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The Chrome Van in Seatown

Ever since I got a whiff of fixed gear bikes I have been reading zlogblog and today is the proud day where I share my own first post with the world.

Some of you might know me already from various events and of course Cal Anderson.

I’m Nelson for all of you that don’t know, and Zach recently asked me (and two other lazy butts that haven’t done anything about it yet) to help add more content to the site.

I’ll do my best to keep y’all entertained.

For now I have some pictures I took while the crew from cali was in town filming for Can’t Fool the Youth II

Click more for the whole photo set.

Ed Wonka x Chrome Riverton

Watch as Wonka kills this huge 6 block for Chrome.

Grime – 1 DAY 1 SPOT stonegate skatepark

Mike Schmitt and Ed Wonka started a little web series. I can’t wait to see what other spots they end up at.


Sadio Team (some of it) Edit

Here is Dew, Wonka, Matt Montoya, Matt Reyes, and Mike Schmitt throwing down some goodies for Sadio.

The GRIME World Tour 2010

The Grime boys in Thailand.

Ed Wonka

Crushing it!


Wheel Talk Wonka

I caught this photo over at Wheel Talk Fixed. Looks like Ed is doing a drop down nose manual. Sick Flick for sure.

Training Grounds

Featuring Ed Laforte, Matt Reyes, Matt Montoya, Alex Blanco, & Devon Lawson.

These guys are taking things to the next level.

Video by Slumworm


The big boss of FGFS Ed Wonka!


Grime: Mad-Hella

Wonka has relocated to San Jose. Welcome to the West Coast!

This is the the left over clips i have from the east coast.if you dont already know i am officially living in California, I’m here for the weather and the fixed gear freestyle scene in San Jose. Grime bikes we’re on the move 2k11. if you liked the video grab some parts or gear on our website.

- Wonka

Head over to Grime.

GRIME – Go Shoppin

Ed Wonka and Anthony Combs working this 4 block.


Wonka Joins the Chrome Family

Chrome bags now has some fixed freestyle blood in their family tree.

Ed Wonka’s The Dog

So dope, the Grime is keeping the game fresh. Here are some clips from their recent California adventure. Stoked to see a Wheelers and Dealers tee in there as well.

Filmed, Edited and Produced by Ed Wonka Laforte; “The Dog” is an extreme experience through time and space through the eyes of a candy man.

Ed Wonka Bike Check from Bangkok

Running a 36×12 ratio, that ain’t no joke!

Ed Wonka Hangover

This shot from West Jam is the stuff!

Photo my Maymone

Fixed Gear London West Jam Edit

Featuring Oscar and Wonka!


Video by Deathgrip

Wonka Bike Check SKY LMT

This is a good bike check with Wonka before he recently switched to the new GOAT frame. Get some bar ends man!!

Wonka West Jam Best Trick

Sick sick sickness thanks to Soundtrack.

Wonka Presents: Out Here

Solid riding all around. I am not quite sure who is riding at certain points of the video, but it is worth a watch nonetheless. Out here we go hard!

always reppin’ Grime Bikes.

Wonka: Rain or Shine

Slumworm has more. Jacob says the look of those Yowelli bars are growing on him. Yay or nay?

iMinusD trick comp

Boothby, Santos and Wonka kill it! Loving the X-up wall smash by Josh.

Keep an eye on iMinusD for more coverage of the event.

Nike Sportswear Crew: More than Playmakers

I originally saw these amazing photos by Tim Barber over at Prolly’s. When I started clicking around the Nike Stadium site, I discovered a little interview with Wonka, which you can read here. It’s a little short, but he mentions that he will be opening a shop in Manhattan.

more photos at Nike Stadium

And here is a video that goes with the photos.

Wonka Vs. Seoul

Here is a pretty decent video of Wonka riding in Korea although my head kinda hurts from watching the shaky footage.

Grime It’s always Crummy in Filthidelphia

Mike and Wonka shred Philadelphia.