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This post is for Santos

This one has been sitting in my file for too long. Sorry it too so long to get some photos out Jakob!

Photo Cred: Zach Hoffner | ZLOG

Matt Reyes | Specialized 2012

One of the best riders on fixed wheels! Gotta love it when Matt Reyes drops a new edit.

Matt Reyes + Specialized 2012 from Matt Reyes on Vimeo.

Keeping with today’s theme, here is another photo from this summer:
Photo cred: Zach Hoffner | ZLOG

Speaking of Chrome

I almost forgot about these photos I took when the Can’t Fool the Youth tour was in Seattle getting wild with the Chrome van. Good times!

photo cred: Zach Hoffner | ZLOG

Streets of Chrome

Chrome is on the hunt for the next great street photographer. Hit em up with your photos here, and win some bags from their new Camera Bag line

I am stoked about this contest, I hope some new talent gets discovered.

more details after the jump.

Jonathan Davis Halloweenie

Our boy JD keeping it festive. I hope everyone had a killer Halloween. Photo by Patrick Taber

Beacon Hill Session by Jake Hanson

Jake sent over some photos he took when the Can’t Fool The Youth tour was jamming at Beacon Hill skate park. This one of JD blasting a one footed table out of the park is my favorite of the set. See the rest after the jump.


Victoria Pendleton & Friends

Victoria Pendleton hanging with models Kelly Brook, and Erin O’Connor. Happy Friday!

Ride & Style – ZLOG

I was able to make my way down to San Francisco for the 2012 Red Bull Ride and Style last month. I was really impressed by how huge the obstacles were and even more surprised the skill level of everyone riding them. I captured some video of the top 10 riders as well as photos of most of the freestyle participants. Take a look & enjoy!


Ride & Style 2012 – Joe McKeag

Joe “My Name Isn’t Couch” Mckeag showed up prepared for the Ride & Style with an arsenal of huge tricks. His truckdriver was the first one I’ve seen landed in a fixed gear competition, and his 540 was a real showstopper. He is easily one of the best young riders out there, and will surely be a favorite to watch in future competitions.

Ride & Style 2012 – Josh Boothby

You gotta hand it to Josh Boothby, he sure is a showman. He got the crowd hyped and fed off their energy the whole day through. His backflips were dialed and they solidified his win despite loads of stiff competition. Congrats Boothby!

Ride & Style 2012 – Tyler Johnson

Tyler took second at the Red Bull Ride & Style event and I am super stoked for him considering the intense level of competition that he faced. Tyler’s pedal feeble to 180 bar was, without a doubt, one of the most exciting tricks of the day. It is especially awesome if you know that it was the very first time that he had attempted the trick, let alone land it first try! Great work Tyler!

Future Tense Photos by Eden Garcia

Thanks Eden for sending these through!

Future Tense photos by Josh Pitney

Josh was taking a ton of photos throughout the night. He sent them my way to post up.

Check the whole set over at the Future Tense flickr group.

Mantis Style

photo by Eco Suparman
via The Telegraph

Jamil Gray Rail Hop

Sick snap by Mike Chacon!

RecFail highlights Jonathan Davis

JD has joined the SE bikes ranks and is shredding on the Showtime frame. Good to see this dude is getting some coverage cause he kills it.

more at RecFail

Band of Brothers

Some of the original Fast Friday homies were out for Kia’s birthday a few weeks ago. Before I blacked out I made someone take a picture of us. Brings back quite the flood of memories with this bunch. Jon Quon (pictured left) sent me a link to his photostream from December of 2006, which might have been one of the first Fast Friday events altogether.

Freeway Zlog Dog

Chris Clappé and I were riding this new spot that he found when lurkin‘. After I filmed some clips of him, he snagged up my camera and grabbed these shots. What you can’t really gather from the photos, is that the cement block teeters up and down when you hop on. So fun!

Penny Farthing

The O.G. fixie.

submitted by Ruben Glew

Sol Grizz Air!

The Ninjacat himself Sol Smith for Spike parts. One of my favorite tricks!

photo by Greg Falski

ZLOG portrait by Chrissie White

Chrissie White is a excellent young photographer from the Northwest. We worked together on a style shoot for Moksha and the photos turned out so good that I asked her to shoot me for Fixed Mag issue 10. This is one of the photos from that shoot.

See her work here

Mike Chacon Headshot by Matt Lingo

I want an autographed one for my scrapbook.

Via RecFail

Ghost Foot

If you can see your toes through your shoes…

you might ride a fixed-gear.

Edit: Enter the ZLOG facebook Ghost Foot contest by posting a pic of your ghost foot or otherwise well-worn shoes on the ZLOG facebook page and the best one will get a Swag bag filled with stickers, unreleased tees, vader shades and other goods that will make your friends jealous. All you have to do is ‘like’ the page and post the pic. I will choose the winner on Friday.

Finished Manifest

I saw this manifest from the sixpack alleycat which took place in Puerto Rico and I had to share.

via PRfixed