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ZLOG x 19TOOTH Hardbite Straps

I am happy to officially announce the release of the ZLOG x 19TOOTH Hardbite straps. I’ve been testing out a pair for several months to make sure they were up to snuff and they completely exceeded my expectations. They worked so well I decided to collaborate and make a small batch to sell to the public. They are scheduled to arrive in a week, but I have a Pre Order up at ZLOGBTQ.COM. Go grab yourself a pair, because like everything else I make, they are limited.

Go check out 19Tooth, maker of fine foot straps.


ZLOG decals are now available at ZLOGBTQ! Black and gold is all you need! They come in mixed packs of 2 or 6.

Bike Insiders Interbike Interview: CONCEPT ASSASSIN

Concept Bikes is a new fixed gear freestyle company based in Vancouver, Canada. The 26″ Assassin is currently be ridden by Tom Mosher and looks to be quite a promising brand considering they offer their bikes with YNOT straps and Sadio component. Check the quick Bike Insiders vid for the bike check and then head over to the Concept Bikes site for more.

ZLOGCAT tees available online

Some of the ZLOGCAT tees that were leftover from the recent alleycat are now online at ZLOGBTQ and only $10. This is a limited run, and only about 50 were printed. They are available in black or purple haze.

Sea Town Fix Up #3

Here is a summary of what has been going down with the Seattle crew during the Spring months. I tried to capture a little bit of everything in this episode, which includes Fixed Gear Freestyle, BMX, & Skateboarding. We’ve always been in it for the fun of it, which I think is reflected in this vid quite nicely; watch and enjoy!

Luis Crews (nakedbloodzine)
Greg Tyloski
Jackson Bradshaw (FOAD)
Nelson Bell
Alex Garrett
Kareem Shehab
Zach Hoffner
Jacob Ruff
Chris Clappé
Tyler Johnson

Bonus vids:
San Francisco – Quickies with Joe McKeag & Steven Jensen
Future Tense – Video highlights from the April Future Tense event

ZLOGCAT Coverage from AlleyCatLife

Neal Poland of showed up for the ZLOGCAT eager to race and also eager to capture the action with his helmet cam. He’s posted the vid up on his site and shared these photos with me. Check it!


The day started off typical of Seattle with gray skies and a 50% chance of rain. It seemed like the rain could start at any moment, but luckily it held out until the race got underway. 16 racers showed up, which was more than I could’ve hoped for considering the looming threat of a rain storm. If rain held anyone back in this city nothing would ever get done. The race took off around 2:15 and shortly after 3:15 the first couple of riders had already finished the 17 mile course. Bryan Clark better known as Tall Bryan was the first to arrive with Christian Coomer a few minutes behind. Justin Phillips and Colin Northcraft showed up in 3rd and 4th. Around 4:00 all the racers had finished and sat relaxed at Piranha Shop gallery space as we prepared for the raffle. We gave prizes away from Leader Bikes, Rudy’s Barbershop, Boombotix, FSA & POW Gloves. Mission Workshop provided the top prize which went to Tall Bryan. Christian took home the Chrome Coveted jersey for coming in first fixed. When the prized had been divvied out, we finished the afternoon with a special pre-screening of Sea Town Fix Up #3, the latest ZLOG video in the saga. Overall, it was a great day with good people, and everyone was adequately intoxicated by 6pm. A huge thanks to Piranha Shop and those who participated, and especially to those who helped out. I hope to throw another race really soon!


Saturday the 30th ZLOG will be hosting an alleycat race and party in celebration of our 4 year anniversary. It seems like I started this blog just yesterday, but so much has changed in the bike word within those past 4 years. I am proud to be a part of such a supportive bike community. Thanks to everyone who has contributed and followed us along the way!

The race will start at 2:00 at Cal Anderson. $15 gets you race entry, a tee shirt, and a delicious Pabst Blue Ribbon beer. The after party will be held at PIRANHA SHOP promptly after all racers finish, where there will be an awards ceremony, a raffle, a screening of some bike videos. Prizes for first fixed & first road. Also, be sure to wear your ZLOG gear because there will be a special prize for the person who reps the most!

Find the Facebook Event page here

CYKELN Magazine

A brand new fixed gear magazine has been released out of Italy called CYKELN. The overall design and layout is done really well, and will soon be available in English as well as Italian. We’ve got a ZLOG ad in this 00 issue featuring Chris Clappé. Go ahead and download the magazine here and utilize google translate to read the articles until issue 01, which should be fully translated.

(click image to download)

go like their facebook page while you’re at it.

Sea Town Fix Up (#2)

Another episode of STFU for your optical enjoyment. Some different cruising clips stitched together. All filmed with my iPhone 4.

