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Art Dash 4 Ca$h

Yes! New Mystics happenings are so legit!

Art Dash 4 Ca$h: Part public art tour, part alley cat style bike race, part party. New Mystics, working with City Arts Festival, is producing a city and county wide bike tour/race of public art, street art, and graffiti. The 12 hour race to find and photograph public art and graffiti throughout Seattle features freak bikes, bands, unexpected locations, clever strategies and cash prizes. The race finishes at the City Arts Festival closing party. Come put in some miles, see the city, and win big!
Bring a bike, a camera, a friend.

Check the City Arts site for more.


Dead Baby Downhill is Tomorrow!

The Dead Babies are a club of bicycle miscreants who throw a huge party every year which starts off with a downhill race. Below is a video from a couple years ago, which shows just how much crazy shit goes down.

The Greatest Party Known To Humankind, Dead Baby Bikes 16th Annual Dead Baby Downhill and Messenger Challenge will take place Friday August 3rd at Targy’s Tavern.

Registration at 5pm.
Race at 7pm.



The day started off typical of Seattle with gray skies and a 50% chance of rain. It seemed like the rain could start at any moment, but luckily it held out until the race got underway. 16 racers showed up, which was more than I could’ve hoped for considering the looming threat of a rain storm. If rain held anyone back in this city nothing would ever get done. The race took off around 2:15 and shortly after 3:15 the first couple of riders had already finished the 17 mile course. Bryan Clark better known as Tall Bryan was the first to arrive with Christian Coomer a few minutes behind. Justin Phillips and Colin Northcraft showed up in 3rd and 4th. Around 4:00 all the racers had finished and sat relaxed at Piranha Shop gallery space as we prepared for the raffle. We gave prizes away from Leader Bikes, Rudy’s Barbershop, Boombotix, FSA & POW Gloves. Mission Workshop provided the top prize which went to Tall Bryan. Christian took home the Chrome Coveted jersey for coming in first fixed. When the prized had been divvied out, we finished the afternoon with a special pre-screening of Sea Town Fix Up #3, the latest ZLOG video in the saga. Overall, it was a great day with good people, and everyone was adequately intoxicated by 6pm. A huge thanks to Piranha Shop and those who participated, and especially to those who helped out. I hope to throw another race really soon!


This flier is so good! If you can make it to Italy on July 6th you should definitely check out this alleycat! More info here


Saturday the 30th ZLOG will be hosting an alleycat race and party in celebration of our 4 year anniversary. It seems like I started this blog just yesterday, but so much has changed in the bike word within those past 4 years. I am proud to be a part of such a supportive bike community. Thanks to everyone who has contributed and followed us along the way!

The race will start at 2:00 at Cal Anderson. $15 gets you race entry, a tee shirt, and a delicious Pabst Blue Ribbon beer. The after party will be held at PIRANHA SHOP promptly after all racers finish, where there will be an awards ceremony, a raffle, a screening of some bike videos. Prizes for first fixed & first road. Also, be sure to wear your ZLOG gear because there will be a special prize for the person who reps the most!

Find the Facebook Event page here

Stairmaster 6000 Alleycat – Seattle

The Stairmaster 6000 race is quickly approaching this Saturday the 31st. It will be a grueling challenge of man and bike versus stairs. This is another race to benefit the 2013 NACCC in Seattle, so be there and show your suppoort. Check out the Facebook page for this race and also the 2013 NACCCs.

Read on for more details.

Redbull Mini Drome London

I saw these photos up on the Tokyo Fixed Gear flickr page of the recent Mini Drome event in London. That thing looks like a blast!

more coverage of the event at Redbull

NACCC Launch Alleycat winner

Congrats to Christian Coomer (of PedalRoom fame) who took first in the Alleycat on Friday. Despite rain and the fire department threatening to shut down the after party, I would say it was an overall success. 15 racers made it out including the infamous Craig Etheridge (who took 3rd). Future Tense also popped off during the race, which was a checkpoint where we forced each person to “do a trick”.

Photo by Rob Kittleson

The next NACCC benefit race is March 31st and involves lots of stairs. Come out and show your support! Check the facebook event page here.

Keep up with all of the happenings at the SEA NACCC website.

Rob K at the Naccc’s

I hear he was smashing things up down in Austin (Seattle reppin!). Anyone have the final results?

Keep reading for more amazing photo coverage by Gideon Tsang and check the whole flickr set here. The entire set is very good.


