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SF Sprints 3!

We are hyped to sponsor this event 3 years running! Check out the SF Sprints site for more.

Red Bull Ride & Style 2012?

Mike Chacon Posted up his invite to the 2nd Red Bull event based around fixed gear riding. Last years event was major and it really put fixed gear freestylers and racers under the spotlight. April 28th is the day for round two so book your tickets and start training!

Photos and videos from last years event can be found over at RedBull.

SF Bike Expo this weekend

More info at RideSFO

Classic Vid: Trip To SF (2005-2006)

With John Egei, Massan, Jovontae Turner and more.

Via Massan

Redbull Ride + Style – Fixed Gear Trick Competition

Third Street Works put together this really awesome edit of the trick competition. I still think Tyler’s rail ride to barspin was the sickest trick of the event. Matt’s tweaked airs and monstrous x-ups were definitely super styleé though. Great video so watch!

Thanks Hiro for giving me the scoop.

A Day in the Bay

Mike has sent over a few videos before. This time, a few of his buddies took a trip to SF. It’s filled with Aerospoke wheelies and plenty of good times. I am glad this style of riding is still around. Looks like a lot of fun.

Redbull Ride+Style Video

The official Ride+Style video is out. I saw a rough cut of this one and another version, hopefully we will get to see more videos of this event from Redbull.

Austin Horse Rides San Francisco

Here is a nice video of NYC Bike Messenger Austin Horse tearing up the streets of San Francisco for the Redbull Ride+Style event.

Thanks for sharing Hiro!

SF Sprints!

Check the SFS blog for more.


Looks like the Mash race was killer! Hope some fast dudes took home some Zlog prizes.

SHMOB City Daze/Red Bull Teaser

Such a dope edit from our boys at SHMOB.

Appearances by:
-Tom Lamarche
-Matt Spencer
-Joe Mckeag
-Nikko Jow
-Tyler Louie
-Miles Mathia

Macaframa Broken Bones Benefit Race

SF Sprints

We sent a ton of stickers and tees down to SF for this event. Go check out SF Sprints!

EDIT: SF Sprints will now be held on the 28th. Stay tuned for an updated flier.

Everybody Bikes Grand Opening Tomorrow

Check it out San Franciscans.

Jason’s Raleigh

Photo by Chris W (Condition NYC)

Looking nice with that black paint job.

Golden Gate Park Cyclocross

Scott Hermanson sent me some photos of last weeks race in San Francisco. I really like these ones of Garrett Chow digging deep for Mash sf.

Steven Jensen: BFF Trick Jam SF

Awesome photo of our dude Steven taken by John Daniel Reiss.

Thanks TOLA for finding it

One day in SF with Mike Hoder

Cool little video featuring Mike Hoder in SF.

Daniel’s Farmers Tan

And he’s repping a very limited Drop Bars Not Bombs tank top.

via The Assfault

Ross Johnson

First off let me say I enjoyed this video. The music, color and fluid camera really made it and enjoyable watch. I wish I would’ve seen more riding in the drops though.

good find TOLA

Fast Forward photos by Scott Hermanson

Scott sent these over these photos from the Fast Friday event in San Francisco. I see a few familiar faces, including PJ! Congrats to Chas who won the event.

Scott Hermanson

Daniel Velasco for MASH

Daniel is killing it in SF. He got hooked up with Mash and recieved a Cinelli (that actually fits him!). He is making boss moves for sure and hasn’t forgot to rep Zlog while he’s at it. Thatta’ Boy!

via MASH

Daniel takes Bay or Die!

That’s our boy! Nice job Daniel, I was wondering when you’d take a win in SF. Obviously killed em on the hills, that some good Seattle training at work!
1: Daniel
2: Fergus
3: Walton
4: Justin
5: Julien
6: Daryl
7: Uri
8: Marc

Mike Martin always has the great photos @ Mash.

Work to Bike Race

Mike Martin posted some photos from the Work to Bike race that happened in San Francisco recently. Our guy Daniel took 5th!

more pictures at Mash