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Luxe Riot Sale

Luxe Riot is hosting their annual warehouse sale with marked down goods and custom tees by some of Seattle’s best brands such as Flying Coffin, Actual Pain, Fuct, Black Pine Workshop and more.


ZLOG x 19TOOTH Hardbite Straps

I am happy to officially announce the release of the ZLOG x 19TOOTH Hardbite straps. I’ve been testing out a pair for several months to make sure they were up to snuff and they completely exceeded my expectations. They worked so well I decided to collaborate and make a small batch to sell to the public. They are scheduled to arrive in a week, but I have a Pre Order up at ZLOGBTQ.COM. Go grab yourself a pair, because like everything else I make, they are limited.

Go check out 19Tooth, maker of fine foot straps.

ACTUAL PAIN Academy of Holy Light – Fall 12

Loving the new collection from our friends at Actual Pain. They have really upped their game and are now getting into the denim game. I definitely need to get a pair and perhaps a pom beanie. Much more to check out at the web store.



ZLOG decals are now available at ZLOGBTQ! Black and gold is all you need! They come in mixed packs of 2 or 6.

Ride or Die Goods Available for Pre-Order

This design has been high on my list of re-prints. They went really quick when they originally went up for sale in winter of 2009, and I haven’t done another batch since. They’re available for pre-order at ZLOGBTQ.COM and will ship next month. Don’t sleep, it might be another 3 years before they get printed again.

Deaf Pigeon Jerseys

Here is a really good looking jersey from Deaf Pigeon. The pattern, colors, and simplicity puts this jersey among some of the best I’ve seen. Up there with Mash and Golden Saddle ones. Full zipper is a must!

Pre-order over at the Deaf Pigeon shop!

Mission Workshop deals on Huckberry

If you’ve ever wanted to get yourself a Mission Workshop bag, this would be a good time to grab one. For the next week, Huckberry has savings on a bunch of Mission Workshop gear, including my favorite bag, the Vandal. Expect to see them for $30-$40 cheaper than anywhere else. Huckberry only has deals like this for only a limited time, so don’t sleep on in. It might be the only chance to save this much on such a quality bag.

Mission Workshop
at Huckberry

Machete Slayer Bars Are Out!

I dig this neon green!

More at Machete

ZLOGCAT tees available online

Some of the ZLOGCAT tees that were leftover from the recent alleycat are now online at ZLOGBTQ and only $10. This is a limited run, and only about 50 were printed. They are available in black or purple haze.

Solid Gray Backpacks

At first glance the Solid Gray backpacks look like some jetpack from a science fiction movie. Unfortunately, they can’t make you fly, but what they lack in jet-propulsion, they make up for in style & ingenuity. Solid Gray packs are made from a single sheet of highly durable polypropene, which has never before been used for consumer products. This high tech material gives the bag a unique geometric shaped hardshell that protects it’s contents. Inside you will find two compartments; one large one with elastic bands for a laptop or tablet and another smaller compartment for all of the little stuff. These bags are proudly made in the Netherlands and retail for about €139 (roughly $180). You can purchase one at

Gutter Butter Tape Wax

The homie Nick Ramirez is slangin’ his own brand of wax nowadays and it comes in a cassette tape shape. Wonder if these things will fit in those old school jewel cases. Be sure to check them out and pick up a brick for $5.

Gutter Butter

Golden Saddle Cyclery Kits

Nice vid and a great looking kit as well!


Cadence deals on Huckberry

Right now on Huckberry there are some sick deals for cyclists. Cadence gear is so solid and in high demand within the bike world, which is why I jump when I see it on sale. If you’ve never been to the discount deal site Huckberry you are missing out on some of the best deals on outdoor gear. Go here to be taken to the Cadence page where you will find an awesome selection of cheap swag! Act quick though, because the offer expires in one week from today.

NECRONOMICOG First Awakening Pack

Prolly is Not Probably has been leading the charge in the bike blog world for some time and when he puts out rad products like this Necronomicog pack people jump quick. Head over to his site and swoop on this deal because for $55 you get a hand-numbered, two color 12″ x 18″ poster, printed on archival paper, a 2″ x 4″ iron on patch, a 1″ button and tee shirt, all designed by Lamour Supreme. That’s a deal!

visit the Shop

Daniel Torres 4.666 Bars

Danimal with a sick little promo vid for the Destroy 4.666 bars.

Colin Arlen tests the Long Range Patrol jacket from Endless Ammo

Our buddy Colin from Macaframa got a chance to test out Endless Ammo’s L.R.P. jacket in the streets of San Francisco. This jacket is made with Nanosphere materials which is wind, rain, and dirt resistant while maintaining lightweight and breathable functionality. It also features inner wire routing to the the neck for headphones. This garment retails for $290 on the Endless Ammo website. Go check out all their other hi-tech apparel that they have in store.

Photos by Jason Rosete

Mission Workshop – Arkiv Modular Bag System

This backpack is a continuation of Mission Workshop’s love for innovation and design. The bag allows for limitless customization with the use of independent attachable pouches and pockets. For those who love to micro-manage their stuff, this is the perfect tool. When reviewing the Vandal oh so many years ago, I recognized that the Mission Workshop design their bags to be be worn a multitude of ways and this bag really out-does anything I could’ve anticipated.

Find out more at Mission Workshop

Road Runner Square Top backpack

Roadrunner bags are handmade in Los Angeles. There new Square Top bag looks official and is a screamin’ deal with a price tag of only $95.

Visit the Road Runner store

YNOT Reflective straps

Be safe and be visible. Check out the reflective straps over at YNOT!

As an intro to our upcoming Night Riders series, we’re really excited to start offering reflective pedal straps! For an additional ten dollars you can have any colour of pedal strap with the reflective YNOT logo, for extra visibility when riding in the wee hours.

Reflective logos are available in black reflective or grey reflective, and are super extra durable! Grab your own pair here, and be sure to select your reflective preference!

Prolly is Not Probably Raidô Straps and tee

Prolly hit us up to let us know that the Raidô Hold Fast straps and Raidô Viking tee are up for sale on the PiNP webstore. The print on the straps/tee look real nice and the stash pocket will surely come in handy. Just in time for 4.20.

More details at Prolly is Not Probably.

Boombotix hits China

Lief of Boombotix recently took a trip to China to check out the working conditions in the factories that pump out the Boombot speakers. In this video, you can see him skating around China sporting a ZLOG tank top.

Head over to the Boombotix blog if you want to read the re-cap of Lief’s trip.

Ignoble x Huckberry Sale and Bag Giveaway

Buy an Ignoble bag from Huckberry and win a currently unreleased Marion Tombs bag! I own the Cora which has treated me really well. Sleek utilitarian bags made in the U.S.A.

The men’s discount site Huckberry has teamed up with Ignoble Bags for a special sale and giveaway this week. Over the next seven days, HB will be offering an assortment of Ignoble styles for 15% – 25% off, and every customer that purchases one, will automatically be entered to win Ignoble’s brand new Marion Backpack. Two winners will be selected at random on Tuesday, April 10th.

HuckBerry offers promotions for a bunch of awesome brands. Be sure to browse through their site next time you do some online shopping; you might just find yourself wanting one of everything.


THIEITH of TTv has launched a web shop with a really nice line of softgoods.

Get it!

Cardiel x CHROME: Sacramento to Chico

The homie Colby put this video together for the Cardiel x Chrome series of bags.