’s fall edit

Here is a video to accompany the photo I just posted.

Matt Spencer Volcano

One of the raddest dudes. Such good style.

via Matt Spencers flickr
also check wolfdrawn

Something New from Matt Spencer

Always ill my buddy!

Check out Wolfdrawn

Matt Spencer for Phoenix

Phoenix Straps from Matthew Spencer on Vimeo.

Killin It.

Congo for Wolfdrawn: Now I woN

Another clip from our pals Congo and Matt Spencer. Nice color!


Matt Spencer sky scrapin’

Matt is getting some crazy air in this little clip. It looks like his foot has healed up and gave him super abilities, you know, the ‘rookie of the year‘ effect.

Visit his blog wolfdrawn for more of his stuff.


Another one from Congo and Matt Spencer. Via Wolfdrawn.


Matt Spencer put together this fun edit of his road trip to Milwaukee with Gus, Jake, Sean, Brad and Mike. Looks like it was a blast. Thanks for reppin’ the Zlog tanks Matt! Hope you heal up fast!

Spotted over at Wolf Drawn


Matt Spencer is has been all over the place recently. Keep up with him on WOLFDRAWN. Check out this photo from his most recent post with his new Leader Mordecai Frame. Those 50c tires are beast! Thanks for reppin!

Thanks for the heads up Pedal Consumption

Matt Spencer for Leader

Congrats buddy, you are sick, the end.

Silky Sesh with Matt Spencer!

Looks like mostly all Matt in this one, but the grind is from Corey? That looks like a nice spot (Sorry Skaters).

city grounds

zlog spotting: Matt Spencer

Caught this photo over at Citygrounds of Matt Spencer repping Zlog at the Bike Hub opening jam this past weekend. Check out some of the other nice shots by John Maniquis.