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Seattle’s Craig Etheridge Wins the 2012 CMWC

Chicago just hosted the Cycle Messenger World Championships, and our very humble pal Craig took the gold. Congrats!

See the full results at

Craig Etheridge

Spotted the man himself, Craig Etheridge (Cycle Messenger World Champion), zipping through Pike Place market on his All-City Nature Boy single speed cyclocross bike. He had a really nice setup, although I suggested some fatter tires to account for the rough cobbles of the market. His bike would look sweet with some 35c or 45c gumwall Resist Nomads (cannot get enough of those tires!)


Line of Sight

I cannot wait to see Lucas Brunelle’s decade long masterpiece. If you don’t know, now you know. Check out!

Here is a photo I snapped a few years ago after an alleycat in NYC. Lucas Brunelle and his infamous helmet cam.
Dug up from my Flickr

Premium Rush – Official Trailer #2

The second trailer for the big bike blockbuster, Premium Rush, just hit the internet a couple days ago. It seems like there are plenty of people excited about it, while others are writing it off as Hollywood trying to make a buck off the bike scene. I look at it as the movie industry taking note of a largely growing bike industry and catering to that market. In any case, I still find myself interested in the movie and I will definitely see it on when it comes out (September 24th).

Craig Etheridge

You may have seen Craig in the streets of Seattle delivering packages on his messenger route. He is a very accomplished cyclist and a very nice guy. Check it out!

Seen at Bike Jerks

Day Labor

This short film about bike messengers, day labor, and outsourcing has made its rounds through film festivals and picked up some awards along the way. It was shot in Seattle with a familiar bike messenger cast. Good to see those scruffy dudes in there! This is definitely a short worth watching.

Thanks Tom for the info.

T.C.B. Brie

Oosh! A badass bike messenger babe who would probably chew you up and spit you out before you event thought twice. I’m glad she exists.

Ghosts Within the Machine

A Google street view shot of Seattle messenger, Adam, who had passed away. His buddy Justin discovered it randomly while browsing street view and snapped this screen shot. I don’t know much more than that, but the shot is eerily good and somewhat ghostlike.

Rob K at the Naccc’s

I hear he was smashing things up down in Austin (Seattle reppin!). Anyone have the final results?

Keep reading for more amazing photo coverage by Gideon Tsang and check the whole flickr set here. The entire set is very good.


West Coast Unvitational this weekend!

Vancouver, BC May 27-30, 2011

The first annual West Coast Unvitational; a west coast bike messenger event in Vancouver, BC. This event is to commemorate the 10 year running of the Westside Invite held in Portland, OR from 2000-2010. We started the event in hopes that it can travel to a different West Coast city every year. Let’s get this rolling.

Austin Horse Rides San Francisco

Here is a nice video of NYC Bike Messenger Austin Horse tearing up the streets of San Francisco for the Redbull Ride+Style event.

Thanks for sharing Hiro!

Travel Channel – Triple Rush

Take a look at the new television series Triple Rush. The show focuses on three very different courier companies in New York City who put their lives on the line to deliver packages. Don’t miss the Travel Channel premiere on April 14th. I was able to screen the first episode early and it is definitely worth checking out.

Beginning Thursday, April 14 at 10 p.m., three unique courier companies take viewers along on the harrowing rides of adrenaline-driven peddlers. These urban nomads offer passionate, first-person accounts of their New York City, while ingesting toxic car exhaust, facing mindless pedestrians, battling careless cabdrivers and suffering the consequences of a late delivery.

Where time is money, and risk often greater than reward, most messengers earn less than $10 a ride to feed their fast lifestyles. It’s the sense of freedom, the thrill of danger, the camaraderie of fellow riders and the physical rush that keeps these men and women on the job.

The premiere episode starts with photos of a fallen rider as the owner of Breakaway Couriers, the largest service in the city, shares the brutal truth with his new hires – that death is only one wrong turn away. At Quick-Track, a small family-owned business, a dispatcher who prides himself on treating messengers well quickly turns on a rider who loses an important document. Mess Kollective, a young start-up with just four employees, rounds out the cast of companies as the small firm struggles to compete in this urban jungle with no office and no dispatchers, but more than enough drive.

more at the Travel Channel website
Triple Rush on Vimeo

DOWN BY THE WEEP HOLE: The story of the Stupor Bowl

A great little documentary that peers into the minds of the Minneapolis Stupor Bowl alleycat racers. Our buddy Jeff from All-City and Bike Jerks makes many appearances. Looks tough, I don’t envy those guys.

Urban Cyclist Worldwide 2010 Recap

I dig the rap track in this video along with all of the familiar NYC faces.

Check out Urban Cyclist Worldwide

Career Courier

A documentary film about life as a bike messenger.

find out more at
Career Courier

Craig Etheridge

The fastest messenger in the world at the Single Speed Cyclocross World Championships.

Great shot Laali


Ynot Bags

Tom from the Moshpit posted a few photos of some Ynot bags which he makes by hand in Toronto. They are still under development, but each one seems to look better than the last. Nice!

The Cobra

and Gulpers

Empire to premiere in San Francisco and Athens

Check out Empire if you haven’t already!

Bicycle Film Festival

Seattle Messenger and World Champion Craig Etheridge

Here is a little news coverage of Craig as he talks about the CMWC in Guatemala.

Very Best Messenger

The homie Nick Dale (aka Dick Nail) runs a pretty tight ship over at VBM, a Seattle messenger company. The identity system designed by Blackbrush is really stellar. I want a tee-shirt!

Very Best Messenger

London Couriers by Iorgis Matyssay

Awesome portraits by Iorgis Matyssay seen at Rock n’ Rollin

Murder of Couriers

Much love for Vancouver!


A little overly serious in the beginning, but a good video with a good message.

“I am not making a million bucks a year, but I am certainly fulfilling my own happiness.”

Cyclist vs. Business man

This had me cracking up!

thanks Geoff!