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CSK: When People Stop Being Polite and Start Getting Real

I am thrilled to share with you the results of a summer long endeavor that we’ve titled When People Stop Being Polite And Start Getting Real. This video embodies all that the CSK Northwest Division stands for. Maintaining courage, being open to change, and leveraging life long learning opportunities.

Tyler does a quickie on a BMX

What’s next for Tyler, 4 pegs?

Chris Clappe’ Welcome To Holdfast

I’ve been on the Holdfast 29er since last winter and its the first time i’ve never wanted to change anything on a bike im riding. Heres a bunch of clips i’ve compiled since then. HOLDFAST

Tyler Johnson – H PLUS SON Todestrieb

Tyler delivers a solid edit to introduce H PLUS SON’s new freestyle rim, the Todestrieb (roughly translated to: A death instinct). Available in 26″ and 29er. Chrome and Black Chrome finishes

Filmed on located in Long Beach, California by Matt Spencer. Complete with plenty of bump jumps, barspin to wheelies and some wall rides.


The Seattle winters can be a bit daunting, but this one has brought rejuvenation to the local fixed freestyle scene. Many newcomers have relocated to the great North West and the good times have already started rolling. Watch and enjoy!

This video consists of clips collected throughout the winter shot with a Canon Rebel T3i. I think the video quality really shines through.

Notice: This video has been released under the strict guidelines of the CSK. “Get on it, be with it.”

Featuring the Seattle ZLOG Crew:
Jacob Ruff
Zach Hoffner
Chris Clappé
Tyler Johnson

Appearances by:
Kareem Shehab
Nelson Bell

CSK: If It’s Not Broken Make It Better

CSK x ZLOG Collaboration


Guest Appearances By:

Zach Hoffner
Chris Clappé
Nelson Bell
Tyler Johnson
Jacob Ruff
Jackson Bradshaw
Kareem Shehab

And introducing our squad member: Frank E Brown


ZLOG Crew’s very own mechanic, Tre Wideman, has an interview up on the Collared Shirt Krew site. Take a few minutes to get to know him, he’s a pretty cool dude.

Welcome to CSK

Here are a few clips for a new project I am working on called CSK. Fortunately, I have a group of friends who encourage the pursuit of fulfillment, so a long time running joke has now turned in to something real.

Chris made me some prototype stickers. Others are on the way. Get at me if you’re interested.

I’ll be introducing the rest of the group over the coming weeks with some short interviews so please tune in.

The First Step: The Major Change – Getting It All Out of Your Head

Zlog Crew – Year In Review

This little video is like a 2011 scrapbook for ZLOG. All of us went through our old clips and tried to put together a sort of timeline for the past year. it probably has alot more meaning to me then it will to the average person but I think you will get it. Anyways, Im really thankful to have some cool dudes to ride with here in Seattle, and im gonna ride as much as I can in 2012, because we all know its our last year here on earth.

Happy Holidays from the Zlog Crew

We hope everyone out there has a safe and enjoyable holiday season.

TJ and JRuff doing rails

3 quick clips on some conduit railing from myself and Tyler. More to come soon.

ZLOG Crew DIY Spot ” The Living Room”

Doin what we can with what we’ve got. First couple additions to our DIY spot

riders are:
Zlog Zach
Tyler Johnson
Chris Clappe’

Do It Your Damn Self- Ikea couch grind box

Heres our second major addition to the ZLOG DIY spot. This shitty couch from Ikea was dumped at our spot along with some arm chairs and a big ass tv so we decided we would make something useful out of the couch because it has a surprisingly sturdy frame. After totally stripping the couch and knocking the arms off, Jruff and tyler got plywood for the back of the couch and a piece of angle iron for the top of it. We also added a heavy ass door where the cushions would be for a manual pad and to weigh it down so it wont fall over while grinding. After a little added structural support this thing is ready to go. If anyone has good ideas for additions to the spot please let me know. thanks

The top picture of the couch is from the ikea website because I forgot to take a picture of it before we tore it apart.

Sadio Welcomes Steven Jensen

Whoa, our man Steven Jensen has joined the Sadio team. Congratulations to him. The video is impressive, there are too many good clips, I especially the trike tailwhip! Steven gets my vote for best in the game right now. Anyone agree?

Jamil Gray August 2011

We have seen Jamil Gray come a long way since he first joined the team. His riding always gets me stoked. #Checkitout

Video by Mike Chacon

JRUFF Quickie

Our man Jacob Ruff has been getting his barspins on lock. Here is a quick clip from the last Future Tense session.

ZLOG Crew Mix

Heres a little edit I threw together with some old clips that have been sittin on the flipcam plus a couple clips from the past week. Enjoy

Fixed & 2 & Zlog

The latest issue of Fixed & What is out and it is packed full of zlog goodies. Our man Steven Jensen is on the cover and the Zlog Crew happens to be the team feature as well. We are happy to be a part of it. Also, our buddy Christian Coomer of PedalRoom and Fourteen Teeth has a nice little write-up in there. Be sure to give it a gander. I will try to get some copies sent over to Seattle.

Read it Here

Portland trip photos

I only snapped a few photos with the dslr in Portland, but I have a good amount of 35mm snaps that I will post once I finish the roll. Check more at flickr.

ZLOG crew Portland day shred

Zlog Zach, Jruff, and I (Chris Clappe) decided to head down to Portland for the day to ride some new spots and hit some parks on the way down. It was a really fun and relaxing day, no plans really just riding.

COG catches the Butcher

Chris Clappe getting some serious hang time at Granger.

Snagged the pic from @Cogmag_kevin

I cant wait to see the the rest of the Cog Magazine coverage of Midwest Mayhem 2.

BHSK photos from Ride+Style

I snagged some of our dudes ripping it up over at Bomb Hills Speed Kills and I gotta say the Zlog homies looked great! I still have yet to see any photos of Jacob Ruff riding the course. Pics or it didn’t happen…

New Conversion: Bike Check

I’m really excited to share my newest build, the Breakbrake17 26er Charmer (on 29ers). I’ve been fortunate to have the support from Yang and BB17 for nearly 1 year now and I am very grateful to have been able to work on the Charmer frames and other parts. With all of the hype around negative bottom brackets I decided it was time to give a spin. As most everyone who has switched has commented, the raised center of gravity takes a few pedals to settle in to. A change in 5.5cm makes a drastic difference. Apart from that however, the 26er still has the same solid clearance as the original Charmer and rolls just as smooth. The higher bb does necessitate taller bars in order to off set the higher seat. Against the guidance of some of the Zlog crew I sought out some 4″ Immortis Bucket Bars. Torey seemed to get down with them and their cruiser style for some reason appealed to me. Definitely the stiffest handlebars i’ve ridden. The narrow cross bar and back sweep also required some getting used to. Apart from that, I’m running a slotted 14mm axle on 14mm dropouts (weight savings) that will soon be replaced by an appropriate hub and axle combo. Also, riding an Unknown chainring and a cushy set of Phoenix v2 straps. Also, the Premium pivotal was the best investment of $25 hands down. Thanks to all those who supported the build and my daily enjoyment on it.

Steven Jensen Parking Lot Edit

This is Steven’s 3rd edit in a week. How gnarly are those flat 360’s and wait for the flat tail whip. So steezy!