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Torey Thornton BB17 2012 Bone Drone

Torey Thornton BB17 2012 Bone Drone from breakbrake17 on Vimeo.

Torey Thornton lays down his signature raw style in this one and it is sure to get you hyped to ride. Doing it for BreakBrake17. Check it out!

WRAHW Antonyo Wothe Sprung 2012

So insanely good! Antonyo is one of my favorites to watch, and it is about time we see a whole edit from him with so many bangers. Filmed/edited by Matt Spencer so you know it is that high quality shit!

doing it for WRAHW

Wrahw-Brain Shader Promo

The floating hat is sick! go buy some shit at WRAHW

TT for HoldFast

Your boy Torey getting super gnarly for his latest edit. I am so stoked on this one. Half the time I don’t know what he is even grinding on, I LOVE IT!

Antonyo WRAHW Summer 2011 Edit

Antonyos never put out an edit that I havent been stoked on, and this is a good example right here. Im not gonna point out any bangers because I only watched it once so far and everything stuck out to me. Just watch it and enjoy one of the best dudes doin this FGFS shit.

swiped from WRAHW

WRAHW Welcomes Oscar Khan

Totally gnar!


Wrahw Fam: NYC and BFF footage

Torey and Co doing what they do best. Cameos from most of the East Coast crew. LaMarche’s pedal slide to gap was a monster and Murder B’s street gap to head smash was serious.

Spotted on Wrahw

Wrahw Poster #1

Our buddy Torey over at WRAHW is putting out a poster series and here is what he came up with for the first one. It reminds me of a magic-eye poster, hopefully when you stare at it cross-eyed you will see someone ripping on a bike.


Wrahw Witchtape 5

This Wrahw witchtape is filled with Tom Lamarche shredding and good footage from Midwest Mayhem. Take a look and don’t forget to check out


Really stoked on these few clips. Torey throws down a nice little tutorial on how to handle a manual pad and puts in a few creative twists. Dig the tire slides.

Spotted at WRAHW

Wrahw Brain Shader

Such a dope 5-panel from Wrahw. Pre-order yours today.

Wrahw – Hurley Rain Hider

Riders: Tom La Marche, Matt Spencer, Corey San Agustin, Brad Parker, Torey Thornton

Radness from Wrahw

Wrahw Witchtape 4

Torey took a bunch took a bunch of clips, threw them into a blender and here is how it turned out. Approved!

NYC, Philly, Baltimore, Long Beach, Atlanta
Participants: Tom Lamarche, Ryan Revell, Mike Schmitt, Brendan Siltman, Kareem Shehab, Colin Foster, Matt Spencer, Joe Notte, John Cahill, Sean Coats, Ed Laforte, Julio Betancourt, Corey San Agustin, Justin Congo Mitchell, and James Martin

via Wrahw

Wrahw Hardyang stickers

go get em!

Wrahw: Throwaway Weirdyvision

A few cutting-room-floor clips from Wrahw! I dig it.

Wicked Screenshot

Tom LaMarche filming for the Loose Nuts vid. Pulled from Wrahw.


Torey and the East Coasters with their crazy antics. Not that much riding, but A LOT of eating!

Tom LaMarche for Wrahw

Tom is an icon in the fixed-gear scene. This video really makes me happy, because I haven’t seen much current footage of his riding.
The last clip is gnarly. You’re a beast Mr. LaMarche!

via Wrahw

Mike Schmitt for Wrahw

Very on-point riding by Mike. There is a ton of grinding and some good footplants. The editing by Torey from Wrahw is pretty slick too.

Wrahw Interview: Antonyo

Antonyo is up on everyone’s radar. Go read his interview over at Wrahw

photo via megabolt

Wrahw HardYang tee

Torey put a new jammer up for sale at Wrahw. No need to break this tee in, it looks like its already been through the apocalypse.

Wrahw introduces Miles Mathia

I haven’t seen too much from this dude, but he sure does have some skills. Really loving 1:24!

via wrahw

Wrahw: summer 2010 Webit

Torey blasting with creativity for this Summer 2010 Wrahw edit. Loved the tire slide across the box at the LES skate park. Well done my man!
Check out more of his antics at WRAHW

Witchtape 2

lookin good wrahw