Core Whore 9.9.11.

mash hard on 9.9.11 at mobius. the core whore is a messenger emulation race. roll the die until we call time. on your own with lady luck. 6pm registration $10

Polka Dot Rocker

The Polka Dot Rocker:
Date: July 16th, 2011
Time: 12pm Registration at Schooner Exact
Price: $10

The Polka Dot Rocker is a 3-4 hour points race up all of your favorite hills around Seattle. There will be whiskey involved. It starts at noon for a few beers at Schooner Exact and ends with a party at the Summit Pub with drink specials and a viewing of that days TDF stage. We’ve got a really fun course lined up and tons of prizes.

There’ll be a men’s, women’s, SS, and Joker category. The first 30 folks to sign up day of the race will get a “custom” Stanley flask.

Sponsors include:
Raleigh, Stanley, OR, Dank, Schooner Exact, Phil Wood, Chrome, Second Ascent, Red Star, Dry Fly, Nuun, Knog, Donkelope, 2020, and the Summit!

We’re bringing back the Rocker, you better get ready.

West Coast Unvitational Monday Morning Alleycat

Rob put this bike-eye-view video together of the Alleycat that went down at the West Coast Unvitational in Vancouver, Canada. It’s pretty interesting to see how a road bike maneuvers through traffic.

Notice at the end it says the West Coast Unvitational will be in Seattle next year. I will make damn sure there is a sick trick competition to go along with it, so start planning a trip to the North West.

Check Rob’s race that is coming up on the 24th and 25th – Rebel Without a Cog.

Rebel Without a Cog Trailer

Here is a promo trailer for the upcoming Rebel Without a Cog alleycat that will take place here in Seattle on June 24th and 25th. It looks like it will be a fun weekend!

Check more at

Redbull Ride + Style – Dual Track Bike Race

Hiro sent this one along. This is the best video of the race portion that I’ve seen so far. I love the wheelie finishes.

Daniel Velasco King of Mountain at Hamilton

Daniel has been focusing on road racing and is doing really well. He moved up to Cat 3 and is well on his way to the two’s. He is now on Team Mike’s Bikes and took a big win last week at Mt. Hamilton. Check out his recap of the race. Congrats buddy!

I had been looking forward to this race for a few weeks. I even did some course reconnaissance last weekend which definitely helped out.

After the neutral lead out motorcycle gave us the signal to begin racing a quick but comfortable pace was established up the first 10 or so miles of the climb. After two, quick descents we were at the base of the “real climb” which I believe is about 7 miles to the summit.

My first goal was to win the KOM (King of the mountain), just to see where my climbing abilities stacked up against the field. After about a mile or so up the climb the selection began and the field was stringing out a bit. With what I’m guessing was about 4 or 5 miles to go to the summit I decided to get up front and push the pace. Soon after that I had just two left on my wheel. With about 400 meters to go to the summit I attacked my break mates and got the KOM. I regrouped with my two break mates and we began the descent. We had a decent gap.

photos by David Cheung


Looks like the Mash race was killer! Hope some fast dudes took home some Zlog prizes.

Resurrection IV Wrap-Up

Congrats Young Ted for first and Coomer for first fixed.

Photos by Bryan Clark (more here)

Go Means Go just posted the results and wrap up of the Resurrection alleycat that went down in Seattle a couple weeks ago.

1. Young Ted
2. Eric Cockrell
3. Matt Beers
4. Greg Barnes
5. Archie
6. Christian Coomer (First Fixed Gear)
7. Kevin Septor
8. Sean Marsh
9. Fred Marshall
10. Andre Ramseur
11. Alex K. (First Woman)
12. Ponch
13. Sean Sweeny
14. Pete B.
15. Ali Masterson
16. Rachel Green
17. Joshua
18. Byron Go
19. Jake Ricker
20. Aaron Short
21. Josh Splatts
22. Charlie Clay
23. Matt T.
24. Johan W.
25. Mick
26. Randy Haugland
27. Nick K.
28. Nigel
29. Mark K.
30. Koos Kleven
31. Andrew
32. Glen
33. R?
34. Yuri
35. Nick
36. Ben P.
37. Robin N. (DFL)

Head over to Go Means Go for the full report!

Photo by Eric the Beard (more here)

Redbull Ride+Style Event Follow Up

Redbull sent over the official follow up to the Ride+Style event. Stoked that Tyler took 3rd, holding it down for Seattle.

