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Mike Chacon getting some Nike love!

Mike is always on that L.A. hustle. This time he’s got a little cameo in a Nike vid. When is the Mike on a Bike reality TV show happening?

Mike Chacon – Happy Birthday Edit

Today is Mike’s birthday and he put out this edit for all of our enjoyment. I’m always eager to see what new stuff he has in store. That fakie bar to fakie wheelie shit is nuts! Way to go buddy, you’ve come so far in the last couple of years. I like that he is still progressing in his own way and rides the way that he enjoys. Keep em’ spinnin Mike!

Mike Chacon takes 1st place at Shiokaze comp

Congrats buddy! That is a lot of zeroes!

Palms Cycle Fixed Gear Trick Team 2012

This one is full of bangers from the Palms Cycle crew. Mike Chacon and Jamil Gray appear with other talented riders Rory Mcdermott, Gabe Winwar, Marco Marquez, Nick Agnew, Jonah Kessel. These kids are killing it down in L.A.! I hope to see this lot at the Red Bull Ride & Style next week!

Mike Chacon Web Store!

Kid Mike has dropped a whole line of his own gear (hats, tees, straps) and has also launched a webstore, complete with Leader frames and components.

check out

Michael Chacon keeping it 700c

The kid is back with another banger-filled episode. Holding it down for the 700c riders and making it look too easy.

Michael Chacon X Nick Ramirez Quickie

Speaking of kid Mike, here is a quickie from him and Nick Ramirez repping for Leader Bikes

Mike Chacon Headshot by Matt Lingo

I want an autographed one for my scrapbook.

Via RecFail

Mike’s Site Promo Vid

Strictly for the haters!

Michael Chacon T-Level edit pt 2

Kid Mike doing it for T-Level.

Smashed Up Sundays with Mike Chacon

Mike posted up a nice little write up about the 3 year anniversary to the Smashed Up Sunday bike gathering over at his site Head on over and give it a read.


Mike Chacon’s New Website

Be sure to check out Mike’s new website It’s looking pretty fresh so far.


Damn, the kid keeps adding more tricks to his repertoire. Loving the fakie wheelie!

for Leader

Mike Chacon and Matt Montoya in San Diego

Two of Leader Bikes‘ biggest hitters teamed up to make this short video. Nice quick lines!

Mike Chacon Signature Hold Fast

I am loving these Jordan Cement IV inspired foot straps. Our man Mike Chacon is really into sneakers and wanted some foot-retention to match his favorite Jordan’s. Hold Fast went all out and made Mike’s idea into a reality. Hold on to your Hold Fast’s, they just might be as collectable as sneakers one day.

Leader Bikes – Back 2 Summerfix 2

It is awesome to see these clips from the Leader Crew. I was hanging with them for most of the Summer Fix weekend and was able to see some of this action in person. Good street stuff in the beginning from Nick Ramirez, and some competition footage of Mike Chacon and Matt Montoya near the middle of the video. There is even a clip of me somewhere in there.
Killer job on the edit Marcus!

Mike Chacon – Fixed Tricks for T-Level

I love how Mike keeps the spin game alive in this promo for T-Level bags.

Leader Hurricane – Mike Chacon’s Signature frame

Here we have the promotional video showing off Mike Chacon’s signature frame,The Hurricane. It definitely looks like it can take a lot of abuse. If anyone deserves a signature frame it is Mike. He has put in countless hours refining his style and it shows. Congrats!

Be expecting this frame soon from Leader.

Michael Chacon X Estevan Oriol X Falken Tire

Taking the Ford Flex to the Westside

Great video with our guy Mike!

Throwin’ Dice

Looks fun!

Game of “Fixed” bike dice at Venice beach. Starring. Mike Chacon, Steve Marco, Rory Mcdermott and Jamil Gray.

Fixed-Gears: What’s in Your Space?

This video just surfaced. It was shot quite a while back; I recall Mike being stoked on some MySpace thing. Dope to see him repping the Clouded tee throughout. Jamil makes a guest appearance too. These guys truly living the Zlog life, having a good time and just riding. Check it.

Mike Chacon Quickie

Spinning tough.


Yea, it’s Mike again and he is shredding up a storm as usual. Slider cab bar at 1:28 was too smooth!

BHSK photos from Ride+Style

I snagged some of our dudes ripping it up over at Bomb Hills Speed Kills and I gotta say the Zlog homies looked great! I still have yet to see any photos of Jacob Ruff riding the course. Pics or it didn’t happen…