Jackson Bradshaw (FOAD)
Nelson Bell
Kareem Shehab
Zach Hoffner
Chris Clappé

Future Tense April 2012 – Video

Future Tense was a blast on Friday and here is an absolutely astounding video of all the excitement that went down throughout the course of the event. If you weren’t able to make it then hopefully this video will give you a glimpse into what went down.

Thank you to everyone who made it! We had 80+ people in attendance and amazing weather. Tyler Johnson jumped over a Red Bull car and through fire. He definitely kept people entertained. Congrats to Felix for winning the sprints which earned him a Contour ROAM camera.

Shout out to all of the creatives involved with the making of this video. It is better than I could’ve possibly expected (or done myself). Thank you!




ZLOGBTQ Spring Tank Release!

The Illuminati and ZLOG Line tank tops are now available at the Zlog Boutique! They go perfect with the Vader Sunglasses. Head over to for more.

CSK: If It’s Not Broken Make It Better

CSK x ZLOG Collaboration


Guest Appearances By:

Zach Hoffner
Chris Clappé
Nelson Bell
Tyler Johnson
Jacob Ruff
Jackson Bradshaw
Kareem Shehab

And introducing our squad member: Frank E Brown



Hey folks, I am trying to clear out inventory in the boutique to make room for fresh new products. Older items are up to half off and the new spring goods are 30% off as well as Drop Bars Not Bombs tees and tanks. If you ever wanted to score some ZLOG goods this would be the best time to do it. Don’t forget to enter the code: UMAD for the discounts!

Get to know the ZLOG GUMWALL

I just wanted to take a moment to direct all y’all to the Gumwall page. It has been around since 2010, but hasn’t been highlighted on the blog till now. It is basically a RSS wall of fixed-gear and cycling related feeds that I enjoy on a regular basis. Over the past two years it has gained more links. Go check it out and see if your favorite bike blog is up there. This feature is always in progress, so feel free to email in your thoughts and requests. The whole site is getting a re-vamp soon so don’t be shy, we wanna hear what the people want.

SEA TOWN FIX UP (#1) – With Nelson and Alex

Nelson Bell and I met up on Sunday to take advantage of some decent weather and dry streets. During the course of the day, we rode from the International District, to Pioneer Square where we met up with Alex Garret, along the waterfront to Myrtle Edwards park, through Seattle Center, and then up to Capitol hill. We basically looped around downtown and hit up as many spots as we could. It was a lot of fun just cruising and changing spots often. I decided this video will be the beginning of the STFU (Sea Town Fix Up) series, which will highlight some of the Seattle riders and locations on a day by day basis.

Check it out and enjoy!

all filmed with my iPhone 4

ZLOG portrait by Chrissie White

Chrissie White is a excellent young photographer from the Northwest. We worked together on a style shoot for Moksha and the photos turned out so good that I asked her to shoot me for Fixed Mag issue 10. This is one of the photos from that shoot.

See her work here

Namsayin Checks ZLOG

Walt of Namsayin stopped by the ZLOG workspace to check out my whip and see how I run things. Head over to the post and see all of the detailed shots of the Radio Bombtrack. Get familiar with Namsayin if you are a fiend for Seattle culture.

Joseph Wilson Reppin’ Zlog

I sent some of the Kansas City dudes a care package recently. I am really hyped on the progress of the BBG crew within the last year and I felt they deserved a little bit of swag.

If you didn’t catch Joseph’s intro edit click here.

Ghost Foot Contest Winner

In a post last week I asked people to submit photos of their beaten and worn shoes to the ZLOG facebook page. We had 11 entries and one of them stood out among the others.

Continue reading to find out the winner.

Welcome to CSK

Here are a few clips for a new project I am working on called CSK. Fortunately, I have a group of friends who encourage the pursuit of fulfillment, so a long time running joke has now turned in to something real.

Chris made me some prototype stickers. Others are on the way. Get at me if you’re interested.

I’ll be introducing the rest of the group over the coming weeks with some short interviews so please tune in.

The First Step: The Major Change – Getting It All Out of Your Head

Happy New Year from Zlog

Quick thanks to all of the supporters and friends out there. I am really stoked to see what 2012 brings. Get ready for some shit and welcome to the bropocalypse!

Hell on Wheels Sale

In celebration of the darkest day of the year (winter solstice), we marked down all of the Zlog x Actual Pain Hell on Wheels goods in the Zlog Boutique. $20 Tees, tanks and $40 crewnecks are all on sale. No promo code required.
Be sure to head over to the new to sign up for the newsletter which will keep you up to date on future sales like this.

Lomo Days

Old clips taken with my iphone 3 & 8mm Vintage Camera app. Chill times and wet pavement. Featuring: Tyler Johnson & Chris Clappé.
Music: King Dude – Witch’s Hammer