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Steven Jensen for Spike Parts

Jensen continues to kill it, this time for Spike parts. If you haven’t been keeping up with things, Steven also had a nice spotlight on Hypebeast this week. Check it out!

Beacon Hill Session by Jake Hanson

Jake sent over some photos he took when the Can’t Fool The Youth tour was jamming at Beacon Hill skate park. This one of JD blasting a one footed table out of the park is my favorite of the set. See the rest after the jump.


The Chrome Van in Seatown

Ever since I got a whiff of fixed gear bikes I have been reading zlogblog and today is the proud day where I share my own first post with the world.

Some of you might know me already from various events and of course Cal Anderson.

I’m Nelson for all of you that don’t know, and Zach recently asked me (and two other lazy butts that haven’t done anything about it yet) to help add more content to the site.

I’ll do my best to keep y’all entertained.

For now I have some pictures I took while the crew from cali was in town filming for Can’t Fool the Youth II

Click more for the whole photo set.

Steven Jensen: Kirkland street edit

Always dope!

Steven Jensen for Hplusson

Zlog friend Steven Jensen with some techy lines at his local skatepark on the new Hplusson Todestrieb rims.

Can’t Fool The Youth: Teaser 3

So much teasing happening. I am anxious to see what’s to come.

Steven Jensen signature SKYLMT frame

Just caught this over at Prolly and I had to post it. Check the integrated seatpost!

Steven Jensen- Prototype Everything

I know how this goes, running proto parts across the board. Steven kills it with his unique street style.

Two SKYLMT videos in one day!

FGFS Downtown San Jose | featuring Steven Jensen

Steven Jensen hit up San Jose and was tricking around with the locals. Looks like he is still feeling out the SKYLMT setup.

Redmond Night

A month old but still a goody from Franco Simone and Steven Jensen ripping up Redmond skatepark with BMX & Fixed harmony. Just what everyone is wishing for in 2012, right?.

He sure has come a long ways since I snapped this photo of him at Redmond Skatepark in March of 2010.

Steven Jensen Parking Lot 2

First person view of our dude Steven Jensen. It is crazy to see things from his angle.

Sadio Welcomes Steven Jensen

Whoa, our man Steven Jensen has joined the Sadio team. Congratulations to him. The video is impressive, there are too many good clips, I especially the trike tailwhip! Steven gets my vote for best in the game right now. Anyone agree?

Us Versus Them Welcomes Steven Jensen.

It is awesome to see Steven getting hooked up with UVT. I remember when the dude was killing it with no sponsors other than Zlog. Congrats man!

Us Versus Them

7 Frames of Steven Jensen

Epiffny Clothing has got some fresh pix of Summer Fix over at their blog. This sequence of Steven Jensen is really rad. Good work guys.

Go over to their new flickr account for more photo goodness and don’t forget to get some gear from their webshop.

This is skylmt!! Go there right now and bask in the glory that is Steven Jensen. So proud of my dude repping the northwest! Colby killed it with the camera work. I am so stoked for our sport right now! (yes it is on that level, real talk)

BHSK photos from Ride+Style

I snagged some of our dudes ripping it up over at Bomb Hills Speed Kills and I gotta say the Zlog homies looked great! I still have yet to see any photos of Jacob Ruff riding the course. Pics or it didn’t happen…

More Steven and Tyler at Redbull Ride+Style

Photos by Justin Kosman, Red Bull Photofiles

I requested some more photos from Redbull and these photos showed up in my email. That pedal slide is no joke!

Ride+Style photos by Jason Rosete

Tyler and Steven stuntin!

Jason Rosete on Flickr

Steven Jensen Parking Lot Edit

This is Steven’s 3rd edit in a week. How gnarly are those flat 360’s and wait for the flat tail whip. So steezy!

Steven Jensen

Jason Rosete emailed me this picture of our guy Steven on the grind in San Francisco.

More Steven Jensen – Wake Me Up!!

this is probably one of the few guys that can put out two edits in a week and have original shit in both. So glad this dude went down to AZ to shred while the weather has been absolute shit up here in WA. Take some notes kids because this is really the only guy that rides pegs that I get excited about.

Steven Jensen Arizona Edit

Pulling off shit that ain’t never been done, it’s our man Steven Jensen! After he moved to Arizona, Future Tense hasn’t been the same. Usually Steven would show up and and bust out some effortless moves that no one had seen before, now we have to wait for the next edit to witness the bike-styling of mister Jensen.

Keep ripping dude!

City Grounds Trip To Phoenix

Steven, Corey and Matt shredding in Arizona. This is one of the better edits I have seen in some time. Good work guys

Via Wolfdrawn for City Grounds

Steven doin it big for YNOT

Steven puttin those pegs to good use. So many good tricks in this.

Showing off his signature YNOT straps. They look beefy!