San Francisco, CA (April 30, 2011) —On a picture perfect Saturday afternoon, more than 5,000 people headed to San Francisco’s Justin Herman Plaza to watch Red Bull Ride + Style. The event was a collision of fixed gear biking and urban contemporary art, with the competition held on a course featuring artwork created by California artists. Red Bull Ride + Style brought together 60 riders from all over, including riders from the Bay Area, Seattle, Portland, New York and even Japan.

Participating riders competed in one of two categories: track or freestyle. The track competition was along the lines of a traditional race, with two riders going head-to-head and the one with the best time advancing to the next round. The track included a custom art installation by Los Angeles-based artists Mark Grieve and Ilana Spector that served as the starting arch. The competition was fierce on the narrow track, with riders elbowing each other for position, and multiple riders crashing into the guard rails. In the end, there was a final showdown between two Bay Area riders that weren’t even supposed to compete. Jason Clary and Kell McKenzie were both alternates, who were only asked to fill in for dropouts the day before the event. The two friends, who ride together often, put friendship aside for the final race, and Clary was able to edge out McKenzie for the win.

“I’ve been a bike messenger for years,” said Jason Clary. “And this was a super technical course that really catered to how we ride – weaving in and out of traffic, accelerating quickly, and getting very close to obstacles. I’m really excited that I even got to participate, and winning is amazing.”

The freestyle portion of the competition gave riders the chance to showcase their style and best tricks on several one-of-a-kind ramps built by Jeremy Witek. The custom features donned artwork by urban contemporary artists Aaron De La Cruz, Erik Otto, N8 Van Dyke and Arlo Eisenberg. The four artists worked as a collective, merging together their unique styles to create eye-catching rideable works of art. The freestyle competition grouped the participating riders into five different heats, six riders in each. The talent was impressive, and featured a groundbreaking backflip performed by rider Kohei “Kozo” Fuji from Osaka, Japan. The trick has never been landed in an international competition, and the ecstatic crowd stormed the course to congratulate Fuji on the amazing feat. But in the end, it was Matt Reyes from Gilroy, CA whose consistent and stylish riding ultimately earned him first place, followed by Josh Boothby from Castro Valley, CA in second and Tyler Johnson from Seattle in third.

“I don’t usually win these things, and I didn’t even realize I rode so well,” said Matt Reyes. “It’s just great to have an event that brings the best riders from all over the world together. If it weren’t for today, I’d never even get to meet these guys, let alone ride with them.”

As a surprise, event partner Oakley gave out a “Sick-o Award” for each discipline (track and freestyle), with the winner getting an Oakley 12 Gauge(tm) wristwatch. Austin Horse, a New York bike messenger, took the award for clocking the fastest track time, and Fuji’s backflip earned him the award in the freestyle section.

Photo Credit: Justin Kosman, Red Bull Photofiles

Fixed Fight 5 Race Recap & Trick Comp photos

Fixed Fight always looks like a blast. photos by Mike Weimer

At 3PM On Saturday April 23rd it started. The race included past winners and countless newcomers. Over 200 in attendance for what would be the last Fixed Fight event in St. Petersburg, FL. The nearly 30 mile route (depending on the racer) took riders to checkpoints used in the past four Fixed Fights. A few accidents and roughly an hour later we had a winner. Now known to some as RePete. Pete Young won Fixed Fight 5 for the second year in a row. He walked away with a custom Burro bag, Nooka watch and the coveted Cinelli Gazetta frameset amony other prizes. I want to thank all of this year’s sponsors for their support over the years. Fixed Fight is over, but I have something new in mind for the future.

Results for Fixed Fight 5 presented by Cinelli:

1st – Pete Young – Tampa
2nd – Elizabeth Hill – St. Petersburg
3rd – Giorgio Torregrosa – Orlando

Pictures from multiple photographers shooting that day can be found in the Fixed Fight 5 Flickr Pool

Race to Rebuild Japan

via TwotoneATL

Fixed Fight 5

We have sponsored this race for a few years now and each year it gets more and more awesome. Florida cats better make it out!

Fucking Hills Race

Get your legs warmed up for some brutal hill climbs. The point83 Fucking Hills race is on the 27th.

picked up from Go Means Go

Future Tense Photos

Steve showed up to Future Tense with his camera and captured some rad photos from the beginning of the night. Check out more over at Steve’s flickr page.
Be sure to check out the Future Tense flickr pool as well.

Heart Braker Valentine Scavenger Hunt

This Saturday be sure to check out the Heart Braker events going on in Seattle. There will be a scavenger hunt followed by some roller races.