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No Spandex Allowed!

One cool thing about nerding-out on Fixed Freestyle is that you are pretty sure none of your riding buddies are going to be buying ridiculous spandex kits anytime soon. Let’s leave that for the performance-conscious roadies, trackites and cyclocrossers.

link via Tracko

Finished Manifest

I saw this manifest from the sixpack alleycat which took place in Puerto Rico and I had to share.

via PRfixed

Forest Parker tucked!


Photo by Gary Parker

Wheel Talk Wonka

I caught this photo over at Wheel Talk Fixed. Looks like Ed is doing a drop down nose manual. Sick Flick for sure.

Drop Bars Not Bombs in Bristol

David Perkins of Deaf Pigeon was spotted with the Drop Bars Not Bombs tee in Bristol for a premiere of BOIKZMOIND.

Photograph ©Nick Hand for Cyclescreen 2011

Future Tense Group shot

Jake Hanson of Truly Bogus caught the Future Tense crew at Gasworks park.

Hell Yea Mike Dinh

Go check out the sequence over at wolfdrawn.

Nikko Jow is Over BMX

Happy Birthday Nikko

ZLOG Reppin – Loop Magazine Issue 8

I was flipping through the new Loop mag and noticed some people repping some Zlog Gear. I am always stoked to see people sporting my designs.

If you have some photos reppin Zlog don’t hesitate to send them to zloginfo(at)

Manny Vargas Hand Rail

Here is a wicked shot of Manny hitting a nice sized rail. Shot by Jinna of Thomas bike shop.

Random Tandem Tuesday

Mistress X Freeman teaser.

picked up at Trackosaurus Rex.

At the Track

Beaver has been taking some photos at the track. View more photos here.

40mph vs. car

…and the car won.

The rider survived the 40mph wreck on Mt. Diablo in the east bay area. His bike did not quite make it.

thanks for the photo Daood

Oscar 8 stair barspin

Photo by MikeyMerk from 14bikeco.

Christian Hamrick Kansas City Wallride

Thanks for sending in the snapshot, now where is the video?

Throwback Thursday

thanks Taylor!


This one is for Ryan!


Happy Monday – Surabaya Fixed Gear

photos via
Surabaya Fixed Gear

spotted at Benjamin Taylor

Slummy X-Up

I couldn’t resist posting another one from Slumworm. So much good stuff!

My Bike Takes Me Places

That school never could

Via Assfault

Oscar Tabletop

Photo by Greg Falski

Man, so tweaked I love it!

Candy Cranks Female Photo Contest Winner!

Congratulations to Taecco from Tokyo.

View the runners up over at Candy Cranks. What a great contest, I dig all of the photos.

Sticky Icky

Looking like some dank grips. Wonder who makes them…

via Milk Money

Nemesis Project welcomes Resil to the team

Go check out the full bike check at Nem-Pro blog.